I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 8

Chapter 8


I could feel the heavy gaze coming from behind me. The feeling of someone staring intensely at me. 


Alaine-san called out to me in a chilling voice. 

“Ye-Yes? What’s the matter?”

I turned to look at Alaine-san. 

“You belong to me. Don’t get friendly with anyone else other than me.”

Alaine-san tenderly hugged me, slightly pouting as she said so. Looking at Alaine-san’s face, I could see her expression was tinged by a hint of anxiety. 

Wait? She’s so cute. 

The other adventurers became completely silent as they stared at us. If this weren’t the two of us, or more specifically not Alaine-san, they’d have started teasing us immediately but because this was Alaine-san, they couldn’t afford to act so carelessly. 

After all, there’s already a victim who’s still foaming from the mouth…. 

“Alright. I’ve finished registering the information for the guild. Umm… Do you require me to give you a brief explanation about the guild?”

“Ah, that won’t be necessary. We used to work as a knight after all so we already know about the gist of it more or less.”

“I see. Then here’s your guild card…. U-Umm…. You will start as Iron Class…”

“Yes. I understand.”

She handed the cards made from iron to us. These cards contained special magic that only belonged to the guild so when you poured your magic power into the card, your name, age and other basic information would be recorded. 

I poured my magic power into the card while ‘restricting my own information’. 

Now this card was the so-called guild card. An identification card issued to every adventurer when they registered to the guild. This card was accepted in nearly all kingdoms as a form of official identification card in this world. It was as strong as a Japanese passport. 

Adventurers, they were classified in class or you could also call it rank. The guild card belonging to an adventurer was made using appropriate materials according to their class. From the bottom level, there was Iron Class, Bronze Class, Copper Class, Silver Class, Gold Class, Platinum Class and Mithril Class. 

The two of us were new as adventurers so we started from Iron Class. Just because you had the skill and power, it didn’t mean you could jump to a higher class. You needed to build the trust between the guild and you to be able to raise a class. 

“So can I put it that the two of you are going to work together as a party?”

“Yeah. That’s fine. We don’t have any problem with that.”

I nodded at the receptionist’s words. 

A party. Basically adventurers didn’t work alone. They worked in a group of multiple people. A group of adventurers was called a ‘party’. 

“Umm… Well then… Next, I’m going to introduce the priest who’s going to join your party.”

The receptionist took out a big book and started flipping between pages as she told us that. 

“We don’t need it.”


The receptionist once again became stiff just from a single sentence coming from Alaine-san. 


T/N: Somehow the FL reminds me of Mikasa.

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  1. Alan has spoken 2 years ago

    nunca dejan de hablar de Japón estos protagonista isekai, llega a molestar.


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