Madam, She Has A Tender Heart
Madam, She Has A Tender Heart Chapter 5: Let’s Talk

Lu Bocheng and Su MIngyu talking to each other AI generated

When Lu Bocheng and others had drunk enough and walked out of the wine shop arm in arm, Su Qingyu led the twins and blocked the door.

Several men paused for a moment and looked at them curiously.

Who was this woman?

Still just staring at Bo Cheng. Bo Cheng was good-looking, but you are swarthy, slim, and dressed in gray clothes with patches piled on top of each other. You look like a country girl, but you are so bold and dare to stare at a man, tsk tsk.

Hey, these two little kids looked really alike. They were twins at first glance, which was really rare.

The man named Liu Juye was about to touch Xiao Qingxing, but Xiao Qingxing was so frightened that she quickly hid behind Su Qingyu.

Su Qingyu tightened her grip, raised her head, and glanced at Liu Juye who retracted his hand angrily, then turned to look at Lu Bocheng.

Lu Bocheng didn’t pay attention, thinking that Su Qingyu was going to enter the wine shop, so he turned around to give way and raised his legs to step forward.

Unexpectedly, before his footsteps fell, he heard Su Qingyu say: “Lu Bocheng, let’s talk.”

Lu Bocheng missed his footing and almost fell.

Looking at his friends on both sides, he saw several bad friends looking at the woman in front of them with their mouths wide open. He raised his fingers in surprise and pointed at himself: “Me?”

Su Qingyu nodded: “Well, it’s you. Let’s talk about our marriage. I am Su Qingyu.”

Lu Bocheng almost choked on his saliva and coughed several times. After coughing evenly, he saw Su Qingyu looking at him with dull eyes, a little shy: “Um, oh, okay…”

After saying that, he saw the green eyes of some of his bad friends, and he was so angry that he pushed some of his friends who were joking: “You go first, and we will meet again another day.”

“No, no, we are waiting for you, waiting for you. We came together, how can we leave first? That would be too much for friends.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Several people agreed in unison.

Lu Bocheng was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but there was nothing they could do.

Su Qingyu glanced at them lightly and didn’t care.

Lu Bocheng saw that he couldn’t drive away a few bad friends, but he didn’t want them to hear the content of the conversation between Su Qingyu and him. Then he said: “The backyard of this wine shop is quite clean. I am familiar with the owner, so let’s go to the backyard.”

Su Qingyu nodded, and looked down at the twins: “Can you wait for Jie outside?”

Xiao Qingyang nodded his head. While speaking, Xiao Qingxing looked at the tall men surrounding her, pursed her lips tightened the corners of Su Qingyu’s clothes, and leaned directly against her.

Liu Juye liked the twins, so he reached for them and said, “How about you and your brother sit outside and wait for your Jie? Gege[1]older brother, can also be an older man in respect to a woman will order you some snacks.”

Xiao Qingxing didn’t dare to look at him and buried her face in Su Qingyu’s lap. Su Qingyu took a step forward and she followed. Xiao Qingyang glanced at Liu Juye but said nothing and had no intention of leaving her sister.

Su Qingyu took them to the backyard.

Seeing that Liu Juye and others wanted to follow, Lu Bocheng turned around and glared at them. Liu Juye and others stopped with a smile: “You go, you go, we will wait for you in the vestibule.” Lu Bocheng then led Su Qingyu inside.

When they arrived in the backyard, they asked the store owner to serve snacks and tea to the two little ones. Seeing them sitting obediently eating, Su Qingyu and Lu Bocheng walked to a round table not far away and sat down.

Lu Bocheng glanced at Su Qingyu and quickly looked away. He only held the teacup in his hand: “You, what do you want to talk to me?”

Su Qingyu looked at him steadily: “I heard most of what you just said. Since you are not satisfied with this marriage, why don’t we end the engagement?”

Lu Bocheng looked up at her in surprise: “You can make the decision?”

Su Qingyu nodded: “I decide my affairs.”

Lu Bocheng fell silent, holding the teacup and turning it around for a long time: “If it isn’t you, there would be someone else.”

What does that have to do with me, Su Qingyu thought.

Lu Bocheng said: “Your family has already accepted the money from mine. If they can’t return it, my stepmother won’t agree to call off the engagement.” His stepmother had worked hard to find him a match in the countryside, and she wouldn’t easily agree to cancel it.

“Then don’t worry about it. I have my own way.”

After Su Qingyu finished speaking, Lu Bocheng looked straight at her.

Although she was dressed in shabby clothes, she was very clean. Although she was dark and had little flesh on her face, her eyes were so big and dark that when she looked over, they seemed to be able to penetrate people’s hearts.

Lu Bocheng did not dare to look directly, looked away, lowered his head, and pondered.

When he found out he was drafted into the army, he was devastated. Later, when his father wanted to find someone for him, he didn’t want to. I don’t know if there will be any future life, so why waste a woman’s life? What’s more, it was his stepmother who picked the girl.

His stepmother wore a sweet expression but harbored bitter intentions. She sowed discord, causing the distance between him and his father to grow. Little did he know what schemes she had in her heart. If he were to die in the future, leaving the entire Lu family in the hands of his stepmother and her children, he couldn’t accept that. After all, this home still belonged to his mother in half.

When his father worked as a salesman, his wàizǔ [2]maternal grandfather provided the money to buy the goods. Later, when he bought a shop in the town, his mother sold her dowry and his wàizǔ also sold ten acres of fertile land to buy it.

Who knew that when his wàizǔfùmǔ [3]maternal grandparents had just passed away, his father brought his stepmother home! After his mother died, his stepmother became the main mistress of the family.

It didn’t matter if he died, he would then be reunited with his mother and grandparents. But who would offer sacrifices and burn paper money for them during various festivals? In the future, after his death, his mother’s memorial tablet may not even be cleaned by someone else, rather it may be thrown into a corner by the stepmother.

If he had to leave things for his stepmother and his half-brothers, he thought it would be better to leave them for someone else.


1 older brother, can also be an older man in respect to a woman
2 maternal grandfather
3 maternal grandparents

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