Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family
Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Blind Date

A photo…

“You…” Zhang, the Deputy Director of the Genetic Management Bureau, suddenly felt that this great nobleman was fooling him. With the strength of the Lei family, it was too easy to find someone. Not to mention finding a person similar to the person in the photo. Unless that person is already dead and cannot be found, only then do they find a replacement.

‘Is this person really dead?’

“Why don’t you meet with the mermaid Omega first?” Deputy Director Zhang said. Under normal circumstances, the information sent for genetic matching would just be a simple message, without other information such as photos and other materials. They have to see if both parties are willing to meet first, and then slowly learn the rest.

Otherwise, if all the information was exposed at the beginning, and one party was not satisfied, then the other party can only rely on the information to pester the other party.

The people at the Genetics Management Bureau were too familiar with this situation. In the past, when photos and other materials were posted, some people pestered the other party. Then later, no more information was provided for the time being, and some people went to check for it.

“No need.” Lei Meng believes that he was not a person who only looks at the matching, nor was he a person who was swayed by pheromones. As a nobleman, how could he not even have this little self-control?

“99.9%, although the Empire does not enforce it, still, I hope you ……”

“No need!” Lei Meng refused again.

“Then, I’ll follow the order and arrange for others to have a blind date with the mermaid Omega.” Deputy Director Zhang said.

Deputy Director Zhang wanted to come personally and do his duty. Forget it, there are other noblemen, and the mermaid who wants to marry a noble and rich family can still marry one.

Well, the mermaid Omega had a high fertility value, so he should think about marrying aristocrats and rich families. With how low the fertility value of the nobles, the mermaid Omega who was the one with the highest fertility value, should indeed want to marry a noble and make contributions to the country.

The high level of noble powers also means that they are responsible for protecting their homes and the country. If there is no strong leader to protect the country, it will be doomed.

Deputy Director Zhang didn’t think there was anything wrong with a mermaid worshiping money. Omegas were weak, and rarely does an Omega undergo Mermaid Transformation surgery. Not to mention that the mermaid Omega… seems to be a natural mermaid, not transformed, which was even better.

‘Nobles have money and they’re not afraid of mermaids worshiping money.’

Deputy Director Zhang thought as he walked. Then he just needs to arrange for the next noble to have a blind date with the mermaid omega. He was just thinking about it when the noblemen contacted him and asked about the mermaid.

“Yes, there is.” Deputy Director Zhang nodded, “In order, yes, it was the noble’s status, not the compatibility rate which was required by the mermaid.”

Generally, even if the mermaid does not require it, if the compatibility rate is close, the Genetic Management Bureau will choose a noble, no matter if he came from high or low status. The most important thing was the level of ability. If the status of the two noble is similar, the one with the higher level of ability will be ranked first.

This was not a secret; it was clearly stated by the Genetics Management Bureau. Of course, matching people also have a certain degree of liberty.

At this moment, Yu Qing was living in a villa in the city center. There was no other way because those people were not comfortable with him living in his own house.

The staff of the Mermaid Protection Association did not ask why Yu Qing used to pretend to be an ordinary Omega, nor did they ask why the other party wanted to disclose his identity. They thought that Yu Qing was mostly hit by reality. It was true that some merfolk pretended to be ordinary people in the past, but there was an Omega who pretended to be a Beta, and then life was not good. Later then, he revealed his identity and went to the Genetics Management Bureau to match.

Mermaids? There were too few natural mermaids. Basically, they were all transforming mermaids. A spy? Is there any country willing to let natural mermaids be spies?

Tsk tsk, if there really was a country that was willing, then come, people in their country are willing to sacrifice themselves just to stay with the mermaid spies.

“This is the cherries from planet MK23, which have just been shipped today.” The staff of the Mermaid Protection Association brought Yu Qing fresh fruits. “The Genetic Management Bureau is already making arrangements. Don’t be afraid, we can help you find out which aspect of the matchmaking partner’s information you want to know.”

“Thank you.” Yu Qing picked up the cherries, which tasted sweet, somewhat crispy, and delicious.

The cherries on planet MK23 were very expensive, and Yu Qing was always reluctant to buy such expensive cherries and would buy cheap ones. Don’t underestimate this small plate of cherries, they are about to catch up with his one month’s salary.

