Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Replacement?

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Qian Mo’s self-righteous demeanor. He looked at her and chuckled softly, “Qian Mo, I think you’ve got it wrong. The premise of taking someone’s place is that he’s interested in you. Is he interested in you?” Wang Jinhe asked with a sly smile.

One sentence made Qian Mo’s face look a bit unpleasant. “You…”

From the beginning, this person never gave her a second glance. Even if he did just now, it was more of disgust than interest. This was not the outcome she wanted.

“If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t treat me like this. It’s all your fault,” Qian Mo said indignantly.

Su Yu, who disliked such troublemakers, put his arm around Wang Jinhe’s shoulder and impatiently said, “Just drive her away. If she causes trouble, report it to the authorities directly. Our relationship with the county magistrate is good anyway.”


Qian Mo felt a bit uneasy, then looked at the two with no politeness and said, “Do you think I would believe what you’re saying? Knowing the county magistrate, as if it’s so easy? Don’t think that just because I haven’t read books, you can fool me.”

Wang Jinhe looked at Qian Mo expressionlessly. It was quite interesting that her words had reached this point.

“If you don’t believe, you can try. Now you can leave,” Wang Jinhe said without hesitation. “Yuan Lin, watch them leave.”

“Yes, madam.”

Watching the sudden appearance of the guards, Qian Wei knew clearly that they were definitely from a powerful family. Even Boss Zhang’s house didn’t have such people, and yet these two did.

“Boss, I’m sorry for causing you trouble,” Qian Wei said with a bitter smile.

Qian Wei felt a complex mix of emotions about what his wife and daughter had done. Regardless of what they said or did now, they couldn’t escape the fate of leaving.

“You’re just retaliating against our family. You’re heartless for wealth, you…”

“Enough,” Qian Wei angrily rebuked.

Why did things turn out like this? Did he need to say more? All of this was Qian Mo’s fault, and they had no connection with the boss.

“It’s all your fault, Qian Mo. Don’t try to blame others. No one will indulge you. You’re not their parent. Why should they indulge you?”

Wang Jinhe nodded in agreement, showing his approval of Qian Wei’s words.

“You’re right. Qian Mo, you should be grateful that you have a decent father and brother. That’s why I won’t trouble you. Otherwise, if I really investigate, you won’t be able to leave here peacefully today,” Qian Mo, a person like her, what couldn’t she do to have a good life?

Qian Mo’s body stiffened slightly, and her hands fidgeted nervously, a clear sign of guilt.

“I won’t pursue anything if you leave now. However, Qian Mo, if you want to continue, I don’t mind accompanying you to the end. Let’s see if you can outplay me,” Wang Jinhe said coldly.

No matter how unwilling Qian Mo was, she could only leave in the end. She was indeed very guilty, given the questionable nature of her actions.

After the Qian family left, Wang Jinhe heard from Liang, the steward, that there weren’t many people left in the kitchen.

“Qian Mo works in the kitchen?” Wang Jinhe asked in surprise.


Wang Jinhe nodded knowingly. Suddenly, he understood. During her time in Grandpa Zhang’s house, Qian Mo must have taken advantage of her position to gain several benefits for herself, which is why she willingly left.

“You handle it yourselves. If there are people with good culinary skills, put them in the kitchen.”


After sorting out matters on this end, Wang Jinhe and the others went to find Xiao Bao and the rest.

“Why did you decide to let them go?” Su Yu asked Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe chuckled softly, “Even though Qian Mo was caught stealing, it’s a matter concerning the Zhang family. Even if I investigate and find out, it’s genuinely not my concern. If I really did interfere, then I’d be meddling unnecessarily.”

“It’s fine this way.”

“As long as you’re happy. But think it through, if they come causing trouble…”

“If they come looking for trouble, it’s more appropriate to send them to the prison.”

“Let’s go.”

With the addition of the homestead and seventy acres of land, Wang Jinhe felt like even Wang Dagui walked with a bit of a swagger.

“Su Yu, don’t you find my dad amusing?” Wang Jinhe asked in a hushed voice.

Su Yu chuckled softly, “Indeed, it’s quite amusing. But is it appropriate for you to say that about your father?”

“My dad won’t mind. I actually think that in the future, buying more land will make my dad even happier. Making them a bit happier is also the value of this land,” Wang Jinhe said matter-of-factly.

Upon hearing this, Suyu nodded with a smile, “That’s possible. Just let me know if you want to buy land somewhere in the future.”


After playing in the homesteads for a while and picking some fruits that weren’t at home, the group didn’t leave until the afternoon.

Back home, looking at the land deed, Wang Dagui still found it unbelievable, “Xiaohe, do we really have land and a homestead now?”

“Yes, it’s all ours.”

“Grandpa is so silly. He asked about this so many times. Why does he keep asking?” Xiao Bao tilted his head and looked at Wang Dagui curiously.

Wang Dagui cleared his throat and said somewhat embarrassed, “Xiao Bao, Grandpa is happy. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Adults are like that. Let’s go play,” Zhang Zhilin said quickly when he saw that Xiao Bao was a bit unhappy.

Xiao Bao nodded incessantly, “Brother is right. Adults are so troublesome. Let’s go.”

Watching the two little ones run off, Wang Jinhe’s mouth twitched, “Do these little things even know what they’re talking about?”

“Never mind them. Kids don’t understand what they say.”

With the addition of the fields, Wang Jinhe had even more plans. Next year, she needed to start cultivating hybrid rice so that the yield could increase substantially.

“We need to go back to the blacksmith tomorrow. We still need to make a few threshing machines. Now that we have more land, if we don’t have enough threshing machines, it won’t be sufficient,” Wang Jinhe grumbled.

“The autumn harvest is still some time away. Now is not the right time,” Su Yu said.

“I know, but if we don’t order them now, they won’t be available when we need them. I’m not stupid enough to do something so foolish,” Wang Jinhe shook his head.

Su Yu couldn’t help feeling a bit offended by Wang Jinhe’s remark.

The next day, Su Yu and Wang Jinhe went to the blacksmith. Seeing her order a drum at once, Su Yu raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you planning to keep two in the village?”

“One is enough.”

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