Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 53: Self-help

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye, the situation on the boat had turned upside down.

The Second Master was lying on his back on the deck of the boat, with a dagger stuck deep in his heart, blood was gushing out, and he had no breath between his nostrils. The expression of shock before death was still maintained on his face.

At this moment, it seemed a bit terrifying.

He probably never imagined that he would die at the hands of a weak girl.

Ling Jingshu was standing next to the body of the second leader. A lot of blood was splashed on the skirt, and the thick bloody smell was disgusting.

Her pretty face lost all color and was as pale as snow. A pair of eyes flashed with various complex emotions of fear, regret, and annoyance, but all that soon disappeared in the eyes.

She retracted her trembling hands into her sleeves, exhaled deeply, and forced herself to calm down.

In such a critical situation just now, she could only act first. Otherwise, it will only be her who will die. What’s more, this was a bandit who kidnapped and robbed women, so he deserved to die!

She did nothing wrong!

Ling Jingshu repeatedly said in her heart, but her stomach churned endlessly because of the strong smell of blood, and she finally bent down and vomited it out unbearably.

Bai Yu was already stunned by this series of events.

How could a gentle lady like her Miss kill someone? Then again, the other party was a murderer who killed without batting an eyelid…

It wasn’t until Ling Jingshu bent over to vomit in pain that Bai Yu suddenly came back to her senses. Without thinking about it, she rushed to Ling Jingshu’s side and held Ling Jingshu’s arm: “Miss, are you okay?” 

Ling Jingshu only felt her stomach churn, excessively uncomfortable, and she didn’t care about the embarrassment, she vomited out the contents of her stomach.

At this time, the bandits who attacked the official ship at night were dead or wounded and were no longer able to pose any threat.

“Your Highness, many people on board were injured, do you want to send an imperial doctor to treat them?” Wang Tong suggested in a low voice.

The young man in Xuanyi casually hummed: “As for the aftermath, you can decide on your own. You don’t have to ask me for everything.” While speaking, he didn’t look at Wang Tong but kept looking at Ling Jingshu.

She looked beautiful and weak, but when she suddenly killed someone, she was ruthless and frightening. Now she was vomiting again…

What a contradictory and intriguing girl!

Wang Tong looked at Ling Jingshu following the gaze of the young man in Xuanyi, and was amazed in his heart.

The guards holding longbows were all meticulously trained and carefully selected archers. Each one of them had the skill to hit the bullseye from a hundred paces away. Although it may have appeared as a barrage of arrows, in reality, each arrow was aimed directly at the bandits.

As long as the girl didn’t move around, she wouldn’t be accidentally injured.

The young girl could judge this calmly, and she didn’t move at all amidst the random arrows, surprising enough. Not to mention, at the crucial moment, she killed the leading gangster with the dagger in her hand…

Be cruel to yourself, and even more cruel to others!

Such a courageous lady was really rare. It’s no wonder that His Highness seemed interested in her…

Wang Tong’s thoughts changed, and he laughed in a low voice: “The people on this official ship were fortunately rescued by His Highness, otherwise they would not escape today. They must also be grateful to His Highness very much and will want to thank you personally. There are still some bandits on board, His Royal Highness is a body of gold, so it is not suitable to take risks, so it is better to go back to the cabin first. After the subordinates take care of everything, let them board the ship to meet His Highness.” 

The boy in Xuanyi didn’t think so. He said contentedly: “There is no need to go back to the cabin. I will go down to the deck to have a look.” 

“Your Highness must not.” Wang Tong was startled and hurriedly stopped him: “The gangsters have not all been captured yet, and it is not very safe. In case someone becomes desperate and tries to violently hurt people…”


The young man in Xuanyi interrupted Wang Tong impatiently and then walked down.

Wang Tong didn’t dare to obstruct him and immediately led a dozen bodyguards to guard the young man in black vigilantly.

The stomach was completely vomited, and the burning and corrosive discomfort subsided a little.

Ling Jingshu leaned against Bai Yu weakly, her eyes were half closed, and a self-deprecating smile appeared on the corner of her lips.

If this continues, eventually, there will come a day when she will become a stranger to even herself…

“Miss, don’t cry.” Bai Yu choked up and wiped the tears on her face: “If it wasn’t for you just now… You made a quick decision, and that bandit leader would have never let you go.”

Yes. It is better to save yourself than to wait for someone to save you.

If it had fallen into the hands of desperate gangsters, she would be the one lying on the ground now.

Ling Jingshu opened her eyes and squeezed out a stiff smile: “Anyway, we have escaped this catastrophe.” After a pause, she said in a low voice: “What happened just now…don’t tell Ah Xiao, don’t scare him.”

Ling Xiao has always been timid, and he trusts and relies on her wholeheartedly. If it was known that she had killed someone, Ling Xiao must be frightened!

Bai Yu nodded without thinking.

It was a pity that there were too many people present, and it was impossible to hide it. Otherwise, Bai Yu really wanted to keep this matter a secret forever, and not let anyone, especially the Ling family, know.

“I didn’t expect you to have the guts to kill people.” The indifferent voice was condescending, just like the boy in black clothes: “At least me saving you wasn’t in vain.”

Bai Yu was very annoyed. She hurriedly replied back with a bit of rigidity: “Thank you for saving my life, my lord. However, it seems too reckless to order people to shoot arrows without even saying a word just now. If there is a mistake, the servant would have died. That is ok, but what if you hurt Miss?”

Before the boy in black clothes said anything, the tall and strong Wang Tong’s expression changed: “Presumptuous! How dare you talk to Your Highness like this!”

Diànxià? [1]The title only the Royal princes, and their children can be addressed as.

Ling Jingshu was startled and suddenly looked up at the young man in Xuanyi.

This title can only be used by princes and grandchildren of the Emperor. She had already guessed that this young man in black clothes had an extraordinary background, but she never expected to have such a distinguished status.

The boy in Xuanyi was so young, could he be the youngest Prince, Yan Wang Yang Qi [2]Yan was the title of the King and Yang Qi is the name of the youngest son of the Emperor. Similarly, Yang Yao is our SML’s name.? Or Yang Yao, the son of the Crown Prince, grandson of the Emperor?

Bai Yu’s complexion changed slightly, and she secretly regretted it. If you are quick to talk for a while, if you offend the nobleman, won’t you bring trouble to the lady?

The young man in Xuanyi glanced at Wang Tong indifferently: “You speak too much!”

The unhappiness in his tone was clearly visible.

Wang Tong immediately knelt down and pleaded guilty: “This servant should not have revealed Your Highness’s identity at will, so please punish me!”

The young man in Xuanyi ignored Wang Tong and let him kneel, his eyes fell on Ling Jingshu: “What is your name? ” No need to conceal his identity anymore, the air of being in a high position and holding power was fully revealed.

Ling Jingshu subconsciously stood up straight: “The little girl’s surname is Ling, and she is ninth in the family.”

As for her boudoir name, of course, she had no intention of saying it.

The young man in Xuanyi was obviously not used to someone defying his will, so he raised his eyebrows.

Wang Tong who was still kneeling on the ground was secretly startled.

His Highness was naturally majestic and cold-tempered. Even the guards who waited day and night dared not look at His Highness, let alone contradict him. This Ninth Miss Ling was quite courageous…


1 The title only the Royal princes, and their children can be addressed as.
2 Yan was the title of the King and Yang Qi is the name of the youngest son of the Emperor. Similarly, Yang Yao is our SML’s name.

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