Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Departure and Return

Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu in surprise and asked, “How did you explain it to Xiao Bao?” How did it become their things?

“Isn’t my stuff also yours and Xiao Bao’s? If he wants to take something from me, isn’t he taking it from both of you?” Su Yu raised an eyebrow and looked at Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe twitched the corner of her mouth as he looked at Su Yu. This guy really knew how to twist things around.

“Never mind, I won’t discuss this with you. It’s already late for Xiao Bao. Let’s go wash up and sleep.”

“I want to sleep with Daddy.”

“Oh? You don’t want to sleep with your big brother?” Wang Jinhe raised an eyebrow and looked at Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao pouted. He wanted to sleep with Daddy, but he also wanted to sleep with his big brother. “I want to sleep with Daddy and big brother together.”

Wang Jinhe shook his head helplessly. “Alright, whatever you say.”

Su Yu took the two kids to wash up and then led them to his room.

After Su Yu finished getting ready, both kids were already half-asleep. Once he got into bed, Xiao Bao closed his eyes and climbed onto Su Yu, falling asleep right away.

Watching the adorable sight of Xiao Bao sleeping soundly on top of him, Su Yu couldn’t help but smile. Carefully, he lay down and pulled the blanket over both kids, then closed his eyes to rest.

Early the next morning, Little Bao woke up. When he woke up, he was still lying on Su Yu, his fists clenched and resting against his cheek. He looked incredibly cute.


“Have you woken up? If you’re awake, let’s get up and go pick watermelons today. Dad will bring them back for Grandpa, okay?” Su Yu asked, hugging Xiao Bao.

After both children had gotten up, Su Yu took them outside.

When Xiao Bao saw Wang Jinhe, he quickly ran over and hugged her leg, his eyes shining. He said, “Mommy, I slept on Daddy’s chest last night.”

“Was it comfortable?” Wang Jinhe asked, bending down to look at her son.

Xiao Bao nodded vigorously. “Very comfortable. I want to sleep with Dad again.”

“You can sleep with him when he’s here.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Bao thought about Su Yu leaving and pouted, “Not happy.”

“He’ll be back soon.” He was upset even before Su Yu left. If he really left, who knows how Xiao Bao would react.

“Alright then, Mommy, we’re hungry and want to eat.”

“Okay, let’s eat.”

This morning, Wang Jinhe steamed minced meat and eggs for the two children. Xiao Bao used a spoon to scoop a large piece for Su Yu. “Daddy, you eat. Mommy’s eggs are delicious.”

Wang Dagui looked at Little Bao with a hint of jealousy. Xiao Bao hadn’t given anything to them, but he was sharing with this little rascal.

After the meal, Su Yu and Wang Jinhe took the two children to the melon field to pick watermelons. “How are you going to pick without any tools?” Su Yu asked, concerned.

“I had someone come over last night to bring them, no need to worry.”

“That’s good.”

Just as they finished picking the watermelons, Wang Dagui and a few others arrived.

“Young Master.”

“We’re all here.”

They paid no attention to the watermelons in the field and instead looked at the child who resembled Su Yu. “Is that the Young Master?”

Su Yu raised an eyebrow and looked at them. “With our faces looking like this, can you still ask such a question? Where’s your brain?”

“Maybe it got eaten by a dog,” Xiao Bao instinctively added.

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh, the servants weren’t offended either. Instead, they looked at Xiao Bao with increasing fondness. “Young Master, the Young Master is so cute and smart.”

“Do you guys need to comment on my son?” Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

“Daddy, come here quickly!” Xiao Bao urgently called from the side.

Su Yu walked over and saw Xiao Bao struggling with a watermelon that weighed nearly twenty pounds.

“Daddy, this one’s the biggest. Mom said it’s ripe. Take it back for Grandpa to eat so he won’t punish you when you make mistakes.”

After saying this, Xiao Bao tilted his head for a moment and continued, “Mom said it’s called ‘taking advantage of someone’s kindness and being soft-hearted.'”

Su Yu’s guards were all melted by Xiao Bao. Even though he was so young, he already knew how to plan things for the Young Master. This was truly wonderful.

“Alright, this one’s for Your Great-Grandpa. What about your Grandma and Grandpa?”

Xiao Bao stared at Su Yu. “Are Grandma and Grandpa good to Dad?”

“They’re okay.”

“Just okay? Then we won’t give it to them.” Xiao Bao decisively declared that if they weren’t good to Dad, they wouldn’t get to eat the big watermelon.

“Just okay? Then we won’t give it to them,” Little Bao decisively said. If they weren’t good to Dad, they wouldn’t get to eat the big watermelon.

Yuan Ji laughed on the side, “Young Master, would you like me to stay here to protect Little Master?”

“You can think about it in your dreams at night.”

“Why, Young Master, you’re such a wicked person. How do you have such an adorable son?” Yuan Ji looked at Su Yu in disbelief.

Xiao Bao hugged Su Yu’s leg and glared at Yuan Ji, “My dad is the best, you’re talking nonsense.”

Su Yu lifted Xiao Bao up. His precious son was just so cute.

Yuan Ji fell silent immediately, not understanding how the Young Master managed to make Little Master protect him so fiercely.

Looking at Xiao Bao’s face, so similar to Su Yu’s, could it be because he looked quite like him?

“Don’t stand around, be careful not to drop the watermelons when you take them back,” Su Yu said to them.


After bringing back the watermelons, Xiao Bao once again pulled Su Yu to pick tomatoes.

“Dad, this big one is for Great-Grandpa, and this one, and this one…” Xiao Bao selected all the big and red ones.

Su Yu picked the tomatoes Little Bao pointed out and placed them in a basket, though he was uncertain whether they would still be edible when they returned to the capital.

In the afternoon, Su Yu prepared to leave with their belongings. As he was about to depart, Xiao Bao held onto his hand, refusing to let go.

Su Yu could only hold Xiao Bao and comfort him, “Dad will be back very soon, okay?”


After soothing Xiao Bao, Su Yu finally left with his entourage. Xiao Bao clung to Wang Jinhe’s neck, watching him depart.

“Mom, this time, Dad won’t be gone for a long time, right?” Xiao Bao tilted his head and asked Wang Jinhe.

“Yes, that’s right. He told you last night, didn’t he?” Wang Jinhe hadn’t realized just how important Su Yu was to Xiao Bao.

Tears welled up in Xiao Bao’s eyes, but he managed to hold them back.

Zhang Zhilin looked up at Xiao Bao in Wang Jinhe’s arms and said earnestly, ” Xiao Bao, don’t be sad. Uncle is just going back to handle some business, like my parents. They’ll come back once they’re done.”

“Okay,” Xiao Bao nodded vigorously.

Dad said he would come back and bring gifts for him and Mom.

The next day at noon, two carriages arrived at the entrance of Wang Jinhe’s house. A couple and two elderly people stepped down from them.

The newcomers were Zhang Zhilin’s parents and grandparents.

As soon as Gu Jing entered the house, she saw Zhang Zhilin playing with Xiao Bao. ” Xiao Zhi, Mom is back.”

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