Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 48: Night Attack (3)

“Ah Shu, are we going to die here today?” Ling Xiao tightly clenched Ling Jingshu’s arm, his trembling voice was full of fear.

His eyes were blind, but his ears were extremely sensitive. The sound of beatings and screams from the deck of the ship clearly penetrated his ears.

Encountering such a thing, not only was Ling Xiao frightened, but even Ling Jingshu could not escape being afraid.

But she was Ling Xiao’s backbone. If she panicked, Ling Xiao would panic even more.

Ling Jingshu took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

Since God let her be reborn once, he will not take her life so easily!

“There are more than 20 skilled guards on this official ship, and there are nearly 20 boatmen. There are so many of them, they will definitely be able to stop those gangsters.” Ling Jingshu whispered quickly: “Besides, I have already released the distress signal.” 

“The distress signal was issued, and someone will come to rescue us soon. We will be safe and sound.” 

The calm and soft voice calmed the flustered and helpless Ling Xiao and he whispered apologetically: “Ah Shu, it’s all due to me. If you didn’t need to accompany me to the Capital, you won’t be in this situation. If there is any accident…”

“There will be no accidents!” Ling Jingshu interrupted Ling Xiao decisively, with firmness in her soft voice: “Don’t scare yourself. “

Such firm confidence not only infected Ling Xiao but Bai Yujingyu and the other maidservants also calmed down a lot.

There were no candlesticks lit in the cabin, and it was dark.

Because of this, no one saw Ling Jingshu’s strange expression at this time.

What she said just now was to appease Ling Xiao and Bai Yu’s hearts, but Ling Jingshu’s heart sank little by little as she heard the more intense shouts of killing coming from outside.

Obviously, the gangsters had the advantage of a large number of people and had already gained the upper hand. It was just that these gangsters didn’t seem to have the intention of killing people, and they were still fighting endlessly.

In the previous life, when Uncle Ling’s family returned to the capital, they never encountered water bandits or had any accidents on the way. Why did a bunch of thugs who didn’t know their origins appear at this time?

Where did it go wrong?

This river was quite quiet and desolate, and it was midnight at this time. Even though there were passing ships, they must have stopped to rest. She didn’t know if any ship saw the distress signal and rushed to their rescue…

If no one comes to rescue and these gangsters try to barge in, can this thin door withstand them?

Ling Jingshu calmed down and said, “Baiyu, Jingyu. You two come here, and we will move the table, chairs, and wooden box behind the door.” Although it was not very useful to do so, it was better than nothing, and she could feel a little more at ease in her heart.

Ling Xiao immediately said: “I’m here to help too.” Fearing that Ling Jingshu would disagree, he added: “It’s dark in the cabin. You can’t see anything clearly. My hearing is keen, even better than yours.” 

Doing something can indeed help reduce unnecessary thoughts.

Ling Jingshu responded with a nod.

Fumbling in the dark, several people first moved the table, then the chairs and two wooden boxes. After all these were done, they felt more at ease.

Although the shouts of killing outside were still frightening, the master and servants seemed to feel much more at ease hiding in this dark cabin. Darkness was frightening, but it also gave people a sense of security in hiding.

Ling Xiao still leaned tightly against Ling Jingshu’s side, his beating heart calmed down a little. Suddenly remembered an important thing: “Ah Shu, we are hiding here, what about Uncle and the others? Shall we ask them to come here together?” 

Although having more people doesn’t necessarily guarantee effectiveness, however, being together can boost their courage.

Ling Jingshu remained silent for a moment before speaking softly: “Uncle and the others must be together at this time. Even if we call out for them, they may not come over.”

The disaster was imminent, so it was possible that their Uncle and his family can’t take care of their siblings. No one had looked for them yet.

Ling Xiao heard the implication of Ling Jingshu’s words, and was suddenly speechless, feeling quite uncomfortable in his heart.

“Don’t blame them.” Ling Jingshu’s calm voice contained a hint of embarrassment: “I don’t know what’s going on outside, and if it was me, I won’t dare to walk out of this door.” 

In this world, even parents and children, husband and wife may not be reliable at the moment of life and death. You can truly see the position of others in your heart, and you can also see your weight in others’ hearts.

Take for example this pair of brother and sister. After Ling Xiao woke up, he came to her without thinking.

Although Ling Xiao’s temperament was pure and innocent, he was not a child who didn’t understand things. After hearing these words, he nodded seriously: “Ah Shu, you are right. To me, you are the most important person in the world. Our uncle and the others, can’t take care of our siblings at this time. This is human nature, and we can’t blame them.”

Ling Jingshu had no time and no intention to praise Ling Xiao anymore.

It was unknown who was injured on the board, and there was another shrill scream, which made everyone feel terrified.

Then, a guard yelled loudly: “A few people have already broken in, stop them quickly…”

Some bandits broke through the blocking of the escort boatmen and rushed into the cabin!

Ling Jingshu’s heart trembled, she subconsciously clenched the dagger in her hand, and then silently hugged the trembling Ling Xiao tightly. At this time, no amount of comfort and encouragement seemed to make a difference.

The bandits have rushed up!


Ten miles away, a fleet of ships was approaching.

There was a moon and no stars tonight, the sky was full of dark clouds, and the moonlight was dim.

There were six ships in this fleet. Every ship was tall, wide, and strong, far better than ordinary official ships.

The leading ship was even more exquisite and luxurious.

On the decks of each ship, there were many guards with bright eyes and strong bodies. Most of these guards were holding long knives, and a small half were holding longbows and sharp arrows, attentively scanning their surrounding with caution.

Roughly speaking, there were at least two hundred guards on these six ships. Well-armed and well-disciplined.

However, even with so many people standing on the deck, there was no noise.

The ship moved swiftly and silently. On the water’s surface in the dark night, it was like a row of giant beasts hidden in the darkness, just waiting to show their sharp minions and tear the enemy to pieces.

“Wang Tong, at this speed, how long will it take to arrive at the official ship that sent the distress signal?”

In the spacious and luxurious cabin, a cold and indifferent young man’s voice sounded.

The young man was dressed in a black brocade robe, with a jade hoop on his head. He looked down at the book in his hand. He didn’t look up when he spoke, as if he was only asking a question casually.

Standing in front of the young man, the leader of the guards, Wang Tong did not dare to be negligent and hurriedly responded: “Going back to Your Highness, we should be traveling at a speed of ten miles by water. The boat is moving at full speed, and we can reach it within a cup of tea at most.” 

After a pause, he continued:” It’s been a while since I saw the distress signal and came here. I don’t know if the people on board will still be alive after rushing over.” 

The young man in the dark silk robe still didn’t look up. “If we reach on time, consider it their good fortune. If they can’t hold on till then, they can only blame their luck for being bad.”

…(To be continued.)[1]yay our SML is here


1 yay our SML is here

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