Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Are These Animals Going Crazy?

“We will definitely be fine as a family, and we will also continue to live better and better,” these two things were not contradictory.

Wang Jinhe’s grandmother looked at her earnest expression and couldn’t help but nod with a smile. “Alright, if my granddaughter has such great ambitions, then I’ll wait to be a wealthy old lady in the future.”

Wang Jinhe could sense that her grandmother was just humoring her and didn’t really believe that she could achieve all of those things. She felt a bit resentful that her grandmother didn’t trust her.

But it didn’t matter. Her grandmother would see in the future that she was serious about her words.

The next day, Wang Jinhe went to the mountains with a basket on her back. She initially planned to pick some wild vegetables and return home. However, as soon as she entered the mountains, a rabbit suddenly collided with a tree right in front of her.

Thinking of Big Hua’s similar situation before, Wang Jinhe’s mouth twitched. While others wait for the rabbit at the foot of the tree, she got “collided with” by a rabbit.

Wang Jinhe gladly accepted the unexpected gift that came right to her. She grabbed the rabbit by its ears and placed it in her basket.

Continuing her journey, Wang Jinhe picked wild vegetables along the way. She also came across some mushroom clusters and small, delicate silver ear fungus.

There was only a small handful of silver ear fungus, not enough to feed the entire family for a meal.

However, Wang Jinhe knew these were precious ingredients and didn’t even consider throwing them away.

The further Wang Jinhe walked, the more things she found. Her basket became heavier as she also discovered more than a dozen wild chicken eggs.

Once her basket was full, Wang Jinhe started going down the mountain. She was worried that she might be late and that her grandmother would be concerned about her.

As Wang Jinhe encountered a wild mountain goat blocking her path, she couldn’t help but twitch her lips. What was it up to?

Moreover, the goat’s belly seemed to be swollen, as if it was pregnant.

Wang Jinhe generally avoided dealing with pregnant animals.

“Mrs. Goat, if you happened to wander up here, could you please go back?” Wang Jinhe said, feeling both frustrated and helpless.

What a situation to encounter—a wild mountain goat with a baby on the way. Her luck couldn’t get any worse.

However, instead of leaving, the goat knelt down on the ground, showing no intention of moving.

First, she was “scammed” by a wild rabbit, and now she’s being “scammed” by a wild mountain goat. What on earth is happening?

Wang Jinhe planned to go around the goat, but suddenly the goat jumped up, startling her. Especially when the goat began to follow her step by step, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Are you coming with me?”

“Baa.” The goat bleated as if responding to Wang Jinhe’s words.

Wang Jinhe looked at the goat, feeling both amused and helpless. They already had two wild chickens acting like ancestors at home, and now a wild mountain goat? Wasn’t this just causing more chaos for her?

While Wang Jinhe was pondering whether to take it back with her, she heard rustling sounds coming from the side. She looked over warily and saw another goat with horns stepping out.

The pregnant goat walked over and rubbed against the neck of the male goat, then turned to look at Wang Jinhe.

The male goat walked around Wang Jinhe, circling her several times, occasionally sniffing at her.

After a while, it walked to the side of the female goat and looked back at Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe looked at the two goats, especially the male goat, as if it was saying, “Hurry up and lead the way, let’s go home.”

This thought made Wang Jinhe shake her body. What was she even thinking?

Wang Jinhe shook her head and looked at the two goats. She could only bring them back with her.

When Wang Grandma saw Wang Jinhe returning, she was about to say something, but then she saw the two goats following behind her, one of which was pregnant.

Grandma Wang looked at Wang Jinghe  and asked, “Xiao He, what’s going on?”

Wang Jinhe looked at Grandma Wang with a helpless expression and said, “Grandma, I also want to know why. When I was about to come back, these two goats insisted on following me down the mountain. I couldn’t do anything about it.” Wang Jinhe was feeling frustrated.

Grandma Wang looked at her granddaughter’s frustrated expression, furrowing her brows slightly. She wondered why her granddaughter seemed to attract wild animals. First, it was Big Flower, and now two goats.

“Well, since they followed you back, let’s keep them and raise them. It wouldn’t be appropriate to drive them away, especially since one of them is pregnant,” Grandma Wang said. She was a kind-hearted person and couldn’t help but think of her granddaughter’s past when she saw the pregnant goat.

If they can’t stay here, these two goats might not even survive until the baby is born if they go back to the mountains.

It’s probably because they’re used to grazing here regularly, so it’s not a big deal.

“Well, we can only do that.” However, these two goats won’t guard eggs like Big Flower did.

When Xiao Bao woke up and saw two new animals in the house, he curiously approached them but also felt a bit scared. Finally, he held Wang Jinhe’s hand and asked, “What is this, mommy?”

“This is a goat.”

“Baa.” The two goats, upon seeing Xiao Bao approaching, greeted him with a “baa,” as if saying hello.

“Big Baa Baa, Little Baa Baa,” Xiao Bao happily exclaimed while looking at the two goats.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but feel that her son’s naming sense was peculiar.

One chicken was named Big Flower, and the other was named Little Flower.

Now, one goat is named Big Baa Baa, and the other is named Little Baa Baa. She couldn’t fathom how her son came up with such adorable names.

“Mommy, Xiao Bao likes Baa Baa,” Xiao Bao earnestly said to Wang Jinhe.

While speaking, he reached out and gently touched Big Baa Baa’s head.

Big Baa Baa also cautiously nuzzled against Xiao Bao’s palm, afraid of accidentally hurting him.

Wang Jinhe was quite pleased with the names Big Baa Baa and Little Baa Baa.

When Grandpa Wang and the others returned home and saw the two goats, they couldn’t help but feel both amused and puzzled.

“It’s fine to keep them. There’s plenty to eat by the mountainside. We can just take them out for a walk every day, or when we go to the fields, we can bring them along too.” This way, they can work and graze the goats at the same time, which is quite good.

Wang Jinhe nodded in agreement, “Then we’ll trouble you, Grandpa.”

“It’s no trouble at all. It’s a simple matter and convenient at the same time,” Grandpa Wang replied.

Ever since Big Baa Baa and Little Baa Baa arrived, Xiao Bao has been incredibly happy. He plucks grass and feeds them with excitement. If they don’t eat, he gets worried. Sometimes, when he sees Xiao Bao insisting that Big Baa Baa and Little Baa Baa eat grass, he feels a bit sorry for them.

A few more days passed, and the construction workers finally arrived to build the house. Wang Jinhe showed the completed blueprint to the master builder.

“Uncle, can you build this kind of house?” Wang Jinhe asked eagerly.

The construction worker didn’t answer immediately. He carefully examined the blueprint for a while, made some calculations, and then nodded. “Yes, I can build it. However, building a house like this will cost a bit more. If you want it fully furnished, it will require around seventy to eighty taels of silver.”

Can this family afford so much silver?

Their house resembles a two-story house often seen in wealthy households, suitable for both upper and lower living quarters. Considering its size, it is relatively more affordable. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to afford a hundred taels of silver.

The family doesn’t seem well-off. Are they really serious about building this kind of house?

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