I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 59

Chapter 59


Tears were overflowing endlessly. I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing because it had been such a long time since I tasted this delicious and warm thing. 

“Delicious…. Delicious….”

I kept on crying as I slurped the soup. The soup was only meager at best so it was gone in a flash. 

“Hic…. Hic…. I’m sorry….. Can I have another bowl? ….. No, give me 10.”


The man tending the stall gave me another serving of the soup. He looked slightly intimidated because I had been crying while drinking his soup and while I was asking him for another serving. 


Using magic, I levitated 10 bowls of soup and returned to my original place, slightly away from the stall. 

“Delicious…. Delicious…..”

And then, I continued drinking my soup in silence. 


After finishing the soup, I let out a big sigh and wiped my tears. 

I don’t know what is happening but my sense of taste has returned. There is definitely nothing more important than that. Alaine too…. Although her demeanor, voice and personality are very different from the Alaine I knew, she’s definitely ‘Alaine’. 


For now, I needed to get back to Alaine. She must be worried about me. 


I called out to the owner of the stall. 

“Thank you. It was very delicious. Here, as a token of my gratitude.”

I handed several gold coins to the stall owner. 


The stall owner raised his voice as he stared at the gold coins in astonishment. 

“Well then…. Thank you.”

Leaving the frozen stiff stall owner behind, I left the back alley and returned to the main street. 

I need to go back to Alaine. 

With that thought in mind, I began walking. 


I heard Alaine’s voice calling out for me before I felt a strong impact assaulting my body. My face was buried between Alaine’s ample breasts. 

“I was really worried, you know?! Where did you go all of a sudden like that?!”

Alaine hugged me tight. Reading the situation between us, the pedestrian who was passing by kept a considerable distance from us. 

“Sorry… I had something I needed to do….”

“Uuuuuuu….. At least, I’m glad Zero is alright.”

Of course I’m fine. Only Alaine can harm me. 

“I’m fine.”

“Really? You’re not hurt anywhere?”

“The only one who can hurt me is no one but you. Unless you become my enemy, my soft and fair skin won’t get hurt.”

“That kind of thing! There’s no way I’ll become Zero’s enemy!”

“I know, right? That’s why, I’m fine. Let’s get back quickly.”

“That’s right. We were still in the middle of eating.”

Together with Alaine, we went back to the adventurers’ guild. On our way back to continue eating, a thought was in my mind. 

I’m going to put all the delicious things this world can offer without fail. 


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