Ming Dynasty: Reborn as Zhu Yunwen
Ming Dynasty: Reborn as Zhu Yunwen Chapter 31

Chapter 31: New Military Policy Implemented in Beiping

Zhu Yunwen knew very well that Zhu Di had been managing Beiping for many years, establishing strong popular support and great respect in the military. Therefore, the sharp blade of the New Military policy was thrust into Beiping Prefecture.

You, Zhu Di, think you have the support of the military?

Well, let’s put it to the test. Let’s see whose side the military is on, yours or mine.

Beiping, the training ground.

Flags fluttered, and horns sounded loudly.

Fifty thousand elite soldiers stood in formation, their mighty presence sweeping across the heavens and earth, their intimidating aura shaking the hearts of people.

Several commanders stood at the forefront of the formation, with burning eyes as they looked at Ping An and Sheng Yong on the high platform.

Ping An raised his head and took a step forward, shouting with a deep and resonant voice, “These past few days, people have been asking me what the New Military Policy is all about. Let me tell you, the New Military Policy is a major national policy born from the Emperor’s heartfelt concern and care for the soldiers! It’s the benefit given to us, soldiers, by the Emperor’s frugal savings!”

“The New Military Policy, how good is it? Haha, this is the treatment that moves the four hundred thousand troops of the capital’s garrison to tears! I heard that a few of them, being too happy, even fainted on the spot! If they were soldiers under my command, I would have to kick them out, because they are too ignorant!”

“But, my brothers, when I, Ping An, learned about the content of the New Military Policy, I also felt like fainting. Such good treatment, it makes me willing to go all out, kill the Tatars and Oirats, even if it means dying outside!”

“But this is the policy of the capital garrison, not ours! I, Ping An, am a rough man with a violent temper, I am not willing to accept it. Why is it that all of us, who is also a soldier, born of our parents, why we soldiers from the north, are treated worse than the young masters soldiers of the capital’s garrison?!”

“This is unfair! Brothers, what do you think? The capital garrison eats meat every day, while we chew on dirt. The capital garrison receives special training every day, while we run every day. The capital garrison has family visitation leave every month, while we haven’t been home for years. When the parents of the capital garrison soldiers are sick, they can use the Emperor’s money for medical treatment, but when our parents are sick, we can only wait for death. Is this fair? Do you think it’s fair?!”


Over fifty thousand people shouted with raised voices!

Ping An shouted loudly, “I also think it’s unfair! So, I took the backdoor and went to see Xu Huizu, of the Five Army Commandery, and asked him to deliver a message to the Emperor, Let me, Ping An, come to Beiping and manage the army, but my soldiers must receive the same treatment as the capital garrison. They should have meat to eat, be granted leave to visit their families, and if their parents are sick, they should receive funds for medical treatment! And even after death, the court should help send our parents off and assist our children in starting families! Do you think my demands are right?”


They shouted in unison!

Ping An smiled brightly and shouted, “Listen up, all of you! I misunderstood the Emperor. The Emperor said that the New Military Policy would be tested in the capital garrison first, and after gaining experience, it would be extended to the entire army. The Emperor is concerned about us, he hasn’t forgotten us! The Emperor’s grace!”

“The Emperor’s grace!”

“The Emperor’s grace!”

“The Emperor’s grace!”

The soldiers’ blood boiled, and they shouted.

Ping An took out a document from his pocket and raised it high, shouting with all his might, “I, Ping An, don’t like waiting. Since the Emperor has already implemented the New Military Policy in the garrison, let’s also implement it in all the Guards of our Beiping! The Emperor has already approved it, outside the capital garrison, implementing the New Military Policy at Beiping, Sheng Yong!”


Sheng Yong stepped forward loudly.

Ping An took out a booklet and shouted sternly, “Announcing the New Military Policy to all soldiers!”

Sheng Yong stepped forward and received the booklet, shouting loudly, “All soldiers of our Great Ming, loyal to the court, loyal to the Great Ming, are the guardians of our Great Ming. They shall be treated equally, implementing the New Military Policy and spreading them throughout the entire army.”

“The First New Military Policy:

Soldiers fight a hundred battles, and their physical well-being is fundamental. We shall improve their food, strengthening their bodies and spirits. They shall not have fewer than three meals a day, and they shall not be without meat. Each meal should consist of no less than two dishes, ensuring they are well-fed.”

“The second New Military Policy: Soldiers fight for the nation, for the people, for their families, it’s the common nature of human beings, Arrange for a family visit and ensure the safety of family members. They shall be granted a two-day leave each month to visit their families. If they do not take leave in a given month, it can be accumulated to the following month. During festivals such as Mid-Autumn, Spring Festival, and Qingming, they shall be granted a three-day leave, with reasonable rotation schedules.”

