How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 62 – Ten Years Of Protection (Part 1)

“Um…” Zero furrowed her cute eyebrows, carefully trying to recall.

Chen Xing continued to smile as he looked at her.

Before Zero could speak, Lin Yuexi spoke first: “Chen Xing, I have a question for you. I want you to touch the lie detector and tell me.”

“Hmm? Go ahead.”

“If, except for the sixth question, Zero has experienced all of the first five questions, what do you think?” It was a sharp question, the ultimate question thought up by Lin Yuexi.

It could directly reveal Chen Xing’s true feelings for Zero. Su Su’s eyes instantly lit up!

Internally, she praised Lin Yuexi. She truly deserved to be called Sister Yuexi!

As for Zero, she stopped reminiscing and looked at Chen Xing. She was also curious about how Chen Xing would see her if she had truly been like that in the past.

The smile on Chen Xing’s face remained unchanged as he took the lie detector. His hand rested on the button.

Su Su, Zero, and even Lin Yuexi all watched him nervously. The three of them had different levels of tension.

Chen Xing looked at Zero with gentle eyes: “I don’t care about your past. I only care about being in your future. You must have me and only me.”

As his words fell, the room fell into a deathly silence!

Everyone silently counted in their hearts, waiting to see if the lie detector would go off.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

No sound!

Zero’s face turned pink, filled with joy. A smile appeared on Lin Yuexi’s face as she nodded.

But Su Su remained silent.

“I’ve finished asking my question. You two can continue.”


Su Su suddenly shouted, “Could this lie detector be broken? It hasn’t made a sound from start to finish!”

“Let me try!” She grabbed the lie detector from Chen Xing’s hand.

She said, “I’m three years old!”

Suddenly, the lie detector spoke: “You’re lying! You’re a big liar!”

Su Su was startled: ?? This was the first time tonight that everyone heard the lie detector speak.

They thought it would only make beeping sounds, but they didn’t expect it to have a voice system!

“Um… I’m actually 19 years old!”

The room fell into silence.

“Zero is actually a boy!”

Lie detector: “Shut up, you big liar!”

“Hahaha…” Lin Yuexi laughed uncontrollably.

This lie detector had a few different voice lines that played randomly.

“Okay, it seems fine.” Su Su looked at Chen Xing. Since the lie detector was working fine, it meant that Chen Xing was telling the truth!

She put away her previous sarcastic expression and glanced at Zero.

Zero stared with her beautiful eyes, full of confusion. Su Su ignored her and turned to look at Chen Xing. She asked earnestly: “Let me ask you one more time.”

Chen Xing, feeling a bit uncomfortable with her sudden seriousness, replied, “Go ahead.”

Lin Yuexi, seeing Su Su in this state, probably guessed what she was going to ask. She understood Su Su the best, even more than Zero did. She knew very well what Su Su’s question implied.

Su Su stared at Chen Xing’s eyes intently and spoke slowly: “No matter what happens, you won’t abandon her, right?” Then, she pushed the lie detector forward.

The lie detector slid a short distance on the smooth table and stopped in front of Chen Xing.

“Touch it and say it while looking at me.” Su Su stared at Chen Xing with a piercing gaze!

Chen Xing placed his hand on the lie detector and lifted his eyelids slightly, saying, “I won’t abandon her because I love her.”

The lie detector remained silent.

Su Su kept looking at Chen Xing, and Chen Xing was looking at her. They exchanged a gaze across the distance!

As Su Su looked into Chen Xing’s clear eyes, she suddenly became lost in thought. The memories from over a decade ago surged in her mind.

Over a decade ago…

Su Su was thrown out of her house by her own father. She sat on the ground outside the door, staring blankly at her hysterical father.

“Crack!” He forcefully smashed the half-empty beer bottle he held onto the ground.

Glass shards flew, cutting Su Su’s arm and leaving a trail of blood. But Su Su was completely oblivious to the pain, only shocked by the sight of her father.

“Get out and find your damn whore of a mother! You and your mother are both worthless scum!”

Her mother had run away with someone else, taking her sister with her. Her father drank heavily every day, his eyes bloodshot. When he was drunk, he would beat her and take out his anger on her!

“Bang!” After her father finished his tirade, he slammed the door shut with force!

But not a single tear fell from her eyes. She stood up and walked downstairs. She strolled through the streets alone, and unintentionally, she ended up at an orphanage. Thus, she stepped inside the gates of the orphanage. As soon as she entered the orphanage, she got into a fight with a boy!

She used to be a well-behaved child. But what was the outcome of being well-behaved?

Abandoned by her mother, abused by her father, and thrown out of her own home! So she vowed to change. Soon, she became the troublemaker in the orphanage. She was given the nickname “Crazy Girl”!

Anyone who dared to provoke her would undoubtedly get beaten. When it came to fights, she fought as if her life depended on it! Many people couldn’t help but make fun of her. Who would want such an out of control Spirit User?

However, although she fought with everyone, she never laid a hand on Zero. Because Zero’s cute appearance resembled her sister!

But she never took the initiative to talk to Zero. Zero cried too easily, and she found it bothersome. Until one day, a man came to the orphanage. Occasionally, the orphanage would have one or two families come to choose a child.

That man came by himself. He walked around the orphanage, going in circles, but never made a selection.

Later, he went to the restroom. Coincidentally, Su Su was also in the restroom. Suddenly, she heard the sound of loud crying from outside, “Wah! Wah!”

