Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 45: Targeted (2)

Who was staring at her?

Ling Jingshu seemed to have sensed something and looked back suspiciously.

The man with triangular eyes was very vigilant, and turned away almost the moment Ling Jingshu turned her head.

Ling Jingshu’s eyes flicked around quickly, and everywhere she looked, there were common coolies and traders on the pier, as well as boat passengers, nothing out of the ordinary.

The strange discomfort of being stared at by others disappeared without a trace.

“Ah Shu, what’s the matter?” Ling Xiao noticed Ling Jingshu’s tension and strangeness.

Ling Jingshu calmed down and smiled and said: “It’s nothing, someone seemed to be staring at our group just now. Maybe I was too suspicious.” 

Ling Jingyan smiled and interjected, “You’re just being paranoid. It’s broad daylight, and we’re traveling on an official boat with so many guards. Those foolish criminals wouldn’t dare entertain any thoughts, would they?”

Jiang also laughed and said, “Shu tángmei is so beautiful, and she can be seen as a stunning beauty even wearing a veiled hat. On the pier when people see you, they will inevitably have to look more.”

After being teased by Madam Jiang, Ling Jingshu couldn’t show any doubts in her heart and laughed at herself: “It seems that I am too nervous, and I always feel that someone is there staring at us.”

Ling Ji chuckled and replied, “Even if there are some wicked individuals with ill intentions, they definitely wouldn’t dare target an official boat. So, just relax and put your mind at ease.” 

The convenient and developed river transportation also created a group of water bandits. These bandits not only have boats but were also well-versed in swimming and other water skills. They especially attacked boats in secluded places on the river in the middle of the night.

However, no matter how courageous the water bandits are, they have to take a three-point detour when they see the official ship.

Thieves do not fight officials! There was no reason why a bandit would dare to rob an official ship.

Ling Jingshu pursed her lips and smiled, not saying anything more.

Everyone went back to the ship and went into their cabins to rest.

The cooks who went to buy supplies came back soon. The cooks bought fresh ingredients, and the lunch meal was also delicious. Especially a dish of steamed white fish, which was even more delicious.

Ling Xiao liked fish the most, and this steamed white fish suited his appetite very much, he almost ate most of it by himself.

Ling Jingshu carefully removed the fish bones for Ling Xiao and put the tender and delicious fish meat into Ling Xiao’s bowl.

Madam Sun observed every move of Ling Jingshu and developed a stronger fondness for this gentle and quiet niece. Taking care of someone was not just empty words. Ling Jingshu’s tender care, affection, and meticulous concern for Ling Xiao were evident to everyone.

“Ah Shu, don’t pick fishbone for me all the time.” Ling Xiao said in a low voice: “I’m almost full, you’re still hungry!” 

Ling Jingshu responded perfunctorily, but her hands didn’t stop.

When others watched her take care of Ling Xiao, they will definitely praise her in their hearts for being gentle and careful as a sister. But for her, this was the most natural thing. She also never regarded taking care of Ling Xiao as a burden.

It was because of Ling Xiao that she wanted to become stronger.

After lunch, everyone sat together and chatted as usual.

Ling Jingyan smiled flatteringly and said: “Mother, I was wandering around the pier today and saw a lot of good rouge in a rouge shop, so I bought some, especially for you!” 

There was a clear smile in Sun’s eyes, and there was a smile in her mouth. But teasingly she said: “I think you bought too much, so want to give some to me so that I will be taken advantage of and make up for all the money you spent!” 

Without being ashamed, she admitted frankly with a smile: “The mother who gave birth to me is the mother who knows me the best. So, will you make up for the money spent today!” 

Everyone was amused.

Madam Sun smiled: “Forget it, you have the cheek to beg for it, there is no reason for me not to agree.”

There was a touch of intimacy in the banter.

Ling Jingshu smiled and listened, but her heart was slightly melancholic.

Only a girl who was pampered by her own mother had the right to be arrogant and willful. She lost her mother a long time ago, and her father only cared about eating, drinking, and having fun, and was indifferent to her. The grandmother who seems to love her was also kind but cold…

Compared to Ling Jingyan who was pampered all over, it was far worse.

Fortunately, there was Ah Xiao and they depended on each other.

Ling Ji coughed on purpose: “Mother can’t treat one child more favorably than another. My sister is not the only one who bought rouge gouge today.” His wife was thin-skinned, but he was not embarrassed to open his mouth.

Besides, Madam Jiang had suffered a lot of grievances in front of her mother-in-law these days. Ling Ji opened his mouth at this time, not without the intention of interceding for Madam Jiang.

How could Madam Sun fail to see Ling Ji’s thoughts? A few words of half-truth and half-false reproach: “Marrying a wife and forgetting his Mother, this sentence is not false at all. You only know to love your wife, and I really love you for nothing.” 

Ling Ji didn’t refute, just smiled like this and let Madam Sun scold him.

Madam Jiang’s heart was warm, and she glanced at her husband affectionately.

Back then, when she was not out of the cabinet, she had an outstanding family background, excellent talent, and good looks. There were quite a many people who came to propose marriage. The Ling family was just one of them. She hid behind the screen, and immediately fell in love with Ling Ji.

Facts have proved that she did not marry the wrong person.

After getting married, Ling Ji has been treating her tenderly and considerately. The in-laws were also quite generous. Although she didn’t have the glamor of being married to a noble family, her life was comfortable and smooth.

It would be even better if I could conceive an heir sooner!

Ling Jingshu, who had been smiling and silent all the time, sighed in an envious tone: “Yan tángjiě and Dasao can both report public accounts, which is really enviable.”

Madam Sun immediately smiled and said: “Forget it, the things you and Ah Xiao bought cost nothing. You tell me how much money was paid, and it will be counted on my account.”

Ling Jingshu said “How embarrassing this is”, but she smiled happily on her face.

So, Madam Sun, who donated generously, was even happier.

In fact, the money spent was nothing. The juniors acted like this just to make her laugh. This kind of intention was what made Madam Sun most happy.

Everyone was talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

Ling Jingyan further entertained Madam Sun with a funny incident that happened on the dock. “… There was this presumptuous guy who kept staring at Jingshu. It frightened her to the point where she almost froze in place. She thought she was being targeted by some criminal!”

Madam Sun chuckled and said, “In broad daylight, under the clear sky, no thief would dare to have any thoughts about an official boat. Sister Shu, there’s no need to frighten yourself.”

She was teased again. Ling Jingshu smiled helplessly: “Yan tángjiě, are you going to make fun of me all the way to the capital? Just mention it once, make everyone laugh, and never mention it a second time.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone burst into laughter.

Amidst the chatter and laughter of the crowd, the official ship left the pier and moved forward smoothly.

Ships on the river came and went frequently. Official ships, civilian ships, and merchant ships came and went. No one noticed that shortly after the official ship left, three civilian ships followed.

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