Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Leave the mother and keep the child?

Wang Jinhe frowned as he looked at Su Yu. “What do you mean by that?”

Su Yu responded, “It means that our son is still your son, but he’s also my son.”

Seeing that Wang Jinhe was still perplexed, Su Yu furrowed his brow and said, “Isn’t that clear enough for you?”

“Judging by your attire, you should be a young master from a wealthy family. You shouldn’t lack¬† sons. What’s the point of doing this? Aren’t you just creating trouble for yourself? Is it fun to have multiple illegitimate children?” Wang Jinhe, though unfamiliar with this era, understood that legitimate and illegitimate children had different statuses. Legitimate sons held higher positions, while illegitimate ones had a slightly better status than commoners.

In front of him, this man shouldn’t be lacking in wealth or women who could bear his children. So why insist on having Xiao Bao?

“You’ve got it all wrong,” Su Yu retorted. “I do need this son. He’s not illegitimate; he’s my legitimate son.”

“I admit I was wrong back then. I was drugged by someone at the time, and I was just a novice. But later, I went to look for you. You can ask Huang Qi; he knows that I’ve been searching for you for four years,” Su Yu explained candidly.

Huang Qi quickly nodded and added, “The young master is right. On that day, the young master had to return for some urgent matters, but he instructed us to find you. All his subordinates have been searching for you ever since.”

“Why?” Wang Jinhe furrowed his brows, puzzled. Why would someone like Su Yu bother to search for and reach out to a complete stranger?

“In our family, we don’t have the concept of ‘beginning with disorder and ending with abandonment.’ Even if I did what I did because of the drugs, I’m willing to bear the responsibility. Especially now, as you’ve given birth to a son, the matter becomes even more serious. If I were to abandon you now, my grandfather would surely punish me severely. Of course, I also hope that you will seriously consider this matter,” Su Yu spoke earnestly.

Wang Jinhe’s mind was still reeling. “Xiao He, who are you talking to?” asked Grandma Wang, who had noticed her standing by the door, as though conversing with someone.

As Grandma Wang saw Su Yu’s face, her expression turned pale. “Xiao He, he is…”

Before Wang Jinhe could stop her, Su Yu spoke up, “I am Xiao Bao’s father.”

Grandma Wang swayed for a moment, leaning on the door frame to regain her composure. “Don’t stand by the door. Come inside and talk.”

She wanted to know what had happened back then and what Su Yu’s purpose was now in coming to their home.

Wang Jinhe realized that she wouldn’t be able to go into the mountains today, so she turned and followed the old lady back inside. Su Yu also entered the house and instructed his men, “Bring everything in.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Huang Qi was concerned about Su Yu getting hurt, but the Young Master was determined to bring his wife and son back home, and they had to get through this obstacle.

Today, none of the family members had left the house yet. When they saw Su Yu, it was like a bolt from the blue. This man looked exactly like Xiao Bao. It was obvious who he was.


“Don’t say anything for now.” Wang Dagui was about to speak, but he was interrupted by the Grandpa Wang. Grandpa Wang looked at Su Yu with sharp eyes and asked, “Why has this Young Master come to our house?”

“For her and the child,” Su Yu replied bluntly without any concealment.

The Old Master’s temples throbbed with anger. “For the child? Why didn’t you do this earlier?”

If he had treated his granddaughter better back then and helped her, she wouldn’t have suffered so much in these past few years.

“Four years ago, I was drugged by people from my family, and I had no choice but to resort to such a plan. Later, due to the urgency of returning to deal with the matter, I came home ahead of time. However, before I left, I had my men inquire about your family’s address, with the intention of finding her and marrying her as soon as possible. But my men never found her. It was during that incident at Hu Cheng,” Su Yu explained, his words sincere and truthful.

“After settling family matters, I took my men to Hu Cheng. We searched for three months but still couldn’t find her. Then my younger brother, who’s a bastard, started causing trouble again. I had no choice but to return. However, my men never gave up on finding your family. We searched for four years,” Su Yu continued. ” Huang Qi knows about this. Whenever I had a business location, I instructed the manager to make it a priority to find her.”

Grandpa Wang listened to Su Yu’s words in silence. He believed this young man’s words. There was no evasion or deceit in his tone. He spoke sincerely.

“So, what is it you want now? To leave the mother and claim child?” the Old Master asked.

“How could that be possible? If I dared to do that, my grandfather would kill me. Besides, in my family, we strictly adhere to the one-husband-one-wife rule, except for my father, who was deceived into having one concubine. Only after reaching the age of thirty-five without a male heir can we consider taking a concubine. In these years, I have not been with any other woman. Now that I have found Jinhe, I will definitely marry her. Although it’s currently out of responsibility, who can guarantee that there won’t be feelings in the future?” Su Yu stated firmly.

The Old Master twitched his mouth and looked at Su Yu. This guy was quite daring and didn’t seem afraid of them scolding him.

“Xiaohe, what’s your opinion on this?” the Old Master asked Wang Jinhui.

Wang Jinhe was currently feeling overwhelmed by the situation. However, she admired Su Yu’s family values and was touched by the way he spoke. Although Xiao Bao hadn’t said it outright, there was a hint of envy when he saw Xiao Zhi’s father.

She might be able to provide Xiao Bao with plenty of love, and her family members doted on him, but she couldn’t replace the role of a father. If possible, she also wanted Xiao Bao’s biological father to be with them.

However, Su Yu’s sudden appearance and his straightforward declaration that he would marry her left her feeling uncertain.

“Grandfather, I don’t know what to do right now,” Wang Jinhe shook her head and said.

“Then how about this, you two take some time to get to know each other first. If you find that it’s acceptable, then you can discuss other matters later. Is that okay?” Grandpa Wang looked at both of them and asked.

Su Yu had no objections, saying, “I have no objections.”

When he had come, he was prepared to face hostility, so the family’s willingness to talk left him pleasantly surprised.

Wang Jinhe nodded as well, saying, “That’s fine.”

Given the circumstances, there wasn’t much else they could do.

Both Gu Shi and Wang Dagui were actually quite angry, considering the hardships their daughter had endured over the past few years. However, the attitude of the other party left them speechless in their anger.

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