Su Su instantly recognized that voice! It was Zero’s voice!

She was intimately familiar with her voice. Because Zero cried a lot, almost every day at the orphanage. She quickly tidied up and rushed out of the restroom. When she turned her head, she saw a man carrying Zero on his shoulder, scaling the wall next to the restroom! She immediately realized that he was either a pervert or a human trafficker!

Since the buildings in the orphanage were quite old-fashioned, all single-story houses, the walls around the courtyard were not very high. But the man was actually quite short, and he struggled to climb the wall with Zero, a little over two meters tall.

“Put her down!” Su Su shouted at the top of her lungs, and the man quickly turned his head to look at her in fright.

“If you don’t put her down, I’ll call for help!”

“Help! There’s a pervert! Help!” Before the man could react, Su Su used all her strength and shouted at the top of her lungs!

The man was scared and quickly put Zero down, and then he tried to climb over the wall to escape. Without Zero, he was able to easily use both hands to pull himself up to the top of the wall. Just as he was about to jump down!

“Help! Catch the pervert!” Su Su suddenly shouted, frightening the man, causing him to fall straight down from the wall. He fell outside the wall.

From outside the wall, his agonizing screams echoed. His leg was broken! The people Su Su called for came and successfully took him away…

Afterward, Zero kept crying uncontrollably. Her young heart had nearly suffered an irreparable injury. After such a big scare, no one in the orphanage could console her, no matter who came!

Seeing her cry like that, Su Su was reminded of the day her own sister was taken away by their mother. With a softened heart, she walked toward Zero and gently patted her back, just as she would comfort her own sister.

Miraculously, Zero gradually stopped crying. “Mmm…”

Su Su spoke softly, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

“Mmm… Yeah!” From that day on, no one in the orphanage dared to bully Zero anymore!

Anyone who dared to bully Zero would have to endure Su Su’s endless retaliation. Thus, the nickname of the Crazy Girl was upgraded once again to the Little Demon King – Su Su!

And, of course, she also gained another title: Zero’s Guardian Angel!

As they grew older, Su Su noticed that Zero was becoming more and more beautiful. The little boys in the orphanage would constantly flock around her, always wanting to hold her hand.

Zero, being a little girl, simply enjoyed playing around. She believed whatever those boys said. When they claimed they would marry her in the future, she didn’t even understand the meaning of “wife” at her young age, but she would nod in agreement!

Su Su couldn’t stand it and felt that she would eventually be deceived. So, after beating up all those boys, she started giving private lessons to Zero. One-on-one professional guidance in life and self-defense lessons!

“Listen, little Zero!”

“Yes, yes!”

“You must never believe what boys say!”

“Yes, yes!”

“And you must never let them touch you anywhere!”

“Yes, yes!”

“Not even holding hands!”

“Yes, yes!”

“Can you use a different word, please!?”

“Yes, yes! Um… wuwu!”

“Forget it, just stick to ‘yes’.”

“Yes, yes!”

Every day was the same lesson, a brainwashing-style indoctrination! Little Zero’s head was like a garlic crusher, already able to recite everything by heart.

Later on, when Su Su felt it was about time, she started teaching her about the relationship between Spirit Masters and Spirit Users. After all, Zero was also a Spirit User, just that her system hadn’t been activated yet. She had to be prepared for encountering Spirit Masters in the future!

“Remember! Never fully trust your Spirit Masters!”

“Yes, yes!”

“It’s always just an employer-employee relationship between you!”

“Yes, yes!”

“Even if they’re Spirit Masters, you must never let them touch you!”

“Yes, yes!”

“And also! Absolutely no dating before the age of 18!”

“Yes, yes!”

“Are you even listening!?”

“Yes, yes!”

“You’re not really listening, are you!?”

“Yes, yes! Um… I’m listening! I’m listening!”

Su Su sighed and said helplessly: “If you continue like this, what will you do when you’re no longer with me? There won’t be anyone to protect you!”

“Then… let’s not separate, okay!”

Su Su shook her head and sighed: “We both have Spirit systems within us, and we will eventually have our separate paths. We’re bound to be separated.”

“Wuwu… What should I do then…”

“Ah! Stop crying!”


“Alright, alright, I promise you that I’ll protect you until you find someone else who can protect you!”

“Um… Someone else? Who?”

“Well… I don’t know either. It could be your Spirit Master or maybe your future husband.”

“Um… Husband?”

Zero blushed, looking at Su Su with curious eyes, her face filled with wonder.

“Don’t worry, your husband will definitely be able to protect you. But judging by how clueless you are, I doubt you’ll be able to choose a good husband. I’ll help you pick one when the time comes.”

“Hehe~ Okay!”

And so, that year, Zero was eight years old, and Su Su was nine years old. They made a promise: Su Su would protect Zero until she found her destined person or a reliable Spirit Master!

Four years later.

Zero was 12 years old, and Su Su was 13 years old. Both of them successfully activated their Spirit systems!

Su Su: Rank A!

Zero: An extremely rare natural-born SSS rank!

Just as Zero awakened, she was hired by a Spirit Master who was selecting Spirit Users at the Weapon Spirit Association, for a sky-high price!

The Weapon Spirit Association was in chaos at the time. Even before the news could spread, Zero was already hired. Otherwise, it would have definitely caused a sensation in the world!

Su Su was delighted, thinking that this little girl had finally turned her life around! But…

Zero’s first Spirit Master, Chen Bingxi, had some issues.

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