Kimi No Shiawase Wo Negatteita 2
Kimi No Shiawase Wo Negatteita 2 Chapter 3.2

From then on, I started talking to Nakajima on a friendly basis and naturally started interacting with other Omegas too.

When I talked to them, I found that sexual problems are often difficult to discuss, even with parents or doctors, and there were many Omegas who were suffering alone.

Sometimes I was asked for advice by younger classmates, and when one of us forgot their suppressant and suddenly started having heats, we would lend or borrow our medication from the others.

When we saw a child who looked unwell, we naturally approach them and tried to talk to them.

We were helping each other out as best s we could.

With people in the same situation supporting each other, my middle school life became fulfilling enough to make up for the bad memories I had.

I heard later that the reason why the troublesome alpha suddenly became quiet was because he had been seriously threatened by an adult alpha, and he was so intimidated by the power and aura of the adult alpha that he shrank back completely.

When I heard about it, I wondered if it was maybe Raizo-san who did that so I asked him about it and his answer was: “Well who knows?’

He was being playful, but I still think Raizo-san did it as a farewell gift to me.

If he had made a mistake though, it could have been reported to the police.

Raizo-san was always there to help me. That remained the same even now that I am an adult.

In high school, there were no students who reacted too aggressively to the pheromone-abnormal omega[1]Wakaba, either because of the quality of the students that mostly consisted of good kids or because they were closer to adulthood and less likely to make fun of it.

It’s not that there were no students at all being mean about it, but there were only a handful of people who made fun of me for it, and maybe because I was more relaxed about it, I was able to spend my time without being unnecessarily self-conscious. 

I spent a lot of time studying, but generally had a peaceful student life.

What was more difficult was the attempt of my relatives on my mother’s side to get rid of my father and me.

Because of the uproar at my middle school, it became known that I had a pheromone abnormality, and my extended family members from my mother side became annoying.

It wasn’t just childish mockery. They would come over to our house when my mother wasn’t home and make snide remarks about my father, or they would bring photos of arranged marriages dates and insist that my father was to persuade my mother to divorce him and remarry someone else.

On one of their worst moments, the matchmaker came to the house and grabbed my father, telling him to fuck off. There were also a series of silent phone calls and slanderous letters from an unknown sender.

It was a parade of harassment.

I had to go to school, Mum had to go to work, so Dad, who spent most of his time at home, was the one under the crossfire.

Dad had instructed the servants to keep quiet about what was happening so as not to cause us any trouble. The lack of retaliation from Mom made the other party bolder and the harassment accelerated.

When my mother noticed that my father was acting strangely, she secretly installed a high-performance surveillance camera in the house and so my relatives’ outbursts were discovered.

Those who were exposed were banned from ever entering our house and financially punished.

The whole thing was a huge mess.

Looking back on it now, my mother was seriously terrifying at that time. She looked so evil that I wondered if the Medusa monster really existed.

She was so furious that I almost could see flames burning behind her, and her anger extended to my father, who had kept quiet about the harassment.

They spent a week being locked in a room together, immersed in a process of confirming their affection for each other in the name of punishment.

I as a result got to experience first-hand that pissing off a powerful alpha can have grave consequences.

In fact my father’s screams and moans still to this day make me shiver.

Afterwards, I had a discussion with my mother, who was full of life after the love confirmation process was over, and my father, who was limp after my mother had sucked the life out of him.

From then on, we won’t hide anything from our family members and talk to them about any problems we encounter.

We confirmed that the three of us, parent and child, would work hand in hand to overcome any hardship.

My mother became more and more energetic in her work, while I vowed to become an excellent omega of a rank that people around me would not complain about. I also began to spare no time to study even while I slept.

I was determined that my hard work would be a shield to protect my father, so I studied very hard, which led me to where I am today.

I was able to strengthen our family bond and get into the University of my Choice, so I guess you could say that the result of that incident was a blessing in disguise.

Today I was in a private room at the top floor of a hotel restaurant with a very beautiful night view. It seems Raizo-san went to the trouble of booking a table for dinner with me, but I think it would have been better to bring a more suitable person to a place like this.

I glanced at him while enjoying an appetizer; he was drinking a glass of champagne with great relish. His love of alcohol seems to be the same as ever.

Raizo-san seems to have kept it a secret from my parents as he had promised.

I was bracing myself thinking that he would probably ask for details about when my heat started to get disturbed, but the meal began peacefully with Raizo-san’s own updates and stories about the twins.

The two of them were found to be Alphas in an identification test conducted at the age of 12.

He lamented that they had suddenly become cocky as they reached puberty and started to develop a sense of rivalry with him as a senior Alpha.

Although he was complaining but his expression was one of joy at his sons’ growth, and he had the face of a proud father.

“I hear Wakaba keeps turning down blind dates.”

After finishing the main course, dessert and coffee were brought in. As I was spooning the sorbet, Raizo-san started talking to me. Apparently, the conversation turned out to be about my arranged marriage. 

When I looked up after putting down my spoon, Raizo-san gestured for me to keep on eating.

The sorbet with chopped lemon peel melted smoothly in my mouth. As I crushed the grainy lemon peel with my tongue, I thought about how I would answer his question.

“I just didn’t feel like it yet.”

It was the safest and most straightforward answer I could think of but it seems that it did not work on Raizo-san.

“I’m sure that’s not the only thing, right?”

When I looked up in surprise at the question that came back to me without a pause, I found Raizo-san looking at me with eyes resembling those of a spoilt child.

I wonder how he can read me so well.

Am I that easy to figure out? I think I’m pretty good at controlling my emotions so that they don’t show on my face.


1 Wakaba

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