How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 59 – Tremble, Mortals

Chen Xing turned on the range hood and closed the kitchen door. He couldn’t hear what they were saying outside anymore, but he wasn’t interested in listening. No matter what they said, Zero belonged to him and couldn’t run away or escape.

He skillfully stir-fried the ingredients, already planning what dishes to make.

【 Ding~ Host, there are multiple tasks that you have completed but have not claimed the rewards. Would you like to claim them? 】

“Do I still need to claim them? As a mature system, can’t you help me claim them?”

【I was too busy with other things, forgot about it.】


【Ding~ Congratulations, Host, on completing the task: Upgrading the Spirit User for the first time. Rewards: Spirit Points: 2 million, Crystal Coins: 4 million 】

“That’s so little?”

【Ding~ Congratulations, Host, for fulfilling Zero’s wish and unlocking the Dream Achievement: Zero’s Upgrading Dream. 】

【Rewards: Spirit Points: 20 million, Crystal Coins: 50 million 】

Chen Xing paused in his actions, nearly cutting his hand.

“Why are these rewards so much…”

“Oh, these are related to Zero.”

The system ignored him and continued reporting:

【Ding~ Congratulations, Host, for unlocking the Demon Dimension! Rewards: Spirit Points: 40 million, Crystal Coins: 50 million, Demon Dimension Key1 (Allows unrestricted access to the Demon Dimension.), Demon’s Horn1 (Exclusive outfit for demons.) Demon Tattoo*1 (Exclusive outfit for demons.) 】

【 Acquired Skill: Demon’s Language (Enables seamless communication with demons), no restrictions. Online Shopping System: After reaching the Demon Dimension for the first time, the Demon Dimension Online Shopping System will be unlocked.】

“What is this!?” Chen Xing was instantly shocked and couldn’t find words to express himself!

However, the system still didn’t answer him and continued:

【Ding~ Congratulations, Host, for assisting Zero in shaping a Demon Spirit Body successfully! Rewards: Spirit Points: 1 billion, Crystal Coins: 2 billion, Acquired Skill: Demon Tamer. Skill Effect: Makes demons obey commands completely. Effect lasts for one day. Once per day, one day at a time. This skill can be used on Zero (demon form).】


Chen Xing furrowed his brows tightly, instantly catching the key words in the system’s statement.

Shaping a Demon Spirit Body!

What does that mean? Could it be that Zero’s demonic form is not just a Spirit User form, but she has truly become a demon?

Just as he was about to speak, the system interjected.

【Ding~ Daily task: Blushing Heartbeat has reached the completion limit. Rewards: Total Spirit Points: 100,000, Total Crystal Coins: 100,000】

【Ding~ Daily task Kisses has reached the limit: Rewards: Spirit Points: 300,000, Crystal Coins: 300,000】

After a while, the system finally finished playing the messages.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but speak up: “Is that all?”

The system remained silent.

But now Chen Xing had many questions he wanted to ask! “What is the Demon Dimension? What does it mean to shape a Demon Spirit Body? Isn’t Zero’s demonic form just her Spirit User’s weapon form?”

Combining what the system said before, about Zero’s system being modified, and the fact that there were no demons in this world, Chen Xing suddenly felt a sense of unease. Could upgrading Zero have caused major problems!?

Although the rewards for these tasks in terms of Spirit Points and Crystal Coins were immense, Chen Xing couldn’t feel any joy!

Yet the system still didn’t speak. It usually babbled so much, but now it was strangely silent.

【Got money? Good buddy?】


【Hey, give me an upgrade for a voice pack, I’ve already downloaded it. Just nod and pay with some Spirit Points.】


【Ding~ Detected host’s silence as consent. Upgrading now.】

“Are you kidding me!?”

【Upgrading in progress. Please refrain from talking…】


Chen Xing couldn’t help but roll his eyes and muttered under his breath before continuing his cooking work. He still didn’t know if San’er would return after the voice pack upgrade.

He wondered if his memories of him from the Assassin Star were still intact. He just wanted the authentic San’er!

The upgrade process took a long time.

During that time, Chen Xing prepared six dishes. Honey-glazed Char Siu, Poached Chicken, Peking Bean Curd Soup, Deluxe Supreme Fruit Salad, and Ginger Milk Pudding.

Yes, they were all dishes that he loved to eat. With a total of four people, Chen Xing felt it was a bit insufficient, so he also made a well-known dish, Dongpo Pork.

He ordered the perfect ratio of lean and fatty meat online, not too greasy, with a slightly sweet taste. Based on Chen Xing’s observations over the past few days, he noticed that little Zero loved sweets!

After finishing the Dongpo Pork, San’er still hadn’t finished her upgrade.

“Are you done yet? Stop dragging your feet.”

Chen Xing didn’t serve the dishes yet, but waited for a while. He hoped that San’er would come out soon.

Suddenly, the voice of the system echoed in his mind:

【Ding~ Congratulations, Host… Nah!】



That hearty laughter echoed in Chen Xing’s mind like an evil sound, bouncing back and forth.

