Let go of that ADC Chapter 2

☆、Dalong is sick

The opening time was quick approaching by an hour, whereas the four teammates and the opponent team were dealing with the highland tower. Song Qinyi led a team of soldiers to take advantage of the situation and successfully destroyed the last trace of the enemy’s crystal. Under the limited conditions of being behind the 5K economy, the game was classified as of a extremely difficult level, even Song Qinyi only scored five kills and two deaths. To attain the victory, it was not easy to come by.

    Taking off the VR glasses, the teammates breathed a sigh of relief.

    Song Qinyi raised his head and glanced at Liu Zhang, but the head coach didn’t speak, shook his head at him, got up and left the training room.

    The analyst quickly sorted out the data of the entire battle. Song Qinyi’s screen economy was far ahead, almost tying his opponent, dealing 42% of the team’s damage, but the team participation rate was only 50%. After the analysis meeting, the team members, sparring coaches and logistics personnel who had been training intensively all morning finally had a short lunch break.

    “Let’s go, let’s eat snail noodles today?” Assistant Ertong suggested.

“Gee, it smells so bad, you can practice outside today alone in the afternoon.” Tactical analyst Li Ye put his arms around Ertong’s shoulders and rubbed his head vigorously.

    Colleagues left in groups of three or five, but no one came to find Song Qinyi. He went downstairs and walked into the cafeteria alone. Liu Zhang was sitting by the window, having prepared two meals and smoking. Song Qinyi walked over and sat down.

    Four high balls, double-cooked pork, fried okra, tomato and tofu soup. Liu Zhang remembered that Song Qinyi liked to eat meatballs and okra.

    “Although the overall situation can’t be considered that good, there were still some progress today.” Liu Zhang pressed the cigarette and handed the chopsticks to Song Qinyi. “The last wave of the enemy’s counterattack was handled very well. You sacrificed yourself to help the mid laner and assist to clear the siege. That is what I have always told you, you must consider the gains and losses of the entire team.”

Although Liu Zhang is not as good as Song Qinyi, but he became a professional e-sports player at the age of sixteen, a veteran in the industry. Liu Zhang has won the world runner-up three times, but was never able to win the championship. This regret has become the biggest knot in his heart for half his life. Now directing the new team WRC to hit the World Cup, he pays special attention to Song Qinyi. Only Song Qinyi could fulfill his unfinished dream.

    “I see…but my participation rate is still very low.” Song Qinyi took a bite of the ball, feeling gloomy.

    “Come on, it can be done step by step, they also need to adapt to your gameplay style.” Liu Zhang comforted. “Eat first, and we’ll go to buy ice cream after eating.”

    A year ago, after U8 won the championship, they were very popular for a while. However, due to discord among the members and failure of high-level operations, the team was quickly disbanded, and the players were transferred to different clubs. With the increasing popularity of games in the Z era, Song Qinyi’s worth has also risen, and has been sold by several short-sighted clubs for profit. He has not received systematic training for a long time. This kind of lack of training is a huge loss for e-sports players who are in their prime age.

It was not until he joined the newly established WRC team that Song Qinyi’s career stabilized again. The behind-the-scenes sponsor of WRC is a mysterious entrepreneur who does not want to reveal his identity. However, like Liu Zhang, the mysterious entrepreneur has a higher pursuit for the professional league – he wants to be number one in the world.

    The teammates are all newborn calves, and this pressure will eventually fall on Song Qinyi’s shoulders. The qualifiers for the fourth season are just around the corner, and the WRC is about to make its debut. Nowadays, the professional leagues in the Z era are developing rapidly. Song Qinyi is already 21 years old. As a first-generation professional player, he is at a disadvantage in all aspects to compete with the opponents of the new generation.

    The age gap between Song Qinyi and his teammates also added a lot of difficulty to team training. When he was young and famous, Song Qinyi’s introvertedness was inevitably understood as being arrogant and ignorant, so it was understable why it was difficult for him to make friends. Fortunately, he met Liu Zhang. That was the happiest thing Song Qinyi has done since he joined the WRC.

    After the meal, the two wandered to the convenience store on the corner to buy ice cream, and chatted while eating ice cream for a walk. Song Qinyi usually eats chocolate like Liu Zhang, but recently his throat feels uncomfortable, so he bought mint chocolate.

    “I saw your moments in Wechat, you recently raised a cat?” Liu Zhang asked.

    “Yeah.” Song Qin nodded.

    “It’s good to have cats,” Liu Zhang said thoughtfully. “With your character, raising cats may improve your team spirit.”


    “You have to treat your teammates like your kittens. You have to touch and hug them often and feed them, so that they will get close to you.”

    “Is that so?” Song Qinyi bit the ice cream stick and thought about it. Thinking about Dalong’s cute and innocent face, and thinking about his group of teammates who can’t take him. “Well…then I’ll go to the convenience store again.”

   The lunch break was almost over, and everyone returned to the training room one after another. Song Qinyi carried a large plastic bag containing more than 20 ice creams, stumbled in, and sent them to his teammates and logistics one by one. Although everyone felt strange, they thanked each other and took it to eat.

