Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 37

Chapter 37: A Son Found

“I can’t believe I have a son, and he looks so much like me; it’s unbelievable,” Su Yu exclaimed in astonishment.

Yuanbao also found it hard to believe, “Master, should we go and find your son now?”

Su Yu shook his head, “I have too many matters to attend to at the moment. I’ll write a letter to Huang Qi and ask him to protect them, the mother and child.”

An unmarried woman with a child, he couldn’t fathom how she had managed to survive all these years.

Yuanbao asked, “Master, are you planning to acknowledge both the mother and son?”

Su Yu glanced at Yuanbao and said with some annoyance, “Of course. The woman went through a lot because of me she became an unwed mother. These past three or four years must have been difficult for her. If I go and leave her and my son, would I still be considered a human being?”

Yuanbao raised an eyebrow and commented, “But what if the Su family has objections?”

Su Yu dismissed it with a wave, “Objections? Do they dare to have any? My affairs aren’t for them to decide. Furthermore, if they get a sweet little grandson out of this, why would they object? The family has been pressuring me to get married for a long time, but I find those women repulsive, and that’s why I’ve resisted. If they knew they had a three-year-old grandson, do you think they’d still refuse a granddaughter?”

Yuanbao felt like he couldn’t keep up with his master’s train of thought. Su Yu was overthinking things. But he knew that once the Su family found out about the existence of a little master, they would be overjoyed.

“Finish up the matters at hand as soon as possible, and then we’ll go find them, the mother and son,” Su Yu instructed. He couldn’t wait to meet his precious son, even though they hadn’t met yet. The anticipation was already building inside him.

With his excitement to reunite with his son, Su Yu lost interest in playing around and wanted to finish preparations quickly.

Watching Su Yu’s excited demeanor, Yuanbao couldn’t help but have a feeling that his master would become a devoted husband and father in the future.

“Master, I have a feeling that in the future, you’ll become a devoted husband and a doting father,” Yuanbao said, unfazed.

Su Yu rolled his eyes at Yuanbao, “You don’t have a son, so you wouldn’t understand. You also don’t know what a little guy likes. No, you need to have someone prepare some beautiful jewelry, fabrics, and things that children like – the more, the better.”

Yuanbao couldn’t help but sigh, “But you haven’t even met her yet.”

What would Su Yu be like once he really had a wife?

Yuanbao didn’t dare to imagine.

“Master, you haven’t even met your future wife yet. If you’re already like this, how will you face people in the future if you fall for her?” Yuanbao couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Su Yu gave Yuanbao a look and said, “Do you know why you still don’t have a wife?”


“Because you’re too foolish.”

Yuanbao pointed to himself. How could he be foolish? Among all the people by the young master’s side, he was the cleverest.

“Did I not cause her to be gossiped about?”

“You did.”

“Did I not cause her to become pregnant out of wedlock?”

“You did.”

“Did I not almost get her killed?”

“You did.”

“Shouldn’t I compensate her for that? You don’t even understand this, and you still have the audacity to think you’re not foolish?” Su Yu expressed his disdain. Yuanbao hadn’t learned anything from him about cleverness.

Even in a place like the capital city, a pregnancy out of wedlock wouldn’t have a favorable outcome, let alone in the countryside. She managed to survive and hadn’t met a gruesome end, which was already good. These past years, she must have had a difficult time with her family. He could compensate what could be compensated.

For what couldn’t be compensated, once he got there, he would be extra kind to her and make up for everything.

“Yuanbao, in the countryside, a pregnancy out of wedlock can lead to being dunked in a pig cage,” Su Yu added when he saw Yuanbao still wanting to argue.

“Master, you’re feeling guilty…”

“It’s not guilt. Even f I don’t marry her, I’ll still marry someone else in the future. So why not marry the mother of my child? It’s better for the child’s upbringing this way,” Su Yu stated his thoughts directly. “Furthermore, in our Su family’s main lineage, there’s no such thing as starting a disorder and abandoning it. If Grandfather finds out that someone has given birth to my son, and I abandon her, what do you think will happen to my leg?”

Yuanbao couldn’t help but laugh. It was indeed true. If Grandfather found out, Su Yu would definitely get a beating.

“Alright, let’s not discuss this further. Speed up the matter. I don’t have time to linger on it.”


When the news reached Su Yu’s subordinates, they were all surprised. When did the young master become so impatient?

“Yuanbao, what’s going on? If we pull out now, we’ll lose out on a hundred thousand taels of silver. That’s a hundred thousand taels!”

Yuanbao looked at the person speaking, “Can a hundred thousand taels of silver compare to the importance of the young master and the young lady?”

“What do you mean… Wait a minute, what young master? What young lady?”

“That girl from over four years ago has been found. She gave birth to a child for the young master, and the child looks seven to eight points like him.” A child that looked seven to eight points like the young master; who wouldn’t believe it?

The person opposite furrowed their brows, “Is this information reliable?”

“This is the information sent back by Huang Qi. It’s said that the young master obtained that 150-year-old ginseng earlier, which was dug up by the young lady in the mountains. Huang Qi has a good relationship with the young lady, and it was when she took the young master to his place to buy medicinal herbs that Huang Qi found out,” Yuanbao explained briefly.

Upon hearing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. “If that’s the case, then the hundred thousand taels are indeed less important than the young master and the young lady. Brothers, let’s speed things up. We need the young master to find the young lady and the young master. We can’t wait to see the little master.”

“You’re absolutely right.”

“In fact, if the young master is in a hurry, he can go directly. Everything has been arranged, and we can handle things here without the young master personally overseeing it.”

“That’s true. Does Su Jing’s brat even deserve the young master’s personal attention?”

Yuanbao pondered for a moment. “Alright, I’ll inform the young master and see what his plans are. If he really intends to go there directly, we might leave soon.”

“Exactly. Let’s hurry and gather some good things with the young master to apologize to the young lady and her family.”

One of them added, “That’s a good idea.”

A woman who has been violated and still chooses to give birth to the child of her perpetrator indeed requires tremendous courage. Furthermore, if the young master were to face any harm from the young lady’s family, he would have to endure it.

“By the way, Yuanbao, when you leave, remember to bring some first aid medicine for the young master.”

“Why would we need first aid medicine, Wanfeng?”

“Are you daft? What if the young master ends up getting beaten by the young lady’s family? Won’t we need it then?” Wanfeng retorted impatiently. “Don’t ever claim you’re the smartest one around. You’re just plain foolish.”

People nearby kept nodding their heads, agreeing that Yuanbao was indeed quite foolish.

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