I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 50

Chapter 50


“You’ve got some nerve huh, treating Alaine and I like an outsider?”

I turned my gaze toward First Prince Aquilane first. 

“I want you guys to remember that you guys are here as nothing more but an afterthought for Alaine and I.”

Then I turned my attention to Camilla and approached him. 

“I’m sorry. Can you summon God? Right now.”

I threw the question to Camilla who I assumed was the leader of an evil god cult. Camilla didn’t seem to like it when we called his god an evil god so I also referred to his god as a god instead of an evil god.


But, he was completely ignoring me.


“Ah. I’m sorry. You are still in the middle of the order 『stop』. 『I give you my permission to move』. With this, you should be able to answer me, right?”

“Oh? You’re also a fellow believer who believes in God’s salvation?”

Where did the madness from before disappear to? 

Contrary to how he was before, he calmly answered my question nonchalantly, as if nothing was out of ordinary. 

“Hmm… Well… Yes. That’s right. God summoning, God’s work, I’m interested in those things.”


Camilla fell to his knees and started shedding tears. 

“Comrade…. I see. You are our comrade! You were guided here because you are a devout believer of God!”

…………Sorry. I actually came here like normal by massacring your comrades. 

Camilla didn’t have any doubt with my words at all. Camilla was able to accept it as it was without any question because I had been using a convenient mind interference magic on him. 

Man… Magic sure is convenient. 

“Yes. So? Can we summon God now?”

“Yes. Our comrade. The preparations are already finished! It is time!”

Oh? How lucky. We can immediately get on with it. 


Camilla approached the table and started praying with tears running down his face. 

“…… Hoo….”

I observed the nine pillars supporting this place that resembled the shape of a cross with great interest. 

…. These pillars. The pillars are absorbing the magic power from the people in the slums above ground. The pillars are accumulating the magic power and then sending those magic powers toward the table in the center. I see. How interesting. 


I sent my magic power toward the nine pillars with the shape of a cross. At this rate, if I left it be, the pillars would suck up all the magic power from the people at the slums and kill everyone in the process. I didn’t want to see life being taken away unnecessarily. I had a lot of magic power. 

My never ending flow of magic.. Flow, flow, flow. 

The world squirmed. 

How tragic. 


The offering that was placed on the table. The fetus that was forcefully shoved into the woman’s mouth started to wriggle. 


T/N: Whoa… Considering there’s only 88 chapters and we are at chapter 50, I guess this evil god is the last boss? 

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