Living leisurely in Tang Dynasty
Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty Chapter 78

Li Yuanying has never traveled far on his own.

But hearing that Wei Shu was unhappy, he felt unhappy too. This father of the Wei family doesn’t send her much letters throughout the year and he had never heard Sister Shu mention about her family before. How can they just steal her away as soon as they come back.

All is good if sister Shu goes with them willingly but it is very obvious that she doesn’t want to.

Thinking back at her letter wheres she mentioned that they might never see each other again, Yuanying is furious and feels the need to get her back. A dear friend of Li Yuanying should never feel like they have been wronged. Not even if it’s caused by her father or brother! His own brother is the Emperor but still he does whatever he wants anyway!

Li Yuanying hurried all the way and instructed his men who are skilled at riding to move ahead to inquire if the Wei Family had passed by.  Finally after two days, he found out from a station warden that Wei Shu’s father had eaten something here before setting off again recently.

Receiving news about Wei Shu, Yuanying immediately got on his horse and led his men to chase after them.

Workers at the station all stopped working and looked curiously at the direction Li Yuanying was going away. They wondered, “Who are they?” “He doesn’t look like a child from an ordinary family!” ” But of course! Who from an ordinary family is escorted by so many men with weapons?”

The steward came out after hearing the commotion and dispersed the group by waving his hands.

“What are you looking at? Are you worthy enough to be discussing about the noble class? Be careful that the nobleman might gouge out your eyes!”

Everyone disperse.

Li Yuanying quickly caught up with the carriage of the Wei family.

Compared with his mighty group, the Wei family’s carriage looked shabby. There weren’t  even a single extra helper except for the driver.

Hearing the rapid sound of horses coming from behind, the experienced driver quickly shook his hands to dodge to let the group pass. He was instead surrounded by strong horses. This made him nervous and he and his docile old horse dare not move further.

Soon, Li Yuanying arrived on a horse that was a head shorter than the rest to the front of the carriage, staring fixedly at the closed curtain.

Wei Shu’s father sensed that something was wrong. He signaled to his wife and children to be remain calm. He then raised his hand to push back the carriage curtain. Seeing a person approaching, he was a little surprised for this young man was only about eleven or twelve but his posture and aura seemed different from an ordinary person.

Wei Shu looked up and was stunned, thinking that she was imagining things. Upon confirming that it was indeed Li Yuanying, Wei Shu got up and moved to the front.

“Your Highness, why are you here?”

When Yuanying saw Wei Shu, he suppressed his hostility and returned to his usual easy-going manner.  He easily got off his horse, walked to the carriage and said, “You wrote in your letter that we will never meet again. Of course I have to come.”

Wei Shu had pre-conditioned herself not to be sad but when Li Yuanying said things like this her eyes suddenly became hot again. How many people in this world will chase after you just because of a sentence in your letter?

Wei’s Father was a little annoyed as the two children didn’t take him seriously and talked among themselves. Looking at Li Yuanying’s action of having their carriage surrounded he coldly sneered: “Is Prince Teng trying to hold a court official hostage?”

Only then did Li Yuanying turn his attention to Wei Shu’s father.

Wei Shu’s father looked a bit like Wei Zheng. While Wei Zheng had an unreasonable and straight face, he actually knows how to adapt according to any situation better than anyone else. While his son inherited his looks, he got nothing else and didn’t understand why Wei Zheng was awarded the position Duke of Zhen.

Li Yuanying answered strangely: “I’m not interested in court officials. Why should I hold court officials hostage? I’m here to look for my sister Shu.”

Wei Shu’s dad cheeks trembled and he got  so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

Wei Ying stepped forward to block Wei Shu from behind and said angrily: “Sister Shu? Who is your sister? Who allowed you to be so close to her? How can a girl’s nickname be called so casually by an outsider?”

Yuanying answered confidently: “Isn’t a name given so that other’s can identify a person? I still hate it that sister Shu keeps calling me Your Highness. It is better to call my name directly.” He snorted and raised his chin to ask “And who are you? Huh? Sister Shu and I have known each other for so long and I haven’t seen you, nor know of you writing letters to her. I wonder where you pop out from!”

Wei Ying was so angry that he wanted to tear him alive: “I am her brother!”

