I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 41

Chapter 41



I slowly dipped into the hot spring, letting out a sigh of wonder as I did so. 

It feels so warm and good.

Turning my gaze downward, I saw the emerald green hot spring’s water. Apparently the place was originally prepared for the hot spring or to be precise, if there was a visitor for the hot spring. They had already finished with the preparation but because of the monster, they couldn’t open this place for business since of course, the monster would come rushing to attack the visitor of the hot spring. 

They allowed the courageous people who were able to defeat the monster with their bare hands to get into the hot spring but….


I turned my gaze to the front. There, I saw Alaine with her body covered with a towel. Her cheeks were completely flushed red. 

Not many people were strong enough to defeat the monster with their bare hands so Alaine and I were basically enjoying a private mixed bathing experience together.

……..But still, Alaine sure is amazing. Alaine’s big breast was floating in the hot water. Even though she’s covered with a towel, I can still tell for sure…. A woman’s body is amazing. 



Alaine and I were both staying silent. 

…..Then I opened my mouth, trying to break the silence. 

“…….Can you please stop staring at the lower half of my body?”

Alaine had been staring at the lower half of my body, or to be precise, a certain part of my body, for a while. 

“Huh- Wha-?!”

Alaine’s usual poker face was nowhere to be seen, driven away to a far away land. Flustered, she immediately directed her gaze upward.

And just like that, probably because she was getting too flustered or something, she dropped the towel that was covering her body. 


The towel was swimming leisurely in the water while Alaine’s naked body was exposed to my very own eyes. Her breasts were huge, the six packs on her stomach were very distinguishable and the lower part of her body was covered with bristly hair. 


Panicked, Alaine immediately curled her body, fully submerging her body in the hot water. 

“…….Do you hate it that much?”

I accidentally murmured. 

“…….Because… Because my body is… Not womanly in the slightest…. My body is disgusting… I just can’t show it to you….”

Alaine explained to me in a very low voice, as if her voice could disappear at any moment. 


I let out a big sigh as I crouched and hugged Alaine from behind. 

“How could I hate you? …. Alaine’s body is the most beautiful body in the world.”

I whispered into Alaine’s ear. 




Alaine suddenly stood up and because I had been hugging her from behind, I got pushed back and was about to drown in the hot spring water when…. Alaine firmly sized my arm at the very last moment and pulled me into a hug. 

Alaine’s oversized breasts were being pushed onto my face. 



T/N: It’s cute how Alaine is not that confident. So even though she’s a yandere, she’s also feeling bashful because she’s not confident. 

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  1. Mitsuki has spoken 1 year ago

    She’s so cute, even though she can tear you in half if you get too close to her man.


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