Yu Qing quit his job in the morning. The boss wanted to undermine him, however the senior who said he was going to undergo mermaid transformation surgery helped him, and that job was gone. Without a job and met an optimistic Alpha who would undergo mermaid transformation surgery, Yu Qing simply abandoned himself and came to marry a wealthy family.

Looking at such expensive cherries, Yu Qing thought that he suddenly understood why the senior wanted to undergo mermaid transformation surgery. It was really cool.

“Master Lei refused, it’s okay, there are other nobles.” The staff member added, “He had the highest match with you, but it’s a pity.”

The staff member told Yu Qing so that Yu Qing will not pester Lei Meng. But the match between them was high, and there was a high level of pheromone attraction. Omega was not as good as Alpha. Omega was more sensitive. In order to avoid accidents in the future, he needs to talk to the omega in front of him first.

If Yu Qing was already married and was completely marked, it would be fine. However, the person in front of him was still single, but the staff was not worried that Yu Qing would run to seduce Lei Meng, because it won’t be that easy. It’s not that his pheromones won’t seduce Lei Meng, but how can he seduce him if they never met?

“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded, ‘Lei Meng’.

Yu Qing remembered that he had met Lei Meng several times when he still did not change his name. A person who looked cold and talked less, which looks unpleasant, but those people like Lei Meng very much. He thinks that Lei Meng is a nobleman with a high level of power, which attracts so many people.

So, Lei Meng’s friend Darryl met the people from the Genetics Management Bureau and asked him if he would like to meet the mermaid. The Genetics Management Bureau never forced him.

“I see, of course.” Daryl thought that he was not in vain waiting. It seems that he will soon embrace a beautiful mermaid Omega. Mermaids are beautiful, and Omega had sweet pheromones. Which makes it awesome.

It would be foolish to give up, not to mention how many nobles were waiting for the mermaid.

Darryl doesn’t like Alpha mermaid; Alpha’s pheromones were not as sweet and provocative as Omega’s. An Alpha who didn’t go to the battlefield and didn’t work hard, but ran to do mermaid transformation surgery, was too cowardly. If the Alpha was originally a mermaid, that would be fine, but if not, he’s just being cowardly.

Natural mermaids are not non-attributes, they are Omega, and there was no Alpha in them. Alpha genes were domineering and strong, how can mermaid genes be allowed to be dominant.

“Is the mermaid beautiful?” Darryl asked, “The baby must be very beautiful.”

“…” The staff of the Genetics Management Bureau was suddenly a little worried about the mermaid, and only hoped that this person can take care of him in the future and won’t be philandering.

Fortunately, most nobles were philandering before marriage and after marriage, only a few were still philandering. The staff did not give photos but proceeded to arrange a meeting for Darryl and Yu Qing to meet.

The weather was clear and cloudless on that day, and Darryl thought this day was really suitable for a blind date.

“Oh, baby…” Originally, Daryl only thought that the person far away was beautiful. However, when the two people were less than one meter apart, the smile on his face froze.

Why is this person’s face so familiar? No, was it just his imagination?

Darryl panicked a little. Will Lei Meng break his leg? No, maybe this is just a coincidence! So many planets, so many people, there are always people who look similar, ‘yes, that’s it.

“My leg…” Daryl said, feeling pain in his leg.

“What?” Yu Qing was puzzled about what happened to the other party’s leg.

“Have you ever lost your memory?” Darryl positively said. ‘Ah, no, it’s useless to ask about amnesia’ “I mean you have played the game of the Tower of the lost?”

“…” Yu Qinq’s mouth tugged slightly. This can’t be an internet-addicted aristocrat, right?

“Let’s order.” Darryl thought it was better to stop talking, otherwise, the other party would look at him like he was a fool, “Order whatever you like.”

When Darryl saw the dishes Yu Qing ordered, he was a little bit unhappy and thought how familiar these dishes were.

It’s the end for his legs!

‘Emmm…maybe the other party had plastic surgery, or maybe the other party deliberately learned from someone else…’ Darryl couldn’t convince himself; he was in pain yet he’s still smiling.

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