Living leisurely in Tang Dynasty
Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty Chapter 58

The room became quiet with only the early morning sun quietly creeping.

 Lady Wu was quiet for a moment before saying: “Last night, His Majesty came to me too.”

Who did his Imperial brother look for first? Him or Lady Wu?

“Did he tell talk to you about the same topic too? Did you agree to his suggestion?” (Li Yuanying)

She told him word for word her answer to the Emperor.

Li Yuanying didn’t quite understand: “So, did you agree or not?”

“I cannot agree and I cannot disagree.” (Lady Wu)

She poured a glass of water with steady hands and presented it to Li Yuanying. She then shared her analysis to him.

Her life whether to live or in death are in the hands and at the will of the Emperor. She cannot have her own thoughts. Similarly, neither can Li Yuanying.

“If you bring me over to your side, it may bring disaster to you and your mother.”  (Lady Wu)

Right now, nobody knows what is his true intention. Even if it’s pure now, that can change in the future.

If Li Er was not sincere but is merely setting up a test, then Li Yuanying has already made a big mistake with this trip.

The young prince listened to the detailed analysis and then shook his head. “I don’t understand this.”

He sat up straight and shared his thoughts: “Lord Brother told me with his own mouth, how can he later change his mind? If he does, I will sit outside his council hall and hold a protest sign saying that he is a liar and I will go to the streets and post notices to defame him!”

Lady Wu: “…”

Li Yuanying turned the situation around and shared his thoughts: “I wasn’t the one who initiated it. The Emperor himself said that he wanted to exchange you for corn and peanuts. It would be unreasonable for him to be angry with me after.”

He then snorted: “If the Emperor doesn’t like me because of this, then I don’t like him too! I heard from Zhi Nu that my fief is very close to the sea and there is a big lake next to it. If it is so, I will quietly build big boats and set sail out to sea. I won’t come back anymore, let him miss me and live with regrets!”

Lay Wu was dumbfounded.

After a while, she smiled. “You can’t say this in front of your brother or he will change your fief to the west.”

“Then I will raise lots of camels and keep going west. I’m never coming back!”

“Your Royal Highness is really the number one happiest person in the world.”  (Lady Wu)

Li Yuanying likes such compliments and said triumphantly: “That’s natural, even the Emperor can’t make me unhappy!”

Lady Wu understood why the Emperor was so fond of his younger brother. Whoever treats him well, he does the same; whoever treats him badly, he too treats them badly. He has no ambition and only wants to live in leisure.Therefore, he doesn’t bother about those who criticize him. Fame, status, and power means nothing to him, he just does whatever he wants.

Even the king of a country; all powerful and dominating is a lonely person. This loneliness increases as his children grows. Then here’s this person who doesn’t care about the Emperor status nor power but just treats him as an older brother. He doesn’t say anything presumptuous and doesn’t want anything. He is able to live happily and freely; is able to cause all kinds of ruckus that the Lord cannot and speak nonsense that the Lord is unable to. What’s not to like about him?

If  Li Er hadn’t ascended to the throne, perhaps he would live the same way too.

After Li Yuanying was done basking in his own glory, he remembered that he hadn’t received a proper answer from Lady Wu.

“So are you willing to join me or not?” (Li Yuanying)

Lady Wu quieted down.

Since the Emperor already have thoughts about sending her away, even if he doesn’t do it, he will no longer favor her. For a concubine who has no children, her best ending would be a lifetime of loneliness.

She is now only sixteen.

One side is the temporary stability in the palace and the other is the unknown future outside these walls. It’s not an easy choice to pick.

Lady Wu  asked softly: “If I agree, what do you want me to do?”

Little Prince Teng in front of her is even younger than when she first entered the palace. She was ignorant back then, what more a young kid of merely 10?

“I thought about it last night, it’s a waste to keep you serving by my side. If so, it’s better for you to continue being Lady of Talents. This is what I think, if you are willing to, please help to take care of the school in Sunflower Garden. In the future, when I go to my own land, I will request for your help to take care of my great academy. You have read so many books, put this to good use!” (Li Yuanying)

Lady Wu did not expect the small boy to have such a plan.

“Most people studying abroad are men. Why would they listen to me?” (Lady Wu)

“You are so amazing, you’ll find a way.” He took it for granted. “If someone doesn’t listen to you, just kick them out and blacklist them from our academy! Besides, our academy will accept women. If men are not willing to join because of this, we’ll make it a girls academy. Up to them if they refuse to join, it’s their loss!”  (Li Yuanying)

Lady Wu  listened quietly.

Talking about his great academy plan, Li Yuanying’s eyes shone brightly: “Let me tell you, the first student of this academy is my sister Shu. I’ve made an agreement with her. Then we will  mass recruit students in Teng State. We teach them everything they want to learn. We equip them so that those who want to travel to sea can do so and those that want to take the imperial examinations stand a chance. Those that want to fight in war will be great soldiers. Scholars, farmers, businessmen, Artisans. Be whatever you want. Our Academy nurture talents from all walks of life!”  (Li Yuanying)

Lady Wu listened to the boy happily rambling about his future plans. She decided not to remind him that Wei Shu, being a girl, would not be able to go to the fief with him. Although she had long heard that he was going to open an academy, it was all hearsay. She wasn’t expecting to be able to participate in it.

