How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 8 – She Is My Wife?

Just as Chen Xing was wondering what the heck this adult gift package was, the voice of the system rang out again.

【 Detected that the host unlocked the highest achievement in the previous dimension: Assassin Star. Special delivery of the Ultimate Achievement Gift Package. 】

【 Detected that the host is a second-time dimension traveler. Special delivery of the Experienced Dimension Traveler Gift Package! 】

【 All gift packages are converted into Spirit Continent matching gift packages. Please check in the gift package section.】

“So many good things!”

“Let me take a look.” Chen Xing skillfully turned on the panel and found the gift package section. The names of the three gift packages appeared.

“Which one should I open first?”

【 The Ultimate Achievement Gift Package cannot be opened. Host needs to meet the condition: become an S-rank Spirit Master. 】

“Then why are you sending it to me now? Just to tease me, huh? How disgusting.” Saying that, Chen Xing opened the Experienced Dimension Traveler Gift Package.

【 Experienced Dimension Traveler Gift Package: Crystal coins: 50,000 Spirit points: 50,000 】

【 Strength Amplification: 10%, Speed Amplification: 10%, Reaction Amplification: 10%, Luck Amplification: 10%, Spirit Compatibility Increase: 10% 】

【 Acquired Skill: Mind Reading 】

【 Skill Description: Mind Reading, Time Limit: Ten minutes. Restriction: Can only be used once every 24 hours, limited to Spirit Users only.】

“Mind Reading! Good stuff!”

However, the Crystal Coins and Spirit Points are really a bit too little. Stingy system.

For the task of binding Zero, there were 10 million crystal coins and 1 million spirit points. The difference is too big!

The Strength Amplification and Speed Amplification are alright. Although it’s only 10%, it’s actually a significant improvement.

The Reaction Amplification is also great because human reaction speed has its limits. In battle, those with faster reactions often have the upper hand.

“What is Luck Amplification?” This is an attribute Chen Xing didn’t have before. It’s probably unique to this dimension.

【 Luck Amplification, currently limited to opening system gift packages. The higher the Luck Amplification, the more chances of obtaining hidden rare rewards. 】

“This seems pretty good too. When it reaches 100%, I’ll get rare rewards every time I open a gift package. That’s delightful.”

“Does the Spirit Compatibility Increase only apply to one Spirit User, or do I permanently have this effect?”


“Good stuff!” The higher the compatibility, the stronger the attribute boost the Spirit User brings to the Spirit Master.

In other words, Chen Xing can enjoy the attribute boost of 10% compatibility right from the start! Satisfied, he intended to continue opening the last gift package.

“Opening the adult…”

【 Your wife is knocking on the door. 】 The system suddenly interrupted him.

Chen Xing was momentarily stunned. What wife? Where did I get a wife from?

“Knock, knock…” The sound of knocking came.

“Chen Xing… Are you asleep?” When Chen Xing heard it was Zero, he instantly dismissed what the system had just said.

He shouted, “Coming!”

The door opened…

Zero was wearing a rabbit pajama, tilting her head, with the hat covering her forehead completely. Only her eyes and below were visible. Her face looked even smaller.

“What’s wrong, Zero?”

“Well…” Zero had clearly thought about how to say it just now, but upon coming face to face with Chen Xing, she suddenly forgot everything she had thought.

Her brain suddenly glitched.

“I’m 18!”


“What do you mean? Are you… implying something to me?”

“Implying what? I mean, it’s my birthday today!”

“It’s your birthday!? What a coincidence! It’s my birthday too!”

“Really?” Zero showed an expression of disbelief, her mouth couldn’t help but curve upwards.

She was overjoyed: “We actually share the same birthday? What a coincidence! Is this fate?”

“Happy birthday!” After Zero finished speaking, her face was filled with a joyful smile, like a child who received their favorite birthday gift. It seemed that Chen Xing’s birthday brought him more happiness than her own.

Chen Xing had never seen this kind of smile in his life, it had a profoundly soothing effect on him, leaving him speechless.

Seeing Chen Xing staring at her again in a daze, Zero put away her smile.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face…?”

“No! I was just spacing out. I must be too tired!…. Well, Happy birthday, Zero.”

“Thank you! Um… you should get some rest.”


【 Ding~ Detected that the host is not speaking sincerely to his wife, initiating punishment: Hair: -100 】


“Are you crazy? Where did I get a wife?”

【 The person standing in front of you is your future wife. 】


“She’s my future wife?”

“Even if she is, why do you care if I don’t speak sincerely to my wife?”


This pretending-to-be-dumb act seems familiar…

“You’re San’er, aren’t you? Get the hell out of here!” Chen Xing seriously suspected that San’er’s memories had awakened and he was deliberately teasing him!

“Chen Xing!” Zero suddenly shouted.


“You… you… you’re losing hair again!”

Chen Xing looked down and saw a floor covered in silver hair once more. In his heart, he cursed silently, “Damn it, I’m going to go bald sooner or later!”

“Are you sick? Why do you keep losing hair?”

