Living leisurely in Tang Dynasty
Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty Chapter 92

The rest of the children answered slower but more cautiously. After all, no one wanted to be last, so they were extra careful during the exam.

It was only after Yuanying finished picking on everything bad about the academy that the 4 remaining children finished.

Yuanying asked Chengyang with concern: “How did you do?”

Cheng Yang replied honestly: “I couldn’t answer the last two question.”

Hearing this, Li Zhi thought about his own performance. Chengyang couldn’t answer 2 but he had 3 questions that confuses him! He started worrying, would he be last in class? Although Li Zhi had no beef with Wei Ying, he still wanted a comparison: “How did you do?”

Wei Ying’s had a moody face and didn’t really want to talk to those who were friends with Li Yuanying. However these children were royalty and is initiating conversation with him politely. If he didn’t answer, this would be contrary to all that his father had taught him in the past.

Wei Ying said angrily: “Not that good.”

Seeing his bad mood, Li Zhi stopped poking at his wounds. He then asked Di Renjie how he did.

Di Renjie got Yuanying’s book list early and although he had no famous teacher, his grandfather was still a court official and had no problem guiding him. He slowly but surely finished everything on the list.

“I also have 2 questions that I’m not sure about.”

Yuanying as usual had no empathy for feelings. He said triumphantly: “I answered them all!”

Li Zhi was annoyed seeing him so proud so he threw a jab: “Answered everything doesn’t mean that you get them all correct.”

But why would the shameless Yuanying be affected with such a simple jab? He was still very proud of his feat. “Anyway, I finished first.”

Yuanying had already instructed for charcoal fire to be lit and that someone be brewing tea at the side. A stove, tea leaves and spring water – all these were brought over by Prince Teng’s men. If the concierge didn’t stop him, he would even bring over a bed and a warm quilt. The group sat together drinking tea and chatting.

A comfortable tea party was held. At the same time, Kong Yingda received 7 sets of paper one after another, each with its own merits.

The first one belongs to Li Yuanying. Kong Yingda asked a few qualified lecturers from the Academy to review the paper together. The group were not too happy about letting Li Yuanying be boastful and so paid extra care in picking out faults in his paper. Anything from when Yuanying wrote a little too wildly, to missing a brush stroke were all circled.

While they were busy picking on thorns, someone brought charcoal fire over. Apparently Prince Teng found this place too cold and was worried that the invigilators would be frozen and so sent over some charcoal fire and a stove to make tea!

When Kong Yingda and the others saw this their judgment were no longer as harsh as before. There is a saying that goes ”the hand that grabs is soft and the mouth that eats is soft.” Since you are being respected, you can no longer take pain to find fault with them, otherwise you will inevitably be at fault if they find out.

In all fairness, His Highness answered well.  He has a well-thought-out plan and his brushwork is chic and easy. This shows that he wrote without stopping much!

As soon as Kong Yingda saw everyone’s expressions, he knew that they all thought that he can be accepted.

Then there is the judgment of other children’s papers.

Currently there is no law to keep the paper ambiguous. The usual practice is to glance at the names first before marking.

The children finished talking about the exam and move on to discuss how they should visit the Sunflower garden in a few days.

The construction at Sunflower garden village has been completed. But Winter means that there’s nothing fun to do for all the rivers were frozen. Yuanying felt that if it snows, their tree house would look quite exquisite. Let’s go have a look and winter is the perfect time to eat a roasted whole lamb!

When it comes to playing, Yuanying is the best. He got excited and gave all kinds of ideas. All kind of ways to have fun he can cover. All they need is good snowfall.

The group all join in about having fun one after another. This made Wei Ying very uncomfortable. Which boy doesn’t like to play?

Hearing Yuanying’s suggestion about everything fun, he wanted to play too. But unlike his sister he is here to study.  

I heard that the Academy is very strict. You will be covered in all basic necessities so you won’t be allowed to run outside! Besides, even if the Academy lets him out, could he play together with Li Yuanying? After kidnapping his sister, absolutely irreconcilable!

Wei Ying heart waver for a short while but he soon recovered his stinky expression, looking a lot like a miniature version of Wei Zheng.

 Kong Yingda came over with the result.

Along with two critical blows to Li Yuanying.

The first one being: Everyone answered well and passed the examination.


Nothing else.

Li Yuanying asked unwillingly: “Are we not ranked?”

Kong Yingda glare at him.

Although Wei Zheng had offended quite some people, it wasn’t to the point where they would deliberately torture his grandson.

This is not just joining a group of brats in pushing someone to the bottom nor is this just suffering a little setback, this act is to blow someone into the ground.

“The Academy doesn’t do that.”

Yuanying wasn’t aware that his brother was planning to throw him into school and so he graciously persuaded Kong Yingda: “Old Kong, I don’t think this is good. Think about it, they are all young people with wild minds, why don’t you give them some advice? Motivate and urge them to make progress. For me, I think you should give them a small test monthly and a big test every three months. Those who fail should not be allowed to go home, stay back and study  more!”

Kong Yingda ignored him with an expression of “I’ll see what other nonsense you can come up with”.

Yuanying is the best when it comes to wild ideas: “It’s not enough to just take tests. After a test, you have to post the rankings in public. In the library and the school gate so that everyone knows their position. Those whose parents are worried can also view this results. That way the parents won’t be overly worried or cheated by the children. You must know that many parents nowadays are not very understanding. When their children does badly, they won’t blame their kids but will blame the teachers for not teaching well! Give them transparency so that you will not be blamed.”