Her deepest desires in her heart that had calmed down was revived and there was an uncontrollable anticipation growing wildly in her.

Sensing the change in Lady Wu’s expression, Li Yuanying  decided to strike the iron when it’s hot: “Then do you want to come?”

Lady Wu straightened up and paid him great respect. After doing so, she replied seriously: “Yes, I’m willing.”

Li Yuanying was overjoyed, he quickly helped her to stand up.  

“Then wait. I’ll go and tell the Emperor!”

Lady Wu stood by the door watching Li Yuanying’s back which was running away with great energy. The morning sun has risen high and the bright sunlight is shining all over. Her eyes fell on the dense green plants in the courtyard and she smiled slightly at the shredding sunlight.

If I can break free from this cage and fly freely into the sky and the sea, then even if there’s danger of  breaking my wings, losing my scales and falling into the sand, why not still try?!

Li Yuanying ran to the council hall and waited for Li Er. Seeing him walking towards him, he immediately ran up to greet him diligently.

His Majesty glanced at him and led him inside.

Li Yuanying pulled a futon and sat down.

 “I went to Lady Wu and ask her about yesterday’s topic. She is willing to come over to my side! We agreed yesterday. Corn and peanuts you’ve already surrounded them, now quickly put down a decree to release her to me.” (Li Yuanying)

His Majesty raised his eyebrows: “Oh? I asked her last night and she didn’t seem to be willing. Why did she suddenly say yes when you ask?”

Li Yuanying didn’t bother filtering anything and told him all about Lady Wu’s analysis.

“Lord Brother, you really do not intend to give her to me?  Will you really get mad if I wanted her?”

 Li Er stared at him.

No one dares to ask such a ridiculous question. Poor Lady Wu who spent so much time explaining to this young prince about the severity of the situation. And then he quickly turned around and sells her out.

“If she already told you so, how dare you ask for it?” (Li Er)

“Why don’t I dare to? You said you will give her to me!” He snorted and continued. “I told her, if you really are such a bad person, I will secretly build a big ship and leave for the sea. And I will never come back! If you don’t want to be nice to me, I will do the same to you!”

Li Er raised his hand to pinch his brother’s cheeks.

Li Yuanying got angry and pulled away with great effort. He puffed his face in warning: “Don’t pinch me in the face!”

Li Er leaned on his ping ji and said lazily: “It seems that I have to make another decree, explicitly forbidding you to build ships on your fief.”

“You people are really troublesome.” (Li Yuanying)

His Majesty raised his eyebrows to motion him to continue sharing what was troublesome.

“If you want to give something then give it out. if not then don’t mention it! Why do your mouth and heart says different things. If it’s something I’m unwilling to give away, I will never mention it to others!”

Li Er looked at the boy and asked, “You yellow-haired boy, what are you asking my lady of talent to do?”

“Originally, I didn’t know what to do with her. When you ask yesterday, I thought about it for a night! Don’t I want to open a big academy? I’ll ask her to help out in the school at Sunflower garden first then I’ll let her manage my big academy! At first, I ask the teacher to help me manage it, but he is unwilling to due to old age. He only promised to recommend a few students to help me out. So, I’ll hand the Academy over to her!”

After listening to the plan, Li Er understood why Lady Wu is now willing to go with him.

He glanced at Li Yuanying, who was sitting and waiting for an accurate answer.

“Fine! I’ll get someone to prepare the decree.” (Li Er)

Li Yuanying was delighted and went around Li Er serving him with great hospitality. He started grinding ink and massaging his shoulders then finishing up all the work left and right.

Remembering that Li Er likes to pinch his poor cheeks, he shared that little round ball face is great for pinching too.

“Brother, let me tell you, the last time I went to Qingque’s place I met grand-nephew who looks just like his father. Round and chubby like a small ball! He’s full of flesh, it’s fun to pinch! If you don’t believe me, you can pinch him next time!”

His Majesty loves Li Tai the most and have obviously hugged his grandson. He scolded: “What little round ball? Is this how you address those younger than you?”

Yuanying told the story about how little round ball lost his ball: “The child cried until his nose was red, when he got back his ball he started laughing again! Little round ball holding a little ball, how cute!”

Li Yuanying just wanted to express one thing. Little round ball is cute and good to pinch. Let’s pinch him together another day, don’t pinch me again!

Li Er is starting to get annoyed after having his brother’s company for a long time. He waved his hand to interrupt his silly chatter and requested that he go play by himself.  Stop bothering him from handling government affairs.

Notes from the author:

Little Prince: You adults are really troublesome (pointing and complaining)

His Majesty Li Er:  …

Lady Wu: …

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