Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Buying a Land

Grandpa Gu nodded, “Before, I gave old Zhang ¬†face and didn’t say much, but since these people are so clueless, they should compensate properly.”

“Don’t worry, Father-in-law. This time, I’ll make sure they suffer and remember it well,” Zhang Qin said solemnly.

“You should be well aware, and in the future, you must thank the person who helped take care of your child,” Grandpa Gu looked at the two of them and said.

“Father, rest assured, I know what to do.”

“That’s good.”

In the capital, tensions rose between the Gu and Zhang families, while Wang Jinhe was busy exploring the new house with her two children.

“Xiao Zhi, both of you, don’t run around everywhere. The place isn’t fully set up yet, and it’s a bit messy,” Wang Jinhe said, worried that they might get hurt, as she watched them play wildly.

Xiao Zhi looked at Wang Jinhe and replied, “I will take care of Xiao Bao.”

Wang Jinhe squatted down, looked at Xiao Zhi, and gently ruffled his hair, saying, “Xiao Zhi, you must take care of yourself first in order to take care of your little brother. Do you understand?”


“Go play, but walk slowly with your little brother. Don’t run around; it’s easy to get hurt. Do you understand?” Wang Jinhe watched Xiao Zhi carefully and spoke earnestly.

“Okay,” Xiao Zhi obediently nodded.

After the two children went to play, Wang Jinhe and her family began cleaning the house and arranging the bedding. Once everything was tidied up, they looked at the brand new house with great joy.

Everyone exchanged glances and smiled, saying, “Yes, we’re moving into our new home.”

Wang Dagui added, “Jinhe, later, when we have that warming celebration, prepare some dishes. There won’t be many guests, just about three tables.”

Wang Jinhe replied, “That’s simple; leave it to me.”

As they were discussing, they realized that the two children were missing. Grandma Wang suddenly remembered, “Where did those two little ones go?”

“They went outside to take a look,” someone informed her.

Wang Jinhe headed to Xiao Bao’s room and found both Xiao Zhi and Xiao Bao fast asleep, each hugging their own stuffed animals under the blankets. She carefully adjusted Xiao Bao’s blanket and then stepped out to inform the worried family, “No need to search; they’re both asleep inside.”

“These two kids are really well-behaved, knowing that we’re busy and tired, they just sleep by themselves without disturbing us,” Grandma Wang commented as she peered into the room.

“That’s right! Let’s all move in here, and don’t forget to bring Big Flower and the others,” Wang Jinhe suggested.

The people around nodded in agreement, saying, “Since the new house is ready, of course, we should move in.”

The family moved the animals, cleaned up the kitchen, and by the time the sun was about to set, everything was in order. Wang Jinhe, despite her exhaustion, prepared dinner for her family.

During the meal, Xiao Bao, looking very serious, said, “When we grow up, can we live here? I like it here.”

The house and the beds here were all so nice, he wanted to live here.

Wang Jinhe affectionately pinched Xiao Bao’s cheek and said, “Of course, we’ll all live here in the future.”

“That’s great.”

After dinner, the family sat in the yard chatting, and Wang Dagui said, “Next time Jingyu comes back, he’ll definitely like his room.”

Knowing that her daughter had bought a lot of books for her son’s room, Wang Dagui wondered if their son would like them. He looked forward to the future, full of hope for a better life.

“Yeah, it’s only Wang Jinhe who doesn’t mind spending money. When I saw her spending money on books, I felt a bit reluctant, but she didn’t even blink,” Gu Shi sighed.

“Daughter, you should be more frugal with your money. Don’t spend it all, and your brother’s books can be bought gradually,” Wang Dagui couldn’t help but advise. He still hoped that his daughter could save some money for herself and Xiao Bao.

Wang Jinhe knew what her parents were thinking, and she smiled, saying, “Dad, don’t worry. We’ll make more money in the future. In a month or so, our family’s melons will be ready to sell, which will bring in more income. Plus, we have vegetables from the garden. We won’t run out of money.”

“Oh, by the way, Dad, let’s buy some more land. Both paddy fields and sandy fields. We can use the paddy fields to grow grains and the sandy fields for watermelons,” Wang Jinhe suggested. She thought that in the future, they would be living here, so it would be a good idea to buy more land. When their crops and melons started yielding, they could become a sizable landowner, which would be great.

Wang Dagui and Grandpa Wang exchanged glances, their eyes filled with delight. “Really? Are we really going to buy more land?” Farmers cherished having more land in their hands. It meant they wouldn’t have to worry about going hungry or suffering from the cold.

“Of course, we’re going to buy more land. I’ll go talk to the village chief tomorrow and ask him to reserve some good plots for our family. I don’t think he’ll refuse,” Wang Jinhe said, rubbing her chin.

“That sounds great.”

“We’ll go check it out when the time comes,” Grandpa Wang said calmly, although his tone carried a hint of excitement and tremor if you listened closely.

“That’s a good idea. We shouldn’t delay this matter. I’ll talk to the village chief tomorrow. Once we secure some good land, we’ll let you know,” Wang Jinhe decided.

“Let’s do it tomorrow; it’s getting late now,” Wang Dagui agreed, shaking his head.

This girl really means what she says and follows through with it.

Wang Jinhe looked at the darkening sky outside and suddenly felt a bit embarrassed. “I completely forgot that it’s getting late.”

“You, child, it’s already very late. Everyone, go to sleep,” Grandma Wang waved her hand and said.

At night, lying in bed, Gu Shi couldn’t help but feel a bit melancholic. “Husband, do you think our daughter’s changes are a bit too significant?”

“No matter how she changes, she is still our daughter. She has only become less submissive than before. After all…” Wang Dagui said, trailing off.

Gu Shi understood what Wang Dagui was about to say and carefully considered it. “You’re right. No matter what happens in the future, we must firmly stand by Jinhe’s side and ensure she doesn’t suffer any injustice.”

“That’s the right attitude. No matter what happens, we must support Jinhe. It’s already late; let’s go to sleep,” Wang Dagui said seriously.

The next morning, after breakfast, Wang Jinhe went straight to find the village chief.

Village Chief Xie was a bit surprised to see Wang Jinhe coming, as the Wang family rarely visited the village unless it was for their close friends.

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