Chen Xing looked at Zero’s worried expression and didn’t know wether to laugh or cry, “It’s fine, it’s normal. What falls out grows back quickly.”

“Let me use the Spirit System to check for you.”

“…” Chen Xing felt it wasn’t necessary, after all, it wasn’t him who had the problem. It was the system!

But he still said, “Go ahead.”

Zero then raised her two little hands, saying, “Lower your head~”

Chen Xing, as if under a spell, actually lowered his head. Zero’s voice seemed to have a magical power that he couldn’t resist.

“Lower a bit more, you’re too tall.”

Hearing this, Chen Xing bent over.


Then, Zero called upon her Spirit System in her mind, saying, “System, find out the cause for sudden hair loss.”

Spirit System: 【Scanning target scalp data, scan complete, searching the database.】

While the Spirit System was searching, Zero was flipping through Chen Xing’s hair. Feeling the strands of silver hair, she praised, “Your hair color looks so good.”

“Uh…” In fact, he had asked the system to give him this permanent hair color.

“Just wait a moment, don’t move.”


Chen Xing was bent over with his head lowered, close to Zero. The girl had just finished taking a shower, and the scent of the shower gel mixed with her natural fragrance, creating a pleasant aroma.

Chen Xing suddenly felt his face heating up.

His heartbeat started to accelerate. He was blushing!

The infamous Assassin Star, Chen Xing, known for his cold-blooded killings… was blushing!

Is she really my wife? Chen Xing suddenly had a glimmer of hope that the system wasn’t just making things up. It would be great if it were true.

Seventeen years of being single, one meeting could change a lifetime, but not meeting could be a lifelong regret!

Spirit System: 【Cause: Sudden hair loss in adolescents due to increased hormone activity. However, the hair follicles are not damaged and can regrow.】

“Is there any way to prevent it from falling out altogether?” Zero asked in her mind.

【 Get a girlfriend. 】

“Are you being serious?”

The Spirit System remained silent.

This was actually one of the major differences between the Spirit System and Chen Xing’s Super System. The Spirit System was not a true AI. It was just a soulless program.

Unable to do anything else, Zero had to release Chen Xing. “These hairs you’ve lost can actually grow back, so it’s no big deal.”

“Okay.” After all, this was within Chen Xing’s expectations.

“But…” Zero thought for a moment and decided to tell Chen Xing anyway. After all, having more hair would be better. “But there is a way to prevent this hair loss.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Get a girlfriend!”

Chen Xing burst into laughter upon hearing this. “Haha, you’re joking, right?”

“It’s true!”


Zero, seeing that Chen Xing didn’t believe her and even made fun of her, became frustrated and puffed up her cheeks like a little goldfish. “I’m telling the truth!”

“Oh! I believe you.”

“Do you really believe me?”

“Just kidding, haha…”

“Hmph! If you don’t believe me, forget it.” After saying that, Zero turned around and started walking away.

“Hmph, hmph, hmph…” After getting angry, even her footsteps became louder.

【 Ding~ Host has angered his wife…】

“Wait! I believe you!” Before the system could finish speaking, Chen Xing quickly called out to Zero.

“Is it really true?” Zero turned back around.

“It’s true!”

Sure enough, the system fell silent. He had finally escaped the fate of continued hair loss. Who could tolerate losing hair all day long?

“So, do you… want to find a girlfriend?” Zero pursed her lips, waiting for his answer. She was curious about how Chen Xing would respond to this question.

Chen Xing hesitated for a moment and asked the system: “Is she really my wife?”

【Yes, she is.】

“How do you know?”

【Are you questioning the results derived from my enormius, out of your imagination data analysis?!】


Chen Xing couldn’t be bothered to argue with the system. Instead, he looked at the adorable Zero in front of him, his thoughts racing in his mind. He had never thought about what kind of wife he would have in the future, being single for 17 years.

Now the system suddenly told him that this cute girl in front of him was his future wife. He found it somewhat unbelievable.

“I won’t actively look for one now, but maybe in the future.” Chen Xing replied to Zero’s question.

Before Zero replied, the voice of the system rang out:

【Stop beating around the bush, be a man, take the initiative. If you like her, confess your feelings.】

“Wait, who told you I like her?”

【 So you don’t like her? 】


Chen Xing remained silent. He didn’t know what it felt like to have feelings for someone.

“Alright.” Suddenly, Zero felt a sense of disappointment. The thought of Chen Xing eventually falling in love with someone made her inexplicably sad.

To hide her disappointment, she forced a smile that seemed awkward: “Then I wish you find someone soon!”

Seeing her disappointed expression, Chen Xing’s heart tightened. Suddenly, a bold idea came to his mind.

“System, activate mind reading.”

[1]Note: “Mind reading” here refers to the MC’s desire for the system to help him understand Zero’s feelings. It does not imply literal mind-reading abilities.


1 Note: “Mind reading” here refers to the MC’s desire for the system to help him understand Zero’s feelings. It does not imply literal mind-reading abilities.

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