Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 58: Thank You (2)

Ling Xiao’s actions were beyond everyone’s expectations.

The Imperial Grandson raised his eyebrows slightly, took a look at Ling Xiao, and suddenly asked, “Are you twins?”

Ling Xiao and Ling Jingshu were quite similar in appearance but slightly different.

Ling Xiaosheng was exquisite and beautiful, but Ling Jingshu was glamorous and bright.

Ling Xiao answered yes.

“You are the younger brother!” The Imperial Grandson said with certainty.

“Yes, Ah Shu was born one step earlier than me.” Ling Xiao couldn’t figure out the purpose of the Imperial Grandson’s question for a while, so he answered the question honestly and added: “I was not born blind. I became blind when I was eight years old. I fell and injured my head, and I couldn’t see anymore.”

It was really a pity that such a young man with a beautiful appearance was blind.

The Imperial Grandson’s eyes flickered slightly, and he asked casually: “Your siblings don’t live in the capital, why are you coming from Luoyang with Minister Ling this time?” 

Before Ling Xiao could say anything, Ling Jingshu got up and knelt down: “Answering His Highness, most of the famous Xinglin doctors in the Great Zhou Dynasty were in the capital. So this time I accompanied Ah Xiao to the capital to seek medical advice for him and cure his eyes.” 

Seeking medical advice? The Imperial Grandson looked thoughtfully at the girl kneeling in front of him, and asked lightly, “Are you planning to take him to Huichun Hall, and seek medical treatment from Imperial Physician Wei?”

There were a few patients who were declared to be dying but were saved by Doctor Wei. There were countless difficult and miscellaneous diseases that have been cured. In the past few years, he had become famous and had already overwhelmed all the imperial doctors in the imperial hospital. Among the common people, he had a reputation as a miracle doctor. Even Ling Jingshu, who was far away in Dingzhou, had heard of the name of Imperial Physician Wei.

Ling Jingshu bowed her head and said yes.

At this moment, Ling Jingshu was submissive and respectful, and she was courteous, and he couldn’t fault her in the slightest.

She was completely different from the pale but cold and stubborn girl last night.

A hint of interest flashed in the eyes of the Imperial Grandson, and he casually ordered: “You two don’t have to kneel down, get up and talk!”

Ling Jingshu and Ling Xiao thanked each other, and when they stood up, Ling Jingshu naturally supported Ling Xiao’s shoulders. Holding his arms, she whispered: “Ah Xiao. Be careful.”

The siblings were about the same height, standing side by side, with similar faces but each has its own merits and charms.

No wonder those gangsters moved their minds.

The Imperial Grandson glanced at Ling Jingshu and her brother. He looked at Ling Ji again: “It was you who sent the distress signal last night? This time I was able to save you in time, thanks to the early signal.” 

If it was a little late, the bandits would have already captured them by the time they arrived and fled already with the people.

Ling Ji was stunned, “I didn’t send the distress signal last night.” 

“Maybe it was the distress signal sent by the boatmen.” Uncle Ling speculated, “I will ask carefully later to find out who sent the distress signal. We must reward them generously…”

“I fired the distress signal last night.” A clear and soft voice sounded.

Everyone: “…”

In the midst of the shocked and astonished gazes of the crowd, Ling Jingshu calmly said, “That day at the pier, I always felt someone was watching me. In the following two days, I couldn’t shake off a sense of unease, so I had Bai Yu approach the boatmen and obtain a bamboo tube signal. I thought it would be wise to be prepared. I never expected that there would indeed be bandits attacking during the night. As soon as I was awakened, I immediately released the signal.”


It was easy to say.

In such a situation, with a sudden attack by bandits, everyone was filled with fear and panic, scrambling to hide and protect themselves. It was hardly a time to think about sending any distress signals. Yet, amidst it all, a delicate young girl remained calm and composed. She immediately released the distress signal without hesitation, acting swiftly to seek help. Indeed, such courage and bravery were truly awe-inspiring!

Ling Jingyan looked at Ling Jingshu blankly, as if seeing her clearly for the first time.

Ling Ji’s gaze was more complicated.

He thought of Ling Jingshu’s calm response when facing the bandits last night, and thought of the blood-stained dagger… What kind of power was hidden behind that slender willow-like figure?

The Imperial Grandson was also looking at the shy and gentle girl with a hint of embarrassment in her eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

After a moment of silence in the cabin, Uncle Ling opened his mouth to break the silence: “Ah Shu did a good job. Speaking of which, this time we all should be grateful to Ah Shu. If she hadn’t volunteered to go with the bandits, I’m afraid we would all be in trouble.” 

He raised his eyebrows. Oh, and the ending sound rises.

Uncle Ling has been in the officialdom for many years, and he is best at observing words and demeanor to figure out the other person’s mind. He saw that the Imperial Grandson was interested in this matter. Immediately explained what happened last night in detail: “…I am ashamed to say it. I was so frightened that I didn’t dare to speak out for fear of offending the gangsters…” 

“So, you just let a girl who hasn’t left the boudoir leave with the gangsters?” The Imperial Grandson interrupted Uncle Ling lightly, with a dark and unpredictable expression, unable to distinguish between emotions and anger.

There was a hint of disapproval in his tone. But it came out clearly.

Uncle Ling heard this sentence suddenly, he was speechless, his old face was hot.

“Under the circumstances at the time, only doing so could have saved everyone’s lives.” It was Ling Jingshu who rescued Uncle Ling. She looked at Uncle Ling with tenderness and sincerity: “Uncle endured the humiliation, and this niece only has gratitude in her heart, and there is absolutely no complaint.”

… Regardless of whether this statement was true or false, at least Uncle Ling’s reputation had been somewhat restored.

If before, he only felt a little guilty for Ling Jingshu, now his feelings for her have undoubtedly risen to the satisfaction of “as expected, she is the blood-connected niece and knows how to protect the face of her uncle at all times”.

The Imperial Grandson glanced at Ling Jingshu with a smile that was not a smile: “Ninth Miss Ling is just a feeble and fragile woman. Yet, she dares to face the bandits, displaying commendable courage. It is truly admirable.”

To dare to take a life goes beyond commendable courage; it was truly rare in this world,

Ling Jingshu acted as if she didn’t hear the meaning behind the Imperial Grandson’s words, and lowered her head submissively, pretending to be shy, “Thank you for your compliment, Your Highness.”

… There was a way to pretend.

The Imperial Grandson twitched the corners of his lips, but there was no displeasure in his eyes.

Wang Tong stood worryingly at the side, but seeing that the Imperial Grandson was not angry, he was relieved.

The Imperial Grandson was not a good master to serve. Other teenagers at this age were still reading the Four Books and Five Classics, but he had already taken over the affairs of the Eastern Palace, commanding the officials of the Eastern Palace, and handling the political affairs of the court.

He carried significant influence at a young age, with a profound and introspective mind. His brows may appear slightly furrowed, exuding an aura of authority even without displaying anger.

The people around him waited on him tremblingly, fearing that an accident would offend the Imperial Grandson.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess showered their eldest son with abundant love and affection, while the Emperor held a special favor and fondness for this imperial grandson. He was truly an exceptional individual, standing above all others and deserving the title of a true pride of heaven!

With such an Imperial grandson, people are too busy fawning and pleasing him on ordinary days to even think of opposing his wishes. Not a single person dared to defy him. Even if he furrowed his brow, those around him trembled with fear and trepidation.

But now, he was unexpectedly patient with Miss Ling Jiu today. (To be continued.)

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