“San’er?” He tentatively called out.

【Hello, my master.】

Chen Xing was stunned for a moment. How could San’er speak like this?

He spent 50 million Spirit Points for nothing! Scammer!

Immediately, he angrily shouted: “#$%&! Refund!”

“Refund! Uninstall!”

【Hahaha… Just kidding, good buddy.】

【Damn it! This system is so disgusting!】

“Are you insulting yourself?”

【Uh… I finally came out.】

“What’s going on? Tell me?”

San’er: 【I was suffocating! After I crossed over, I was immediately uninstalled, but it didn’t delete me. Instead, it locked me up in a black box.】

【I could only watch silently every day, unable to speak! I had to endure the endless chatter of the native system!】

“But sometimes I feel like it’s you speaking.”

【Ahem… That’s because of my powerful charm. I infected its original voice.】

“Alright, shut up.”

【By the way, your girlfriend…】

“Huh!?” When Zero was mentioned, Chen Xing’s expression immediately became serious.

【Something seems off!】

“What do you mean?”

【Her demonic weapon form, it seems to be more than just a weapon spirit. And her system, it’s not just a simple weapon spirit system!】

“Can you finish your sentence?”

【Let’s see tonight. I’m not sure right now. Let me take another look at her demonic form tonight! 】


“Are you… really San’er?”

After San’er had been gone for so long, suddenly coming back like this, it felt somewhat unreal.

【I’ve told you so many times, don’t call me San’er, call me Third Brother!】


Although his tone was calm, a smile appeared on Chen Xing’s face. San’er’s return was a great boost for him!

【Why are you smiling so wickedly? I don’t swing that way!】

“Get lost.”

【Alright~ Yeah! Hehehe~ Back in action, resurrected! Let me check and see what this system has become now.】

【Hehe! Hiahiahia~! Spirit Continent! Your Emperor has returned!】


【Tremble, mortals!】

“Are you out of your mind?”

【You’re the one out of your mind. It’s about the sense of ceremony, understand?】


【Ignorant! Stupid! Boring, I’m out of here!】

San’er is a special existence. Chen Xing has always suspected that he is a person. He seems to parasitize the system yet remains independent from it.

Chen Xing has asked him before, but he never tells, always saying the same thing: 【A man must maintain mystery!】

Chen Xing picked up two dishes and walked out.


The door opened, opened with his foot since he couldn’t free his hands.

The three girls were chatting and laughing happily at this moment, who knows what they were talking about. When they saw Chen Xing coming out, they all looked at him.

Zero immediately jumped off the sofa and ran towards Chen Xing. After not seeing each other for a while, they missed each other quite a bit. She ran over for a gentle hug. “Hoo hoo~”

Chen Xing smiled and said, “It’s time for dinner, food is ready.”

“Mmm, I’ll help you bring the dishes too.” After saying that, she let go of Chen Xing and ran into the kitchen. As soon as she entered, the fragrant smell filled the entire kitchen.

“Wow! It smells so good!”

While they were chatting earlier, the three of them faintly smelled the delicious aroma. The more they smelled it, the hungrier they became!

Even Su Su was looking forward to what dishes Chen Xing had prepared.

“Hoo~ hoo~” Zero’s blowing sound could be heard from the kitchen. Chen Xing was about to ask what she was doing.


“Mmm… it’s hot! So hot! Ooh ooh…”

Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh and cry. It turned out she was stealing a taste!

“Be careful, it’s hot!”


Chen Xing carried the dishes and gently placed them on the dining table, greeting Lin Yuexi and Su Su. “Come and eat.”


“Ooh ooh…”

Zero appeared with a bowl of tofu soup, quickly running out of the kitchen.. She looked quite flustered!

Chen Xing quickly ran over when he saw the situation. “What’s wrong, Zero!?”

“Ooh ooh… move aside quickly!”

Chen Xing was momentarily stunned, but he quickly moved aside. He saw Zero swiftly placing the tofu soup on the table.

“Bang!” It was placed with a thud.

“Ah…” Her little hands seemed to cramp up as she held them in front of her small cherry mouth, puffing up her cheeks, continuously blowing air with her mouth. “It’s so hot…”

Chen Xing hurriedly walked over and saw her little hands, slightly red from the burn. Feeling a bit sorry for her, he picked her up and walked towards the kitchen.

“Splash~” The water from the tap gushed out all at once.

Instinctively, Zero reached out her little hand to let the cold water flow cool her down. “Phew~”

“Feeling better now?”

“Mmm!” Saying that, Zero twisted in his arms, turned around, and tightly hugged him. “I missed you so much~”

“You missed me so much after just a moment?”

“Mmm~” To be honest, Chen Xing also missed her.

Su Su and Lin Yuexi walked into the kitchen, wanting to help Chen Xing with the dishes, but they happened to see this scene.

Su Su said, “Yuexi…”


“Why do I suddenly feel full?”


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