How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 61.1 – Lie Detector Tests True Love

After dinner, the four of them sat on the couch.

Zero ate too much and her belly seemed to be swollen. She leaned against Chen Xing’s shoulder contentedly.

Although Su Su didn’t eat much, she was full.

The four of them looked at each other, but there was no entertainment activity. The situation was extremely awkward.

Suddenly, Su Su had a brilliant idea!

She thought of the recent popular online collection of questions for couples breaking up! She bought it specifically to help Zero identify scumbag guys!

An evil smile appeared on her face: Hehe… They’ve only known each other for such a short time, they definitely won’t be able to answer these questions. By then, Zero will realize that they don’t really know each other at all!

“Hehe! little Zero…”

“What’s up?”

“Do you want to play a game?”

“Oh!? Sure!” Zero’s little head immediately left Chen Xing’s shoulder.

She sat up straight, with a look of anticipation on her face:”What are we playing?”


“Swoosh~” Suddenly, Su Su produced a book in her hand. She slammed the book on the table with a flourish. Full of momentum!

On it was written “100 Questions for Couples!”

“Dare you! Let’s play this!”

Zero’s eyes lit up when he saw the words “for couples”: “Okay! I want to play! Chen Xing… do you want to play?”

Chen Xing nodded and said softly, “Sure, if you want to play, I’ll accompany you.”


Lin Yuexi looked at Su Su with a strange expression on her face and immediately guessed that she wanted to cause trouble again.

She subtly reminded them, “Isn’t this the game with an 80% breakup rate? Many couples broke up before finishing it, and some even broke up after finishing it.”

After being exposed by Lin Yuexi, Su Su suddenly felt embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

“Um… then I won’t play…” Zero immediately backed off.

“Don’t!” Su Su exclaimed. How could she give up so easily when she finally found an opportunity?

Zero quickly held onto Chen Xing’s arm and said, “No, I don’t want to break up…”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly and embraced her.


However, Su Su spoke up, “How would you know if you’ll break up if you don’t give it a try? Don’t tell me you lack confidence in your relationship?”

“Um… that’s not it…”

Su Su took advantage of the situation and continued, “All those statistics are misleading. There are indeed people who broke up because of this game, but the 80% figure is just a gimmick. Those who broke up because of it had already wanted to break up.”

“People who genuinely like each other won’t break up over such trivial matters.”

“Could it be that you two don’t genuinely like each other?”

Upon hearing someone questioning her relationship, little Zero immediately retorted, “Um… that’s not true! I like Chen Xing the most…”

Feeling that her response wasn’t enough, Zero added, “The most most most most! Like!”

“Then what are you afraid of? Let’s play then!”

“Um… no!”

Su Su felt helpless. She knew Zero’s personality the best. Provoking Zero was useless. When she was brave, she was extremely brave, but when she was timid, she was extremely timid!

So she turned her attention to Chen Xing, looking smug: “Are you brave enough to play, Chen Xing?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? But if Zero doesn’t want to play, I won’t either.”


“Zero? Come on, let’s play, otherwise, it’ll be so boring!”

“Um… no.” After saying that, Zero looked at Chen Xing, and he smiled and patted her head.

“It’s okay. No matter what, we won’t separate.”

“And haven’t I told you that I’ll never argue with you?”

“Um, really?”

“Of course it’s true!” Saying that, Chen Xing kissed her on the lips.

Su Su’s anticipation grew. She looked forward to the moment when they would realize they knew nothing about each other!


“Do you want to play or not?”


“Nice! Come on, come sit over here!”

So Zero sat next to Su Su, while Lin Yuexi sat between them.

Then Su Su took out two stacks of paper and handed one stack and a pen to Chen Xing and Zero each. They would use them to write their answers. Lin Yuexi would be the referee, witness, and notary!

Su Su opened the book with a smile on her face.

“Ahem… The first part is about compatibility, a test of how well you know each other! The guy will guess the girl’s answer.”

“Question 1: What is Zero’s favorite color?”

Zero quickly wrote her answer on the paper. Chen Xing, on the other hand, furrowed his brows, contemplating his answer.

Su Su observed and thought to herself, “Is he already having a hard time with the first question? This is just an appetizer!”

She knew very well that Zero’s favorite color was light purple. Hmph…

Then San’er spoke up:

【 Is this little girl messing with you or something? Should we use mind-reading, huh? 】

“No need for that. It’s meaningless.” Then Chen Xing also wrote his answer on the paper. They both folded their answers and handed them to Lin Yuexi.

Lin Yuexi was also curious to see how they would answer. She opened Chen Xing’s paper first. When she saw the words written on it, her facial expression instantly became fascinating.

Seeing her expression, Su Su became very curious and leaned over. When she saw the words on the paper, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Hahaha… This is hilarious! Oh no, you two failed the first question! Hahaha… You don’t even know Zero’s favorite color… Hahaha!”

“Um…” Unable to resist her curiosity, Zero peeked at what Chen Xing wrote.

Then Lin Yuexi opened Zero’s paper.

“Hahaha… Huh!?” Su Su suddenly stopped laughing, looking at Zero in disbelief.

“Giggles…” Lin Yuexi smiled and placed the two pieces of paper in the middle for Chen Xing and Zero to see.

Chen Xing’s paper read: “My hair color.”

Zero’s paper read: “Chen Xing’s hair color.”

Chen Xing couldn’t help but chuckle softly; this question was purely a guess! He just thought that little Zero, being so sweet, would definitely write about the color on his body. And the most prominent color on his body was his hair!

Zero had even dyed her own hair white, which was the best proof.

“Hoo hoo~ Love you~”

Zero happily expressed her love from afar, and Chen Xing smiled and said, “I love you too.”

As for Su Su, she went from laughing loudly earlier to feeling extremely embarrassed now. “Ahem… Let’s continue, this is just the first question! Too easy!”

“Question 2: Will Zero choose someone who loves her or someone she loves?”

The difficulty level jumped up with the second question. But Zero didn’t hesitate and wrote down her answer. Chen Xing did the same.

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