I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 21

Chapter 21


“Okay. Then shall we head back?”

I used magic to levitate the ancient dragon’s corpse and said so to Alaine. 

“Hm. Let’s go back.”

Me and Alaine decided to go back and at that moment, the ground started to shake violently. Then, I could feel an enormous presence and magic power climbing upward from underground. 

…………What? What is this that’s approaching us?

“Oh? There’s still something else remaining?”

I used my flight magic to fly in the sky. Alaine also took a big jump and was able to reach the sky faster than I could. 


The ground caved in, making a very big hole and a single, gigantic being emerged from within it. 


I exclaimed once I saw that being. The being that broke through the ground and showed itself, it was certainly a dragon without any doubt. 

The body was similar to a big snake with 81 scales on its back. It had 5 toes on each 4 legs. There was a pair of horns protruding from its head. It had a long face and ears with long whiskers around its mouth. The underpart of its throat was covered in inverted scales. 

Yes. It was a perfect dragon. This golden scaled dragon had an overwhelming display of brilliance and magic power with flames leaking from its mouth. 

“I see. So this is the ancient dragon. The real ancient dragon!”

Most probably, the one we saw before wasn’t an ancient dragon. A fake being. 

I carelessly threw away the fake dragon that I had levitated and turned my attention toward the real ancient dragon. 

“I will let Zero have this one since you’ve given me the one from before. I already got my chance to use the Heavenly Sword anyway.”

Alaine, who was falling toward the place I was levitating, said so to me. 

“Huh? Really? Thanks.”

I thanked Alaine and stared at the ancient dragon while Alaine was slowly failing to the ground. 

“Phew… Let’s do this, ancient dragon.”

I smiled belligerently. 

I was already deprived of the joy of eating and sleeping. I didn’t have any sexual desire. The only joy I had left in this world was from fighting. Fighting the monster that I had only seen in 2D before. That was the only remaining pleasure I had in this world. 

My heart started to race since this was the first big battle I had in a long while. 


The ancient dragon let out a loud cry, making the air tremble. 

……Ooh. So a dragon sounds like that. 

“Fufufu~ Do your best in fighting me, okay?”

Releasing the enormous magic power inside me, I laughed. By the way, Alaine, who couldn’t fly, was still falling down as I muttered those to myself. 


And then, the ground that had been in shambles and added with the hole caused by the dragon’s emergence, started to crumble. The mountain was collapsing. Alaine was covered by the collapsing mountain but well… 

It’s Alaine so I’m sure she will be completely fine. 

Pushing the thought about Alaine to the back of my mind, I turned my gaze to the ancient dragon. 


T/N: Ooh… Maybe that’s the thing Alaine noticed when she was fighting the fake dragon? The fake dragon got the opening to fly because Alaine was looking behind for a split second. Maybe Alaine sensed this real ancient dragon at that time? 

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    Thanks for chap
    Ok so that explains why he trains, he found the joy of fighting huh


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