Kong Yingda hearing so much fallacies had forgotten for a moment what he was going to say. He could only reprimand: “Why do you say that about other people’s parents?”

But the other teachers present were a little moved at the boy’s speech.

Kong Yingda is the dignified minister of Education and so no one would find trouble with him. This is not the same for the other teachers in the Academy. Many here were not as high ranking as some parents and although there weren’t many incidences of being blame for their children’s inability to be independent, they have all faced such a situation before.

These young people are shameless. If the result from every exam is made public, then who would dare to not study hard?

Li Yuanying opened his mouth with such a bad idea! It made Wei Ying and Di Renjie who were determined to study here jump. Although Kong Yingda reprimanded him, they all saw the desired looks in the other teachers!

It is often said that the county magistrate is not as good as the local executioners. Kong Yingda is an important member of the imperial court so it is impossible for him to always pay personal attention to the Academy. Once Kong Yingda leaves, isn’t it the local teachers who will be left in charge?! Looks like they will really have to take monthly exams and be ranked monthly!

Kong Yingda glanced at the boy who was happily blabbering away and couldn’t hold back at dealing him the second blow: “Go back and prepare. Report to the Imperial College after New Year.”

Li Yuanying was stunned.


What is Old Man Kong talking about?

Kong Yingda slowly picked up the document that was signed by Li Yuanying and flipped through it slowly. Only when he saw that Li yuanying couldn’t take it did he continue: “Although there are very few precedents for royal children or women studying here, the Emperor has gave his permission. Yes, you should report on time after the new year.”

Kong Yingda raised the document in his hand: “Your Highness, you personally signed this.”

Li Yuanying: “…”

Of course Li Yuanying was unwilling. After saying goodbye to his little friends, he rushed back home to look for big brother.

Well done, why did you suddenly decide to trick your younger brother? Look at me, do I look like someone who would wake up everyday to attend class? No way! This is unreasonable!

Li Yuanying rushed towards His Majesty to settle accounts with him.

Li Er waited for Li Yuanying to finish speaking before sighing.

Why is his brother, the majestic king of a country, sighing?

Yuanying immediately put aside his anger and sat down with concern.

“Brother, what’s the matter?”

His Majesty sighed again. He then talked about all his difficulties in a serious manner.

This Academy was originally a place for him to cultivate talents for the Tang Dynasty. As for talents, of course, the more the merrier. But as a result of massive enrollment, this has caused problems. A group of troublemakers were recruited into the school.

If it’s just one or two incidences, it will be easy to deal with. However, most pupils are from prominent families that had contributed blood and sweat in building the Empire. They cannot just kick students out just for one or two behavioral problems.

 The law is not above human feelings!

After hearing this, Yuanying felt that it is indeed a difficult matter.

“What does this have to do with you throwing me and Zhi Nu into  the Academy?”

“If I send my most beloved younger brother and son to College and let Chancellor Kong practise strict discipline, will others still dare to mess around? Even my younger brother and son dare not break the rules, who will dare to do so?”

Li Er looked at Li Yuanying expectantly: “You have always said that you wanted to open a large academy. Why don’t you attend mine to experience it and see if there’s anything for improvement. Just treat it as learning in advance. Besides, when it comes to dealing with disobedient brats, you are the best. See how managed to motivate all your little friends to study?”

As soon as Li Er praised him, Yuanying immediately raised his tail and flicked it behind his back triumphantly.

He proudly said: “You are right, I will go.”

Li Yuanying was angry when he came but was very happy when he left.

To attend school he first needed to inform mother and then discuss this with his friends. This time the Emperor had entrusted him with a heavy responsibility. Although he was sent there to study but in fact he was going there to punish dudes. He also needed to learn how Old Man Kong disciplined students so that he can learn for his own academy in the future.

Li Yuanying is a heartless fellow. When the Emperor praised him, he fell for it. After informing Lady Liu he happily went to discuss with his friends about the plan to attend school.

Lady Liu was stunned when she heard that her child was going to school at the Imperial College. New Year celebration was no longer fun and all she wanted was to find out what is going on at the Imperial College.

The more she listens, the more uncertain Lady Liu felt. The Academy is a good place to study but it is strictly controlled. The school paid for basic necessities and no servants are allowed inside.  

How can this work?

Her precious son has never even dressed himself since young, how can he have no one taking care of him? All students eat together and the food will definitely not be delicious. Her child is so picky, what should she do if he becomes hungry and thin?

Lady Liu was super worried and hated the fact that she was not at a high position enough to fight for her son. If the late Emperor was still alive, he poor son will not be tortured like this.

Lady Liu secretly wiped her tears. She turned around and saw Li Yuanying coming back happily.

“Son, can you not study at the Imperial College?”

Yuanying saw mother with red eyes and so he took her hand and they sat down: “I must go, I made a promise to the Emperor. Don’t worry mother, who can make me suffer?”

Hearing that he had made up his mind, Lady Liu stopped persuading and hurriedly prepared his suitcase. Since he was going, he would have to bring lots of things. She could not see him lacking in anything and so she cried behind Yuanying’s back for a while, hoping that His Majesty would release mother and son to their fief soon.

Notes from the Author:  

Ding! His Majesty Li Er sent you a “sigh.gif” emoticon!

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