At the beginning of the first warm-up training, his assistant was unable to catch up with Song Qinyi, but Song Qinyi still turned around and patted him on the head. “Er Tong, you are such a good assistant.”

    Er Tong stared at Liu Zhang with a stunned expression on his face. Liu Zhang took a big bite of the ice cream and was overjoyed.

    Seeing that the date of the preliminaries was approaching, everyone sighed in distress but did not dare to relax. After training, it was already eight o’clock in the night. As soon as Song Qinyi walked towards his dormitory, he suddenly remembered that he had already moved out.

    The house he bought was in a newly built community, and there were not many owners. At night, few lights were on, and it was a little deserted.

    Fortunately, he had Dalong. Opening the door, Dalong came to meet him at the entrance as usual. Song Qinyi immediately realized that something was wrong. Dalong’s footsteps stumbled, his eyes were full of tears, and half of his nose was drooping.

    “Dalong, what’s wrong with you?” Song Qinyi squatted down quickly, took Dalong into his arms, and wiped its snot and tears with his sleeves.

    “Meow.” Dalong responded weakly.

    Song Qinyi thought of Yue Feng for the first time. Dalong just came a few days ago, and the milk powder to drink as well as the milk cakes to eat were all bought from Yue Feng’s advice. “I just came home today and found that Dalong has become like this. What should I do?” He took a photo of Dalong and sent it to Yue Feng.

    “Send him to the hospital.” Yue Feng responded quickly.

“Where is the hospital? Is it still open?”

    Yue Feng quickly sent an address. “It’s 24 hours, hurry up, I’ll be there right away.”

    Song Qinyi hugged Dalong, went downstairs, stopped a taxi, and rushed straight to the hospital.

    When Yue Feng arrived, Song Qinyi had just finished registering Dalong. The doctor said that he would take a blood test. Dalong struggled desperately but when Song Qinyi stretched out his hand, Dalong immediately calmed down. When the needle pierced into his skin, Dalong just snorted and leaned against his hand tightly. Song Qinyi looked at the kitten’s wrinkled face and felt hurt while Dalong getting his blood drawn.

    The two were sitting in the corridor of the hospital waiting for the results of the examination. Dalong was tired from all that toss and turn, and fell asleep on Song Qinyi’s lap.

    “Is it because it has been raining for the past two days and he possibly caught a cold?” Yue Feng asked. Yue Feng left in a hurry, thus he came out wearing flip-flops on his feet.

    “I don’t know…” Song Qinyi gently stroked the fur on the dalong’s neck. Even the night before the finals, he was not as anxious as he is now. This warm little guy on his knees is his warm and sweet responsibility. For Dalong, he is the only support in the world.

    “Have you bathed him these days?” Yue Feng asked again.

“No. But the day I picked it up, he was wet all over…”

    “Maybe it fell ill that day, but it just broke out suddenly today.” The kitten’s immunity is very fragile, and a little cold is very dangerous, so you must be very careful. Before the dalong’s condition is stable, you must not bathe him, and keep it warm…”

  As he finished saying, the doctor who took the blood came out with the analysis report. “The test results are all normal, there is no inflammation in the body, and there is no virus infection. We now suspect that the kitten must be allergic. Are there any allergens at home?”

    “Allergens…” Song Qinyi scratched his head and thought. “No, I just bought a new house.”

    “A new house?” The doctor and Yue Feng said in unison.

    “You mean, the house you bought was just renovated, and you brought Dalong to live in it?” Yue Feng’s chin was about to drop.

    “Yes.” Song Qin nodded. “Didn’t you say that I need to have my own house to keep a cat…”

    “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” Yue Feng was really incomprehensible. The invincible genius boy in the game seems to be completely unable to integrate in real life.

“Recently, my throat is really uncomfortable…” Song Qinyi said while pinching his neck.

    “Okay, the problem is solved.” The doctor handed the examination report to Yue Feng, and said earnestly: “You hurry up and find a place for him and his kitten to live.”

    “In the end, it seems to be my fault……” Yue Feng wanted to cry without tears. “Qinyi, do you have any other place to stay temporarily?”

    “I can go back to the dormitory, but what about Dalong…” Dalong was woken up by the sound of their conversation, and his eyes were full of tears. Looking together with his eyes at Song Qinyi and Yue Feng pitifully.

    “Dalong can live in my house first.” Yue Feng suggested. Walnut has a good temper, especially for kittens. She will never hurt Dalong, and she can also make a cameo role as a foster mother.

    “No way, Dalong should live with me.” Song Qinyi finally got his own cat, and he was very firmly determined. “It’s no big deal, I’ll take it to training center during the day, and stay at the hotel together at night…”

    “Meow.” Dalong said in a helpful voice.

    “Don’t, don’t…” Yue Feng quickly raised his hand and surrendered. It made him look like the big villain Queen Mother who broke up the Cowherd and Weaver Girl. “Then you two come to live at my house, anyway there are rooms vacant. If you want to eat something, you have to pay for the food.”

Song Qinyi looked embarrassed. 
“But my salary isn’t very high…is 10,000 a month enough?”

    “Dad! Please stop talking!”

[ T/N:- QAQ Please that’s alot of money OKAY!
Finally they are going to stay together (0////0)9 ]


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