Wei Shu’s dad finally regained his voice: “Since Your Highness has no intention of holding our family hostage, then let everyone disperse!”

Li Yuanying decided to play rogue: “That can’t be done, I haven’t talked to sister Shu properly yet.”

“What do you want to say?!” (Wei’s father)

Li Yuanying poked his head into the carriage. trying to look past the two men to meet Wei Shu but was blocked tightly by them. This father and son are really petty! Since Li Yuanying couldn’t play his tricks, he started reasoning with Wei’s father: “Dare I ask Wei Changshi, who is more superior?  Duke of Zhen or you, Chief Secretary?”

He frowned and replied, “Of course it’s the Duke.”

Li Yuanying asked again: ” Is the father superior or the son?”

 “Of course the father.”

“That’s it.” Without changing his expression, the boy straightened his back and looked directly at them and lied.

“The duke made me come and ask sister Shu a few questions. What happens after this is entirely up to Sister Shu. Now I have to talk to Sister Shu according to his wishes, so hurry up and get out of the way!”

Wei’s father couldn’t believe it: “How could father ask you to come?”

Li Yuanying spoke convincingly, with no hint of distraction or guilt: “Why not? I studied the entire <<Book of Rites>> with him and so I’m considered half a disciple. Wei Zheng is over sixty years old. If he have something to convey, why wouldn’t he ask me to run  the errands?” It’s called ‘being a useful disciple’!” In order to prove that he had studied under Wei Zheng, he brazenly boasted: “He also said that I can learn much faster than you! When you were my age you had to be taught three times before you can remember things! Don’t believe me? Just pick a random passage from the <<Book of Rites>> and see if I learn better than you!”

Li Yuanying acted so righteously that the children’s father was fooled by him.

If Prince Teng is really here on Wei Zheng’s request then he really had no reason to stop him. After all, her grandparents have taken such good care of their daughter for so long. It was already wrong for him to take Wei Shu away despite his mother’s objection. How dare he go against his father’s wishes in public?

He replied coldly: “You can convey your message directly now.”

Li Yuanying refused, pointing towards Wei Ying who was blocking Wei Shu.

“Your blocking sister Shu. Give way, when you talk to someone, you have to look them in the eye as a sign of respect.”

Wei Ying turned around angrily, letting Yuanying look directly at Wei Shu.

“Are you willing to go with them?” He asked in a calm tone, “If you are willing, I will send someone to prepare lots of things, the next few carriages will follow you immediately. They will follow you until your new place and will write down the address and we can continue to communicate like before.”

Wei Shu stared fixedly at Li Yuanying’s serious eyes, unable to speak for a moment.

Li Yuanying understood.

Wei Shu was really unwilling.

Experiencing her father and brother’s attitude just now, it is clear that they are definitely not the same type of people. Wei Shu will definitely not be happy with them.

“Then let me ask another question, are you willing to stay?”

Wei Shu couldn’t answer either. Her father, brother and mother were all by her side. What reason does she have to stay?

Li Yuanying went straight on and continued: “Your grandfather and grandmother are no longer young. It is inevitable that people develop problems when they get old. Your grandmother doesn’t like hired help and likes to do everything by herself. But there is no one close to her as your father and uncles are all busy serving the country and your aunties are all married. It is impossible for them to be by her side always. Although you are still young, you can help run errands, cook, and call a doctor. Are you willing to work hard by staying with your grandparents to take care of them and be filial to your grandparents instead of your parents?”

Wei Shu listened blankly.

“What? Are you afraid of hard work?” (Li Yuanying)

“What? Of course not!” (Wei Shu)

“I knew you were filial, why would you be afraid of hard work?” He laughed and showed two dimples to Mother Wei who was looking at him, looking cute and obedient.  

“Auntie , sorry for not being able to say hello to you just now.”

Wei’s mother felt that she had never seen a more pleasing and good-looking young man than this one.

“Shu’er’s grandfather really asked you to come?”

“Naturally. Otherwise how dare I come and randomly stop people? Chief Secretary Wei also said that he is an imperial court official. If I, a little prince, dare to hold an imperial court official hostage, I will definitely be scolded to death by officials in court.”He continued to strike the iron while it was hot, “The Duke doesn’t have any children and grandchildren around, so it can be really lonely. Why don’t we do this? You couple go for your new assignment while the two children stay back in Luoyang. They can return to Chang’an together with grandfather after that”

If Li Yuanying take Wei Shu away alone, her dad  will naturally not agree. But if Li Yuanying  made Wei Ying stay too and spin it into a story of being filial to their parents, then it will impact Wei Shu’s dad who  was already feeling ashamed of always being away. How could he refuse his own father’s request?

