Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 51: Rescue (1)

The cripple holding the torch also panicked: “Second Master, rescuers have already got here. What should we do now?”

There were rescuers!

Ling Jingshu was pleasantly surprised when she heard the screams of the gangsters on the deck of the ship.

However, this was not the time to relax. If these fierce gangsters were cornered, they can be killed as scapegoats.

Ling Jingshu tried her best to slow down her voice: “The situation outside is unknown, you guys should go quickly! Maybe you can escape.”

The Second Master laughed grimly: “Even if I leave, I must not be empty-handed. You come and walk with us; otherwise, I will kill everyone here now.”

Several gangsters immediately showed their weapons, and the bright long knives shone with a chilling light.

Ling Jingshu’s heart sank, but she didn’t dare to hesitate, and immediately responded: “Okay, I will go with you.” 

“No! Ah Shu, you can’t go with them.”

Ling Xiao was shocked when he heard this and walked up He walked forward but unexpectedly tripped over the chair under his feet. There was a sharp pain in the knee, which must have been bleeding.

He was so useless!

Holding back tears, Ling Xiao choked up and shouted: “Ah Shu, let me go with them…”

Ling Ji also opened his mouth and said, “Tángmèi Shu, you must not go with these gangsters… …”

The screams on the deck of the ship covered the voices of Ling Xiao and Ling Ji.

Hearing the familiar voices, the Second Master had an extremely ugly expression on his face.

These screams were clearly from his subordinates. He didn’t know where the reinforcements appeared from, but they were so fierce that they gained the upper hand in just a moment. If they continued to delay like this, let alone kidnapping people today, he was afraid even their life will be in danger.

The Second Master made a decisive decision and immediately blew the whistle in his mouth.

Four sharp whistles sounded in a row!

Quickly retreat!

The cripple led the way with a torch in his hand.

The Second Master was about to drag Ling Jingshu past, but Ling Jingshu walked over spontaneously, still pressing the dagger against her tender neck: “Don’t touch me, I’ll go by myself.” 

So close. Just smelling the man’s body odor, Ling Jingshu’s stomach was already nauseated, and her pretty face became paler.

The situation was critical, and the Second Master was in a hurry to escape. He also had no intention of competing with Ling Jingshu. With the long knife in his hand against Ling Jingshu’s back, he twisted and said, “Go!”

If he could escape with Ling Jingshu smoothly, he will make a lot of money. With that money, he didn’t have to worry about not being able to recruit people. If the situation was really dangerous, with a hostage in hand, at least his life can be saved.


Ling Xiao finally stumbled out.

But at this time, Ling Jingshu had already left the cabin with the gangsters. Without the torch, it was dark again.

“Ah Shu,” Ling Xiao’s face was full of tears, and he walked forward recklessly: “Ah Shu…”

A hand tightly held his arm, and Bai Yu’s sobs rang in his ears: ” Young Master, Miss is willing to go with the gangsters, just to save your life and that of everyone else. If you pursue like this, not only will you not be able to save Miss, but you will also lose your own life.” 

Ling Xiao paused and burst into tears.

“Young Master, you stay here. This servant will go and find Miss.” After Bai Yu finished speaking, she chased down the cabin.

On the huge third floor, there was only Ling Xiao’s mournful cry. Ling Jingyan and Madam Jiang didn’t know whether they were ashamed or relieved, and the crying gradually stopped.

Ling Ji, who was lying in the corner unable to move, lowered his head sadly.

No one knew what Uncle Ling and Madam Sun were thinking.

However, at this moment, the danger has not yet passed, and everyone remained silent, keeping their mouths shut.

Though it felt a long time had passed, in reality, it was just a short moment.

In just a short moment, Ling Jingshu found herself sandwiched between several bandits, reaching the second floor of the ship.

The gangster who was in charge of guarding the servant was full of panic and asked anxiously: “Second Master, listen to the movement, there are a lot of rescuers. What should we do now?” 

What else can we do?

Of course, we have to withdraw!

The Second Master gave the gangster a gloomy look, and the gangster immediately understood and followed immediately.

“Miss.” Bai Yu ran over in a hurry, her face was covered with tears, but her expression was very determined: “Miss, this servant will go with you.” 

Ling Jingshu, who had always maintained her composure, finally changed the moment she saw Bai Yu.

 She shouted: “Bai Yu, what are you doing here, go back quickly.”

Bai Yu refused to leave and pleaded with the vicious Second Master: “Miss is always accompanied by someone to serve her, and this servant is willing to serve her, and will never make trouble. ….”

The Second Master looked impatient: “Follow me honestly, don’t make a sound.”

He had only seen those servants who abandon their masters and run for their lives, and this was the first time he saw someone rushing up to follow their master.

Bai Yu hurriedly wiped away her tears and walked to Ling Jingshu’s side.

Ling Jingshu knew that Bai Yu couldn’t be chased away, so she was both anxious and moved. However, this was really not the time to talk. These gangsters were anxious and restless, if they were offended, they might really kill their master and servant with a single blow.

Never give up the chance to escape until the last moment!

Ling Jingshu winked at Bai Yu as she walked.

The two masters and servants had a tacit understanding. Bai Yu understood Ling Jingshu’s hint almost immediately and nodded invisibly.


When the Second master and his party appeared on the deck of the ship, their expressions changed immediately.

Six tall ships lined up and surrounded the official ship and three private ships, and they couldn’t escape at all.

Dozens of subordinates who were not weak were all restrained at this time. Many were out of breath, and quite a few were wounded by arrows and knives, lying in one place and howling.

There were only a few dozen rescuers who came on board, each with sharp knives and piercing eyes.

There were more rescuers standing on the boards of the six ships, holding bows and arrows in their hands, pointing at them, making people frightened.

It was over!

The Second Master’s face lost all color, and he felt his whole body was cold without a trace of warmth.

The cripple and the others were also frightened and their legs became weak.

Where did this rescue come from? They were definitely not ordinary guards, but elite soldiers who had fought in battles and killed many enemies. The kind of self-confidence and pride that came from fighting one versus ten can never be pretended.

Miss, we are saved!

Bai Yu couldn’t hold back the joy in her heart and quickly looked at Ling Jingshu.

Ling Jingshu frowned, her heart sank.

Of course, so many rescuers were a good thing. However, there was no hope for this group of gangsters to escape, and she was afraid that they will not let the two of them go…

Sure enough, the second master yelled harshly: “Who is your master? Let him come out to see us! Otherwise, I will kill them both now!”

Ling Jingshu’s heart tightened.

The guards didn’t move, only one turned around and boarded the biggest boat.

The waiting time was extremely difficult. Ling Jingshu could clearly hear her rapid and disordered heartbeat.

It turned out that she was not as strong as she imagined, she actually cherished her life and was afraid of death.

Ling Jingshu twitched the corners of her lips in a self-deprecating manner, then raised her eyes and looked into a pair of cold and deep eyes.

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