I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 47

Chapter 47


We finally arrived at the place that we thought was the secret base of the evil god cult. Even though this was supposed to be the evil god cult’s secret base, this place was extremely easy to find.

I quickly searched the whole region with magic, detecting the sign of my enemy and that was it. I found a large cavern underground in the slum quarters. This must be the evil god cult’s secret base. It was very easy to figure out. 

“Is this the place?”

After exterminating the people in the small, run-down shed, we finally reached the entrance of the staircase that seemed to lead us to the underground basement. The entrance was blocked by a stone door. 

“‘Let’s smash it.”


Alaine nodded at my word and she swung her right leg downward. 


A single blow. With just a single blow, the stone door was smashed open, revealing a staircase that led us to the basement. 

“Shall we go?”


Alaine and I started to walk.


At that moment, someone was calling for us from behind. That voice. It was a very familiar voice. 

Alaine, who was standing next to me, started giving off an aura that basically said “I’m upset!”.

“What is it? First Prince Aquilane.”

I turned around to look at the person that had called for us. First Prince Aquilane was standing there with an entourage of his followers coming along with him. 

“We’d like to accompany the two of you. We know that the two of you are in your honeymoon period and we’d become nothing but a burden. We are fully aware but we also have our reasons that make us unable to back down. Please….! Please allow us to accompany you!”

First Prince Aquilance bowed his head deeply. A prince shouldn’t bow his head too easily like that but since he was going against Alaine and I, that kind of action was reasonable. 

……..Ah…. If I’m not wrong, they’re having a hard time with the throne succession, aren’t they? In addition, if I’m not wrong, the second prince’s mother’s side of the family was more prestigious than the family of the first prince’s mother. Even though the first prince’s mother was the king’s first wife, the royal family is still in turmoil because of the difference in status. I see. So maybe that’s why this particular incident is important for First Prince Aquilane. 

“…….. I understand. We don’t mind. It’s fine if you want to come along with us.”

We could force him to stop following us if we wanted to but well, we didn’t have any real reason to do so. There was no need for us to deliberately ruin the good impression we had built. 


“Yeah. But this is the only and last time we will lend our hand to you. Please don’t ask for our help with the throne inheritance struggle, okay? As long as you remember that, we don’t have any complaints.”

“I’m in your debt!”

First Prince Aquilance once again bowed deeply to us. 

“Yes. Well then, let’s go.”

It wasn’t just the two of us anymore. Alaine and I continued forward with First Prince Aquilane and his entourage in tow. 


T/N: Well both MC and FL don’t need any reward of recognition anyway. 

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