Unknowingly, Wei Shu’s dad expression softened. He looked at at his wife asking her for her opinion.

She made up her mind: “Since that’s the case, Ying’er and Shu’er should stay.”

Li Yuanying added more oil to the fire: “Brother Wei should stay in Chang’an for it is beneficial. I have a friend named Tang Sui who is about the same age. He came to Chang’an by himself and got admitted into the Imperial College. He is now among the best, working very hard!” Although Li Yuanying did contribute some effort (helping Tang Sui to say hello to Kong Yingda), he couldn’t admit it.

“Although Brother Wei can indeed wait for title from inheritance without added effort but I think a man should learn more knowledge and skills. Don’t you agree with my words?”

Wei Ying blushed.

Of course the father would agree with Li Yuanying. If he didn’t agree, he wouldn’t be travelling around to accumulate experience like he is doing now. He wants to be a useful person to the country and its people. After hearing this statement, he changed his view of Li Yuanying and nodded in agreement.

 “That’s true.”

Yuanying also nodded straightly: “Brother Wei, if you stay, you can also be admitted into the Imperial College. Those who join are the future pillars of this country and they come from all corners of the country. They have different growth processes and naturally gain different insights. Get to know a few more good friends and not only increase your knowledge but also broaden your horizons. Therefore, I think it’s better for Brother Wei to stay as well. Moreover, Brother Wei should rejoice that Sister Shu is a younger sister and not a younger brother. Otherwise, she would definitely be admitted to the Imperial College, and maybe even be the best student!”

Thinking that his daughter’s intelligence far surpasses her peers, Wei’s father agreed with him and looked at Wei Ying more severely: “Take your younger sister and follow His Highness Prince Teng to meet your grandfather. Then get ready to attend the Imperial College.”

Until he was packed into Prince Teng’s carriage by his parents, together with his luggage and his sister, Wei Ying was still in a daze. Why did he fail to take his sister away and also paid a price himself? Why is  father’s attitude towards Li Yuanying completely different from the beginning? Why is he suddenly so fierce towards his own son?

Li Yuanying successfully tricked sister Shu into his own carriage and then asked that the few carriages bringing gifts to follow behind Wei family’s small carriage. He held  father Wei’s hand eagerly and said, “These are not valuable things, just some books, pens, inks, papers and inkstones. If sister Shu is in Chang’an, she can go to the library to read and have no need for these. Bring these to the new place so that local scholars to borrow and use them.”

He couldn’t refuse such a thing as it was beneficial to culture and education. He agreed with some shame, feeling that he had really wronged this good boy.

Rumors are harmful!

This child is sensible and wise. The arrogant attitude at the beginning may be due to misunderstandings between both parties!

Li Yuanying did all the courtesy and stood there to see them off. The single carriage had turned into a small convoy. It wasn’t until they have gone far enough that Li Yuanying handed over his pony and quickly got into the carriage to join the Wei siblings.

Wei Ying said vigilantly: “Why did you come up?!”

Li Yuanying ignoring Wei Ying’s greetings, complained to Wei Shu: “After riding the horse for two days, I am exhausted but luckily I caught up.”

Wei Shu looked at him with bright eyes: “Did grandfather really ask you to come?”

She felt that this was not something her grandfather would do.

Li Yuanying blinked, and said innocently: “I think Old Wei should think the same.”

Wei Ying suddenly understood that he was on a pirate ship! There was no request from his grandfather, this kid is lying to his father!

“Get someone to stop immediately, I’m going to expose you!” (Wei Ying)

Li Yuanying inquired about Wei Ying’s wishes enthusiastically: “Brother Wei, do you want to go to Luoyang sitting by yourself, or do you want someone to knock you out and travel to Luoyang lying down?”

Wei Ying: “…”

Notes from the author:

Little Prince: All opposition parties are paper tigers! Want to steal my little friend! ! impossible! ! ! Not even parents can do it! ! !

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