Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Wild Boar

Wang Jinhe nodded in understanding, “I see. So, it looks like we really don’t need to worry about this matchmaker. But I should thank them, as a result, there should be fewer people coming to propose marriage to our family.”

“Jinhe, have you thought about your future?” Grandma Wang was not concerned that Wang Jinhe was undesirable, but she was worried that she might not want to marry in the future. If that were the case, it would truly be a loss.

“Don’t worry, Grandma, I’ll definitely make the right choice if there’s a suitable person.” Wang Jinhe used the same rhetoric she had used to deal with the Gu family to reassure Grandma Wang.

Grandma Wang didn’t insist further and said, “As long as you have it all figured out. Our Jinhe is so wonderful, you must find a really good husband in the future, or else he won’t be worthy of our Jinhe.”

In Grandma Wang’sheart, her granddaughter was the best, and no one could compare.

This heartfelt feeling made Wang Jinhe’s heart ache a little.

“Grandma, don’t worry, I’ll definitely find you an outstanding grandson-in-law,” Wang Jinhe said playfully.

The old lady reached out and tousled her granddaughter’s head, a smile in her eyes. “Good, then Grandma will wait for you to bring back a grandson-in-law.”

“No problem.”

As time passed, their family’s house gradually neared completion. When the house was finished, some people in the village couldn’t help but envy and be jealous, whispering unkind words behind their backs.

However, these people were clever and didn’t directly approach Grandma Wang and her family.

It’s worth mentioning that the watermelons Wang Jinhe had planted were all flowering, and some had already produced small watermelons the size of a thumb.

“Xiao Bao, I’m going to the melon patch, do you want to come?” Wang Jinhe asked as she glanced at Xiaobao sitting at the door.

Xiao Bao shook his head quickly, “I don’t want to go. Today, my big brother is coming to play with me.”

Reminded by Xiao Bao, Wang Jinhe remembered that today was Zhang Zhilin’s day off, and he would usually come here during his breaks.

In this month or so, it wasn’t clear if Zhang Zhilin had grown taller, but he had definitely put on some weight, and his body had become stronger.

“Alright, you stay here with Grandma, and Mommy will go do some work,” Wang Jinhe said, holding a small basket and a small hoe as she headed to the melon patch.

From a distance, she could see several young wild boars nibbling on the melon seedlings?

Seeing this scene, Wang Jinhe’s face darkened, she turned back to find Wang Dagui and the others, “Dad, will you come over here please.”

“What’s wrong?” Wang Dagui turned to look at his daughter, puzzled about what she wanted.

“There are a few young wild boars in the melon patch, let’s go catch them,” Wang Jinhe said quietly to Wang Dagui.

“What? Let’s go quickly.” He checked on the melon patch every day, and recently, the melons had started to grow. If they were ruined by wild boars at this time, it would be a big problem.

Wang Dagui called a few more people to come over.

Sure enough, the young wild boars were still there, and there was no sign of the adult boar nearby. So, they all worked together and managed to capture the wild boars without giving them a chance to resist.

“How are we going to divide these wild boars?” one of the men asked, looking eager.

“These were found on Dagui’s land, we came to help, why divide them?” another person responded.

“That’s not how it works. Even though it’s on their land, whoever catches it gets to keep it. This one is mine,” the man declared, grabbing one of the wild boars and running off.

Watching the fast-running man, the one who didn’t want it grumbled, “We shouldn’t have let him come along.”

Wang Dagui shook his head nonchalantly, “It’s fine. Consider it a lesson learned about that person. Thank you, Kang Big Brother, for catching this wild boar. There are still three left, so each of you can catch one and take it home for the New Year. It’ll save you from buying meat.”

“That’s not right.”

“You each caught one wild boar, and I still have three left. We don’t have enough space at home to keep more,” Wang Jinhe agreed, nodding.

“Alright, then. We’ll each take one,” the men agreed, satisfied with the arrangement.

“Well… we’re really taking advantage of you,” one of the men hesitated.

“If it weren’t for Big Brother Kang and all of you helping, we wouldn’t have been able to catch so many young wild boars. Giving you some is only fair,” Wang Jinhe said with a smile.

“Jinhe is right. Who’s taking advantage of whom? Don’t say such things. If you keep this up, I won’t dare to ask for your help in the future,” Wang Dagui threatened.

Xie Kang reluctantly nodded, “Then, we’ll shamelessly accept.”

With a wild boar in hand, they were still happy. When they raised it until the New Year, it would weigh around 100-200 pounds, which would be enough for their family to eat.

“That’s the spirit.”

“By the way, Dagui, what are you growing in your field? It looks pretty good,” Xie Kang asked, curious.

Wang Dagui glanced at the watermelons growing in the field and said happily, “These are watermelons my daughter planted when she had free time. We’re thinking of selling them when they ripen, to supplement our household expenses. We’re not sure if they’ll sell well, but if they do, and if my family makes a good profit today, Jinhe said she’d save some seeds to give you all for next year.”

“Dagui, how can you make us feel this way?”

“You’ve had your share of tough times too. I remember how you all sacrificed the money for the New Year meat to treat Jinhe when she was sick in the past. I appreciate that favor, and if the watermelons do well this year, and you have sandy soil, we’ll plant together next year. I’ll have Jinhe prepare the seedlings for you,” Wang Dagui remembered how Xie Kang and the others had helped them over the years.

Xie Kang patted Wang Dagui’s shoulder, “Dagui, your family does need money, and I won’t refuse your offer. If this year’s crop goes well, I’ll join you in planting some next year.”

“That’s great.”

After reaching the foot of the mountain, everyone went their separate ways. Wang Dagui couldn’t help but feel a bit worried as he looked at Wang Jinhe. “Jinhe, do you blame me for acting on my own?”

After all, this was something his daughter had grown, and he had given it away without even telling her. That was not right in itself.

Wang Jinhe chuckled as she looked at Wang Dagui, “What’s there to blame? It’s just as you told Dad, Uncle Kang has helped us a lot these past few years. Now that we’re capable, we can also help them earn money together.”

“Good, your way of thinking is right. If it weren’t for Uncle Kang and the others back then, your mom and I really didn’t know what to do,” thinking back to the situation at that time, only Xie Kang and his group were willing to help.

“Today, the person who ran off ahead doesn’t need to be considered anymore. In the future, we don’t have to have too much contact with him either. People like him prioritize their own interests, and if there’s enough profit, they will definitely turn on us,” Wang Jinhe candidly stated.

Listening to Wang Jinhe’s words, Wang Dagui nodded with a smile, “I understand what you’re saying. I never intended to be close with that person from the beginning. He came today because he happened to be there, and he also knows that this stuff wasn’t his to begin with. He dared to snatch one and didn’t dare to ask for more.”

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