Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 62: Inside Story

In the next few days, the waterway went smoothly and calmly.

The honorable Imperial Grandson spent most of his days reading in the cabin to pass the time and seldom came out for a walk.

Although Ling Jingshu wanted to approach him to work with him, she was very cautious and did not act rashly.

From what Ling Jingyan said, it can be seen that this young Imperial Grandson was cold-hearted and ruthless, and he was definitely not someone who could be fooled. She must plan carefully, so as not to use her strength to get revenge, but to arouse suspicion.

In the past few days, she had been staying in the cabin, either staying with Ling Xiao or chatting with Ling Jingyan and Jiang Shi, asking about the situation of the Imperial Grandson quietly.

Madam Jiang and Imperial Grandson were distant cousins, although they had little contact with each other on weekdays, she knew things much more in detail than what Ling Jingyan knew.

“…Ah Yan told you about His Royal Highness Imperial Grandson once beating the maids and sending the officials of the East Palace to prison!” Madam Jiang smiled meaningfully: “There are some things that cannot be ignored. You can’t just look at the surface.”

Ling Jingshu’s eyes flashed, and she asked tentatively, “Tángsǎo[1]wife of male cousin from father’s side said so, could there be something hidden about these incidents?”

Ling Jingyan also pricked her ears in curiosity.

Sitting on a boat all day was really boring. Furthermore, there were no outsiders here. Madam Jiang generously told the real inside story she knew: “When I went to pay my respects to tángbó’s [2]male cousin of father from his father’s side house last time, I heard tángbó say a few words…”

The tángbó mentioned by Madam Jiang was Jiang Ye, Duke Yīngguó.

The late Empress Jiang came from the Yīngguó mansion. The present Duke, who held a heavy military position and high authority, had close contact with the Crown Prince’s House. It was not surprising that he knew the secrets of the Eastern Palace.

“… I heard from tángbó that the court lady was rewarded by the Empress to the Crown Prince’s Mansion. Relying on the support of the Empress, she blatantly acted as the eyes and ears of the palace. His Royal Highness deliberately found a mistake with her and removed her. The Empress was furious, but there was nothing she could do about sending her out for a high-sounding reason.”

Madam Jiang’s eyes were full of admiration.

After Empress Jiang died of illness, the Emperor made Empress Xu the head of the Six Palaces. Empress Xu had both the support of the Emperor and means, and the harem had already become her world.

Empress Xu also lost her scruples in doing things. She rewarded the maids of honor to the palaces of the princes in an upright manner. The princes knew that this was the eyeliner sent by Empress Xu, but they had to endure it.

The Imperial Grandson refused to endure and used the same upright method to get rid of Empress Xu’s eyes and ears. After the court lady committed suicide, he took the initiative to enter the palace to “plead guilty”.

What else could Empress Xu do?

She couldn’t turn her face from the Imperial Grandson for a mere court lady!

Empress Xu could only pinch her nose and endure the suffocation.


Ling Jingyan was amazed: “Dasao, after hearing what you said, this grandson is amazing!”

“Of course.” Madam Jiang’s tone showed a bit of pride. Turning her eyes, she saw Ling Jingshu’s face was thoughtful: “Ah Shu, what are you thinking?”

Ling Jingshu said slowly: “I am thinking that the Empress’s eyeliner in each mansion should be more than just one on the bright side. There must be others hidden among the servants and maids in the Eastern Palace! His Royal Highness is clearly trying to scare the chickens and monkeys by doing this. He is also hinting at the Empress, if she puts her hand into the Crown Prince’s Mansion again, this palace lady will not be the only one who will die.”

“I guess, after this, the Eastern Palace must have dismissed some servants in secret!”

Madam Jiang: “…”

Madam Jiang’s eyes were full of astonishment and exclamation: “You are right… I heard tángbó say all these, you have never been to the capital, and you have never seen the Imperial Grandson or the Empress. You, a young lady, how did you guess that? “

Ling Jingyan also couldn’t help but widen her eyes.

How did Ah Shu guess these things?

Ling Jingshu smiled slightly: “It’s actually not difficult to guess. You just have to think about it carefully.”

Ling Jingyan curled her lips: “I can’t guess these things.”

Ling Jingshu was not angry and smiled at Ling Jingyan: “You only listen to these things as stories, and never think deeply about them. Human nature is unexpected.”

The tolerant eyes and tone seemed to be coaxing a child.

She was obviously one year older, but in front of Ling Jingshu, she was always the one who made trouble for no reason…

Ling Jingyan was also embarrassed to quarrel, so she quickly changed the subject: “Dasǎo,[3]wife of elder brother according to what you mean, could it be that there is something wrong with the fact that the official of the Eastern Palace was sent to prison?”

This matter, not even Madam Jiang knew the details: “Tángbó didn’t go into details. Only when he heard rumors that His Highness the Grandson was rebelling against the Crown Prince, he said disapprovingly: A group of ignorant idiots!”

Ling Jingyan was confused when she heard it, and when she looked at Ling Jingshu again, she had a thoughtful expression again.

” Ah Shu. What do you understand? “Ling Jingyan couldn’t help asking.

Ling Jingshu frowned slightly but soon relaxed again: “Since he is an official of the Eastern Palace, His Royal Highness must of course protect him. Otherwise, it will chill the hearts of the officials who are close to the Crown Prince. Therefore, His Royal Highness Taisun[4]Imperial Grandson stepped forward and became this villain. In this way, not only the subordinates are dealt with, but also they will not fall into the shoes of others.”

“Maybe this official, who was sent to prison, had been secretly wooed a long time ago, and his heart was already disloyal. His Royal Highness Taisun had noticed it long ago, deliberately grabbed his sore foot, and sent him to prison. The main messenger in the dark suffered a dark loss, and he still can’t make a sound.”

Jiang Shi: “…”

Ling Jingyan: “…”

Both of them looked at Ling Jingshu with the same weird eyes.

Ling Jingshu laughed dumbly: “I just said it casually, it may not be right. What are you doing looking at me like that?”

Madam Jiang opened her mouth first: “I was thinking, it’s a pity that you are so smart and sensitive, being a woman.”

Ling Jingyan also let out a long breath, and sighed sincerely: “Ah Shu, I will never be envious of you anymore.”

This was not the difference between wildflowers and peonies, it was the distance between fireflies and the bright moon in the sky ! ! ![5]at least she is very self-aware


While talking and laughing, Ling Ji walked in with a smile: “Why are you guys talking so happily? Your laughter can be heard from far away.”

Ling Jingyan laughed and said: “We can’t let you know about the topic that the women discuss together.”

Ling Ji laughed: “Even if you don’t say it, I can guess it. When you got together just now, you must be talking about His Royal Highness.”

It was not just them. In the past few days, the name His Royal Highness Taisun has appeared more frequently in the mouths of Uncle Ling and Madam Sun.

Madam Jiang pursed her lips and said with a smile: “You came to us on purpose, not just to talk about this!”

Ling Ji’s face straightened, and he said seriously: “We have been sailing for a few days in a row, and there are still three or four days of the waterway before we arrive at Luoyang. His Royal Highness ordered the ships to dock at the pier so that he can buy fresh meat and vegetables. I’m here to ask you, do you want to go to the pier to relax?”

Everyone: “…”


1 wife of male cousin from father’s side
2 male cousin of father from his father’s side
3 wife of elder brother
4 Imperial Grandson
5 at least she is very self-aware

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