Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 15

Chapter 15: All Set

“That’s good to hear. I was worried that your brother would be a closed book and not share anything with us.” My grandson is just like his father, only sharing good news and keeping worries to himself.

“Don’t worry, Grandma, everything is fine.”

“By the way, Grandma, I saw that the green beans and cucumbers in the vegetable garden are almost ready to be harvested.” Wang Jinhe didn’t know if this place was a fictional world or something else, but they had a variety of vegetables here that were also grown in the modern world, and their family grew them.

“Yes, they are indeed ready to be harvested. We have grown so much this year that we can’t consume it all ourselves.”

“That’s easy. We can pick some and sell them.” Wang Jinhe said nonchalantly.

“Alright, the cabbage will be ready soon too. We can pick them together and sell them. It might not make much money, but at least it can help with household expenses.”

“Sounds good.”

With the construction of the house being taken care of by the Gu family, Wang Jinhe felt much more relaxed. After finishing the conversation with her grandmother, she went to the vegetable garden to see which vegetables were ready to be harvested but couldn’t be consumed entirely.

Upon reaching the vegetable garden, Wang Jinhe discovered that the pumpkins her grandmother had planted were ready to be eaten.

She examined them closely and found that there were more than a dozen pumpkins that were ripe enough for consumption.

Wang Jinhe picked two pumpkins and brought them back. “Grandma, the pumpkins you planted are ready to be eaten. We have harvested more than ten of them. In a few days, I will help you pick them and sell them.”


Five days later, Wang Jinhe got up early in the morning to pick cucumbers, pumpkins, green beans, and cabbage. She sprinkled some water on them before preparing to take them to the town.

“Dagui, go with Xiao He. How can she carry so many vegetables to sell with her small build?” Grandma Wang frowned as she looked at the abundance of vegetables.

Wang Dagui walked over and inspected the vegetables. Indeed, there were quite a lot. “Alright, Mother, I’ll go with Xiao He today.”

Father and daughter went to the town and found a good spot for their stall. They displayed the vegetables they had brought.

Just as they finished setting up, someone approached them. “Brother, how much is your cabbage?”

“Sister, the cabbage is priced at three cents per pound, cucumbers and green beans are four cents, and pumpkins are five cents per pound,” Wang Jinhe quoted a slightly higher price compared to others.

The lady buying vegetables frowned upon hearing that. “Why are your vegetables more expensive by one or two cents compared to others?”

“Sister, you get what you pay for. Let me give you a piece of cucumber to taste.” Wang Jinhe offered her a cucumber that she had brought for herself but hadn’t eaten yet.

The lady accepted the cucumber and took a bite. Her eyes lit up immediately. It was indeed delicious, crispy and refreshing, without that astringent taste.

“Alright, weigh this cucumber for me, and give me five pounds of cabbage, five pounds of green beans, and also bring me some pumpkins.” The lady made her request directly.

Wang Jinhe didn’t expect the lady to want so much.

“Ma’am, if you buy so much and can’t consume it all, it might go bad, especially now that the weather is getting hot,” Wang Jinhe reminded her.

“I’m in charge of the kitchen at the Zhang family’s household, so naturally, I need to buy a lot,” Chef Zhang replied with a smile, finding Wang Jinhe’s reminder sincere.

Wang Jinhe understood. “Thank you for taking care of our business, ma’am.”

“If these vegetables taste as good as the cucumber, we will likely meet often in the future,” Chef Zhang commented. Finding a reliable supplier of vegetables would be beneficial for the household.

“That sounds great. We still have many other vegetables at home, but they’re not ready to be harvested yet. If your family likes them after trying, you can come back to buy more,” Wang Jinhe offered.

“Sounds good.”

In the end, they weighed twenty catties of cucumbers and ten catties of pumpkins, totaling 165 wen. Wang Jinhe decided to deduct five wen from the total price.

“Father, can you help deliver the vegetables to Chef Zhang? It’s too much for her to carry alone,” Wang Jinhe suggested, referring to the forty catties of vegetables.


After seeing off Chef Zhang, Wang Jinhe continued selling cabbage and green beans. Some people refused to buy due to the higher price, while others, who had no budget constraints, purchased the vegetables because of their good quality.

In total, she earned 430 wen from the vegetable sales. It wasn’t a large sum, but considering the circumstances, it was still good.

When Wang Dagui returned, he was surprised to find that all the vegetables had been sold. “So quickly? They’re all sold?”

Wang Jinhe smiled and replied, “Yes, it’s because our vegetables are of high quality, so they sold fast. We can pick more to sell in the future.” Deep down, Wang Jinhe was thinking of growing different vegetables and letting them go to the field to pick once they had a larger harvest.

“Father, let’s go buy various vegetable seeds. Isn’t there unused land next to our old house? We can dig it up and plant vegetables. If we grow more, we’ll have more returning customers, and we can directly deliver the vegetables instead of selling them at the market,” Wang Jinhe suggested, realizing that they could use the vegetables her grandmother was currently growing to open up their customer base.


Wang Jinhe bought chili peppers, eggplants, and tomato seeds. The seeds cost her one hundred wen, which seemed quite expensive.

“Are we planting so many?”

“Yes, the more variety we have, the more choices our customers will have,” Wang Jinhe explained. She also purchased seeds for rapeseed greens, lettuce, and spinach.

“Father, let’s buy some spare ribs and have them at home,” Wang Jinhe suggested.

“Alright.” Wang Dagui always went along with whatever his daughter suggested.

As the father and daughter returned home, Grandma Wang casually asked, “How much did you earn?”

“Grandma, I earned over four hundred wen. I spent a little over one hundred wen on buying seeds, so the remaining two hundred and seventy wen are for you.” Wang Jinhe handed the remaining money to her grandmother.

However, it seemed that her grandmother had different plans.

“What are you doing, girl? You should keep it for yourself. But how did you manage to earn so much?” Grandma asked in astonishment.

“Our vegetables are priced a bit higher than others’, after all, our vegetables are so delicious,” Wang Jinhe confidently replied.

Wang Dagui shook his head helplessly and looked at his wife. “Wife, you don’t know. I was almost scared to death when Xiaohe mentioned the high prices. What if she couldn’t sell them? But it turned out that the kitchen steward of a wealthy household bought a lot. By the time I finished delivering the vegetables to their home, Xiaohe had already sold out.”

“So fast?”

“Yes, that’s why I thought of planting more. With just selling vegetables, our family can earn a considerable income. At least it can cover our daily expenses. And when the little flowers hatch and if we have more hens, we can even sell eggs.”

“Sounds good.” Grandma Wang only grew vegetables for their own consumption, but she didn’t expect that they could make a decent amount of money from selling them. She also thought about planting more vegetables in the future.

Today, Zhang, the cook, used the vegetables bought from Wang Jinhe to prepare a meal for their master and his wife.

As a result, their picky young master ate a lot of the vegetables.

This made Madame Zhang very happy, so she called for Zhang, the cook, and asked, “Zhang Shi, where did you buy these vegetables today? Young Master Xiaozhi ate a lot of them, and the taste of the vegetables is really good.”

“Madame, I bought them from a young girl. There are still some left. Tomorrow, I will go and see her again and ask her to bring us more vegetables in the future.”

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