Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Truly Bestowing Land

When the Governor returned to the county, the autumn harvest was in full swing. He hurriedly went to the Wang family with the imperial edict from the emperor.

The county magistrate, upon hearing the news, quickly brought people to Wang Jinhe’s house. “Jinhe, quickly call your family back and prepare to receive the imperial edict.”

Wang Jinhe was dumbfounded by this sudden news, looking at the county magistrate in disbelief. “Did the governor really return? To my house?”

“Yes, and on the way here, I came to inform you first. You must be well-prepared to avoid any negligence that might cost your life,” said the county magistrate, not wanting to downplay the seriousness of the situation.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t believe the county magistrate’s words. She had heard from Su Yu that the emperor was a good person, a wise ruler. How could he be so quick to execute someone? The county magistrate’s fear seemed excessive.

“I haven’t done anything wrong; the emperor won’t do such a thing. County magistrate, you’re just here to scare me,” Wang Jinhe said with irritation.

The county magistrate was momentarily choked, and just as he was about to say something, Wang Jinhe spoke again, “Don’t think I don’t know what kind of person the emperor is. Su Yu said he is a good emperor, a good person.”

The county magistrate not only felt choked but also realized he had forgotten that Su Yu was with Wang Jinhe.

“Enough, I won’t joke with you anymore. Now, let’s be serious. Hurry up and get ready.”

The Wang family, including the elders, felt a bit apprehensive. They hadn’t expected the imperial edict to be taken so seriously, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Wang Jinhe, feeling pressured, hurriedly prepared for the imperial edict.

After the preparations were complete, the officials arrived shortly.

“Wang Jinhe, receive the imperial edict.”

“This humble subject, Wang Jinhe, receives the imperial edict.” Wang Jinhe, with mixed emotions, knelt down to receive the imperial edict.

Wang Dagui and others quickly followed suit, even Xiao Bao and Zhang Zhilin knelt obediently.

“Earlier, I didn’t catch a word of what was said. I only heard about the reward of a thousand taels of gold and a hundred acres of land.”

After receiving the imperial edict and expressing her gratitude, Wang Jinhe held the edict in her hands and, after confirming the reward of a hundred acres of land, joyfully exclaimed, “The Emperor is truly benevolent! I’ve actually been granted a hundred acres of land.”

Wang Dagui and the others were stunned by this unexpected wealth.

Previously, they had purchased a considerable amount of land privately, and now, with the Emperor’s reward of an additional hundred acres, their family’s land holdings would continue to grow.

“Yes, the Emperor asked me to convey a message. If next year you truly manage to cultivate high-yield rice and with increase rice production next year by a hundred catties per acre, he’ll reward you with an additional five acres of land,” the Governor said, dropping another bombshell.

Upon hearing this, Wang Jinhe’s eyes lit up. “Really? Can I save up this land for later? I’d like to claim it all at once when I produce the maximum yield of high-yield crops in the future.”

“Of course, you can. The Emperor has entrusted me with full authority on this matter. You can claim it whenever you want.”

“Su Yu, I feel like I’m going to get rich,” Wang Jinhe said excitedly.

“Huh? Five acres of land for a yield of a hundred catties? How does that make you rich?” Su Yu asked.

“Currently, the highest yield for rice, even if it’s the best-quality paddy field managed by you guys, is around five hundred catties. Am I right?” Wang Jinhe looked at the magistrate and asked.

Although the magistrate didn’t know what Wang Jinhe was planning, he nodded gently, saying, “That’s correct.”

“Next year, I’ll be able to increase the yield by approximately three hundred catties. With the best conditions, it might go up by around two thousand catties more than now. However, this will require two to three years of effort,” Wang Jinhe confidently stated.

Everyone couldn’t believe Wang Jinhe’s words; they felt she was exaggerating.

Two thousand five hundred catties of grain per acre? If she could really achieve that, her position as county princess was guaranteed.

“Xiao He, I can tell you directly. If your rice can truly reach two thousand five hundred catties per acre, not to mention that much, even if it’s fifteen hundred catties per acre, your position as the county princess is secured,” the Governor bluntly stated.

If this could be achieved, it would solve the food problem for the entire country’s people and alleviate the pressure on the emperor’s treasury.

“Magistrate, just wait and see if I can reach that level. We can shake hands on it as a pledge.” Wang Jinhe extended her hand towards the magistrate and said, “If I lose, I’ll immediately send any good produce from my family to Governor, and I’ll provide your family with vegetables and fruits all year round. If Governor loses, how about rewarding me with ten acres of land?”

The governor thought he could manage this matter. After returning, he would discuss it with the emperor. By then, the land would be provided by the emperor, and he would get the fruits and vegetables for free.

“No problem,” the governor agreed, raising his hand to shake hands with Wang Jinhe.

At this point, everyone still thought Wang Jinhe’s words were unbelievable. However, when, the following year, her per mu yield reached nearly a thousand kilograms, the governor realized how naive he had been.

“Governor, if you have nothing else to do, please stay for a meal,” Wang Jinhe suggested, looking at the Governor and his party with a smile.

“Sure, we’d love to taste your cooking. We’ve heard your fruits and vegetables are delicious. Today, let us experience it ourselves,” the Governor replied.

Listening to the conversation, Xiao Bao suddenly felt that the emperor and the Governor were both very good people.

“Daddy, can we go to the melon field later?”


“We can pick watermelons for the County Chief, the Governor, and Uncle Emperor. I like them.” Xiao Bao’s way of liking someone was simple – giving them things he thought were good.

The County Chief and the Governor were pleasantly surprised, “Do we get some too?”

“Yes, Grandpas is nice to my mommy and daddy, so I like you guys too.”

“Well, thank you, Xiao Bao,” the Governor said with a smile. They couldn’t help but feel delighted. How could this child be so obedient?

“Alright, Daddy will take you to pick. How about we let Yuanbao take them back later?”

“We need to pick some for Grandfather and Big Uncle too.” Thinking of Grandfather and Big Uncle who had already returned to the capital, Xiao Bao quickly added.

“Let’s go then, we’ll pick melons.” Su Yu led the child to the melon field.

After a short while, they picked sixty watermelons.

Seeing the huge watermelons, the County Chief suddenly joked, “Are we considered bribed with such large watermelons?”

“It doesn’t count. Who would bribe you with melons? Besides, there are twenty for the Emperor and Empress inside. If anything, we’re bribing the Emperor,” Su Yu retorted, teasing the County Chief. He couldn’t fathom how the County Chief managed to connect melons with bribery.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t stop laughing at the amusing interaction. The County Chief’s remarks were indeed entertaining, showing his unique sense of humor.

The Governor gave the County Chief a disapproving look; sometimes, he found him quite foolish.

After enjoying a satisfying meal, the County Chief and the Governor left with the large watermelons. On the way back, the Governor looked at the County Chief and said, “Take care of the Wang family in the future; they are not to be underestimated.”

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