Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Zhang Zhilin, the Doting Brother

“You see, my big brother agrees with me,” Xiao Bao said proudly, looking at Su Yu. After saying that, he even made a big funny face at Su Yu.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow, looking at Xiao Bao’s adorable expression, which was completely unrelated to being a troublemaker.

However, Su Yu didn’t continue to argue with Xiao Bao. After all, the watermelon that Wang Jinhe had grown was indeed very delicious, much tastier than those sold in the market.

“Do you want to see Little Baa Baa?” After finishing the watermelon, Xiao Bao suddenly walked up to Su Yu and asked, looking up at him.

Su Yu lowered his head to look at the little one in front of him and asked with curiosity, “What is Little Baa Baa?”

“Little Baa Baa is just Little Baa Baa, so tiny, all white, incredibly cute,” Xiao Bao said, and the more he talked, the brighter his eyes became. This adorable appearance melted Su Yu’s heart.

“Alright, I’ll go see with you,” Su Yu said, holding one child and following them to see Little Baa Baa.

Xiao Bao, who was suddenly picked up, instinctively hugged Su Yu’s neck.

Everything around him seemed very novel to Xiao Bao. It turns out that the view from a high place is so much better and more beautiful.

“So high up,”

Zhang Zhilin also nodded in agreement. Although his dad would carry him like this, it wasn’t as high as when this uncle carried him.

Following the direction pointed by Xiao Bao, they walked over to the side of the sheep pen. Inside, they saw a pair of wild mountain goats, and beside them, there was a small lamb sleeping on a straw-covered area with torn cloth.

“Is this Little Baa Baa?” Su Yu asked curiously.

Xiao Bao nodded, “Isn’t it cute? Have you seen one before?”

Su Yu smiled and nodded, “I’ve never seen such an adorable little fellow.”

“Right? I told you it’s very cute. Over there, we also have Big Flower and Little ¬†Flower, and lots of little chicks, so many of them,” Xiao Bao said, pointing to the chicken coop nearby.

Su Yu couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth when he heard those names and said somewhat helplessly, “Did you come up with these names, Xiao Bao?”

These names were probably unique to Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao nodded happily, “Aren’t they lovely names?”

Su Yu looked at Xiao Bao with a twitching corner of his mouth. Did this little guy have some misunderstanding about his ability to come up with names?

Even Zhang Zhilin felt helpless about Xiao Bao’s naming skills. But as a devoted Big brother, he simply went along with whatever Xiao Bao said.

“The names are indeed very lovely, and Big Flower and the others really like them,” Zhang Zhilin said earnestly, making up stories as he went along.

“Did you give names to the little chicks at home?” With so many little chicks, Su Yu couldn’t help but wonder what kind of comical names this little guy might have come up with. He was actually looking forward to it.

However, Xiao Bao shook his head gently and said, “These little chicks don’t have names.”

Su Yu asked curiously, “Oh? Why don’t they have names? Is this a case of favoritism, with the sheep and a few big chickens getting names while they don’t? Isn’t that a bit unfair?”

Although the names for the sheep and some of the big chickens weren’t very pleasant.

“Big Flower and Little Flower don’t care for those little chicks, which means they’re meant for growing up and eating, just like those few little pigs,” Xiao Bao said seriously.

“Chickens don’t care for their chicks?”

“That’s not it. When Big Flower was still laying eggs before, she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. Those who couldn’t hatch chicks would be eaten, so it’s the same for these little chicks now,” Xiao Bao explained, indicating that Big Flower would continue to protect them.

Su Yu really wanted to check if his son was sick to be talking about all this nonsense.

Xiao Bao looked at Su Yu with a furrowed brow and said, “Do you not believe me?”

Su Yu paused for a moment and then smiled, shaking his head, “Of course not. I believe everything Xiao Bao says.”

“I can vouch for this. What Xiao Bao says is all true. When I first came here, Big Flower even picked out an egg and gave it to me. Later, when aunt asked for one of Big Flower’s eggs, he refused to give it, and she hatched all the eggs he kept for themselves,” Zhang Zhilin chimed in, not wanting his little brother to be misunderstood.

Is this so-called Big Flower some kind of spirit? How else could it do something like giving away eggs on its own? It’s truly unbelievable.

“I wonder if it will give me one,” Su Yu teased.

Xiao Bao shook his head gently, “Big Flower won’t give you one. Big Flower only gives eggs to me and my brother, not to anyone else.”

Su Yu looked at Xiao Bao speaking to him so seriously and found him increasingly adorable. The more adorable he seemed, the more Su Yu wanted to indulge in this back-and-forth.

“Is that so? Well, then we’ll have to give it a try.”

“Big Flower.” When Xiao Bao saw that Su Yu wanted to try, he called Big Flower over.

As Big Flower approached, Little Flower and the other chicks followed.

“Big Flower, can you give him an egg from Little Flower’s nest?” There were still some eggs in Little Flower’s nest, and those belonged to Big Black and Little Black, but since they were currently laying eggs, they had all been placed in Little Flower’s nest.

As soon as Big Flower heard that someone wanted to take his eggs, he puffed up his feathers and assumed an aggressive posture, ready to attack.

Su Yu looked surprised at the chicken. This rooster was quite interesting; it seemed like it might indeed be becoming a spirit.

“Alright, I won’t take your eggs. You don’t have to look at me like that.” Although he could easily swat Big Flower away, this was his son’s Big Flower. If he dared to harm it, his son would probably be furious, and he certainly didn’t want to cause discord in the family.

Big Flower stared at Su Yu with sharp little eyes. He had never seen this person before, and why did he look so much like his little master? Although not as good-looking as his little master.

“Big Flower, this is my daddy. He just came back today after dealing with some bad guys, and he brought me lots and lots of gifts. If anyone dares to say I don’t have a daddy anymore, I’ll beat them up until they’re looking for their teeth all over the ground,” Xiao Bao chatted away with Big Flower.

“I’ll help you,” Zhang Zhilin said seriously from the side. “I’ve already started learning martial arts.”

“Okay, I’ll learn martial arts too.”

“How about we learn martial arts together?” Zhang Zhilin looked at Xiao Bao with a serious question, his eyes filled with joy underneath that seriousness.

Being able to study with Zhang Zhilin every day, Xiao Bao was certainly willing. “Great, from now on, I’ll learn together with my brother.”

“Do you want to learn martial arts? Isn’t that a simple thing? Starting tomorrow, I’ll teach you. How about it? Do you want to learn with me?” Su Yu looked at Xiao Bao seriously and asked.

Xiao Bao looked at Su Yu curiously. “Can you do martial arts?”

“Of course, if daddy doesn’t know martial arts, how would he deal with bad guys? Don’t you think?” Su Yu looked at Xiao Bao with a smile in his eyes.

“Okay, then tomorrow you teach us martial arts.”


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