Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 149

Chapter 149: The Governor Arrives

“You, kid. I’m leaving now. I’ll go talk to the governor about this matter, so he can help you mention it to the emperor later,” the county magistrate teased.

Being teased, Wang Jinhe didn’t get angry; instead, she laughed and said, “Isn’t this great? If it really works out, I’ll be rich. Not only that, but I’ll also get a lot of good things. Just thinking about it excites me.”

“Do you have any other plans for the future?” the county magistrate couldn’t help but ask when he saw Wang Jinhe like this.

Wang Jinhe nodded seriously, “You’re right. I do have plans. Next year, I might cultivate high-yield rice. I now have an 80% chance of success.”

“Can you really have high-yield rice?” The county magistrate asked in disbelief.

“Of course. But you won’t believe me now. You’ll only believe it when I actually make it. But don’t worry; I’ll prove it to you later,” she said confidently. With her skills and the blessing of the spiritual spring water, she was even more confident.

“Alright, if you can really grow high-yield crops, getting you the title of county princess should be no problem.” Girls who make significant contributions to the country have the opportunity to become a county princess.

If Wang Jinhe can achieve this, combined with the threshing machine, the position of a county princess would be a piece of cake.

“I’m not interested in being a county princess. If there are rewards, just give me land. I plan to specialize in growing seeds for sale in the future, and I need plenty of land for cultivation.” The land she currently owns is more than enough for her experiments.

“Can you stop thinking about land every day? Can’t you think about something else?” the county magistrate asked helplessly.

“Okay, I think growing vegetables and fruits is pretty cool too.”

The county magistrate took a deep breath, decided not to respond directly, and said, “I’m leaving. You guys handle things yourselves.”

Watching the county magistrate walk away, Wang Jinhe turned to Su Yu beside her with confusion, “Why do I feel like they’re a bit overwhelmed and running away?”

“Scared by you,” Su Yu replied, looking at Wang Jinhe with a serious face, trying hard to suppress a smile. Wang Jinhe, on the other hand, had an expression that was hard to look at.

“No, I mean, Su Yu, what do you mean by that? You’re just asking for a beating with such words,” Wang Jinhe said, looking annoyed.

Su Yu burst into laughter, finding Wang Jinhe’s clueless expression amusing.

Rolling her eyes in a somewhat disdainful manner, Wang Jinhe said, “Don’t tell people we know each other. It’s embarrassing the way you act.”

“That’s impossible. You’re my wife. It’s impossible for me not to talk about you,” Su Yu said confidently.

Sighing heavily, Wang Jinhe looked at the person beside her with a sense of helplessness, “I want to return you.”

“It’s too late. Once sold, there’s no return policy,” Su Yu said with a mischievous smile.

Wang Jinhe was just joking, but who would have thought Su Yu would take it so seriously.

Ignoring Su Yu, Wang Jinhe went to the side to watch them work. The whole family had lunch at the farm. Today, they operated six threshing machines and processed a total of twenty-four acres. This was a significant achievement.

Wang Da Gui and Wang Lao Ye were excited, “With such a good tool, will there be any issues with the autumn harvest?”

“After we finish here, we’ll bring another thresher back, and we aim to finish everything in one day,” Wang Jinhe said. Their land wasn’t large, and if they worked diligently, they could handle around thirty acres.

“That’s good; it will be more convenient for Xie Kang and the others if they need it.”

“No problem.”

Early the next morning, people on the farm started working as soon as the sky brightened, and by the time Wang Jinhe arrived, they had already accomplished a lot.

Around the third hour, the county magistrate came again, this time accompanied by the Governor.

“Pay respects to the magistrate.”

“Everyone, rise. The purpose of my visit today is to inspect your threshing machines. How many acres did you harvest yesterday?” The Governor casually asked Wang Jinhe.

“Not a lot, only twenty-four acres.”

“Oh, twenty-four… wait a minute, did you say you harvested twenty-four acres in just one day?” Is this for real? Is it really that efficient?

“Yes, yesterday we also spent some time adapting and learning. If not for that, we could have harvested at least thirty acres yesterday.” Wang Jinhe confidently stated.

This information astonished the Governor, leaving him somewhat bewildered, with an oddly cute expression on his face.

“If this device becomes widespread, it’s truly a blessing for the common people. With this, there’s no need to worry about the harvest being incomplete or getting wet in the rain.”

“I must personally investigate this matter.” The Governor said excitedly. “Young lady, you can rest assured that when the time comes, I won’t take any credit away from you.”

” Governor, if, I repeat, if it’s possible, could you help me convert the rewards into land? Of course, if there’s no reward, it’s not a big deal.” At most, she could use her money to buy land.

Thinking about it makes her cringe, but the Emperor shouldn’t be that stingy, right?

Although she doesn’t care about these rewards, if it’s a gift from the Emperor, this thing could probably be treated as a family heirloom.

“Rest assured, there will not only be land, but you will also receive the best benefits.” The Governor heard that Wang Jinhe plans to cultivate higher-yielding crops next year, which would be impressive if successful.

“Then I’ll thank the Governor in advance.” Wang Jinhe could see that the Governor wants to establish a good relationship with her, and she is currently very satisfied with both the Governor and the county magistrate. Having such officials in this place is undoubtedly very fortunate, and others might not have the same treatment.

“Don’t be so polite with me. I’m counting on you to add some political achievements for me.” The Governor joked.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but laugh. Saying it openly like this is much better than those who make funny gestures behind people’s backs.

“That’s no problem. I’ll have good things for the Governor.”

“That’s good camaraderie.”

To better explain to the Emperor why this threshing machine is good, the Governor directly took over the operation.

At the beginning, it was indeed a bit strenuous, but one gets used to it.

“This thing is really good. It’s a bit hard at first, but it gets easier later. However, if you work continuously for a day, your legs might not recover afterward. How does it feel for you guys today after working for a day? Are you tired?” The Governor looked at the people and asked.

“It’s not tiring. This threshing machine is much faster than using a pestle, and it’s cleaner and more intact.” The people answered while busy, and if someone couldn’t keep up, they would explain.

Everyone got along quite well, and there was a sense of harmony.

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