“The third New Military Policy: The parents of soldiers, being equal to the common people of the court, shall be cared for by the court. If their family members fall ill, His Majesty will provide fifty percent of the medical expenses from the imperial treasury. A Family Affairs Department will be established to address any difficulties faced by their families, and all problems can be reported to the department.”


“The twentieth New Military Policy: Those who serve in the military for more than twenty years may apply to leave the military camp. Their families shall be exempt from conscription for three years, and they shall enjoy the salary of an eighth-grade official. Their children shall enjoy the salary of a deputy eighth-grade official, and subsequent generations shall receive decreasing benefits until the fourth generation when they shall be exempted…”

Behind Sheng Yong stood dozens of strong men, loudly announcing the New Military Policy to the entire army.

Each new policy brought extreme joy to the soldiers present!

Their own treatment, the treatment of their families, posthumous treatment, and retirement benefits were all clearly outlined. Their eyes widened, and their breath quickened.

In the past, when they were soldiers, they only received their military pay, unsure when they would be able to return home. If they died on the battlefield, how much money would reach their families? No one knew!

But now, they knew!

In the past, when we were in the army, our parents became old and ill, and couldn’t find a good doctor or afford medication. But now, things have changed. The Emperor himself provides us with money. We are using the Emperor’s funds, so who would dare refuse to provide us with medicine and medical treatment?

The Emperor cares for our parents as if they were his own!

Some people retired, left with illnesses and pains that no one cared about. But now, they are not afraid anymore. If they serve for a full twenty years, they can go home, and they can enjoy the benefits of an official. Although the benefits decrease with each generation, they are still receiving food from the Emperor!

They have worked hard their whole lives, and their future generations will enjoy blessings!

How can soldiers like this not fight with all their might?

What? They give so much money when I die? And a subsidy for up to ten years!

Is this life of mine so valuable?

The Emperor has been too good to us!

“We thank His Majesty for his heavenly grace! We will not disappoint His Majesty, the court, or the Great Ming!”

“We thank His Majesty for his heavenly grace! We will not disappoint His Majesty, the court, or the Great Ming!”

All the soldiers shouted with all their might as if trying to let out all the passion in their hearts.

The entire army thundered!

The sound reached the heavens!

Their momentum soared!

Under the leadership of Ping’an and Shengyong, the New Military Policy is expressed through oaths, demonstrating the unwavering loyalty of the entire army to the imperial court and the will of Emperor Jianwen.

After returning to the military office, Peace and Sheng Yong ordered their subordinates to post the New Military Policy on the streets and alleys of Beiping Prefecture and assigned dedicated individuals to explain them.

There were not many literate people in this era. Without anyone to explain, who knows what is written on those papers?

Within a very short time, the New Military Policy spread throughout Beiping Prefecture, including the surrounding garrison. Ping An and Sheng Yong made several attacks, using the New Military Policy to win over these veteran soldiers of the King of Yan.

King of Yan mansion.

Zhang Yu, a 56-year-old general, had a sorrowful expression on his face. As the Assistant commander of King of Yan’s left guard, he had not had a peaceful sleep for over a month.

When the King of Yan Zhu Di went to the capital, Zhang Yu felt at ease.

But within two months, the situation in Beiping Prefecture took a drastic turn.

Zhang Bing, Ping An, Sheng Yong, Qu Neng, and others took control of Beiping, Shanhai Pass, and other regions, putting immense pressure on the situation.

Zhang Yu hurriedly sought a discussion with the people of the King of Yan Mansion on how to respond. However, the mansion was currently empty. Zhu Di was not there, and his three sons were absent as well. When Zhang Yu asked the King Consort, Xu Yihua, even she couldn’t make a decisive suggestion.

As for Zhu Di’s two sons-in-law, Yuan Rong and Li Rang, they didn’t have much capability.

In desperation, Zhang Yu discussed with Zhu Neng, the commanding officer of the Right Guard, and decided to go to Qingshou Temple to listen to the opinions of Dao Yan.

After a careful analysis of the situation, Dao Yan concluded that although Ping An, Sheng Yong, and others were aggressive, they did not affect the overall situation. After all, the soldiers in Beiping Prefecture and the surrounding garrisons were primarily loyal to the King of Yan. Some of the officers were even personally promoted by the King of Yan himself.

Although Ping An, and Sheng Yong, had control over the military, it did not mean they could command these people. As long as Zhu Di returned, there would be no major issue.

To remain still and use stillness to control movement.

This was Dao Yan’s wisdom.

Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng, know Dao Yan’s abilities and how Zhu Di trusted him and followed Dao Yan’s arrangements. They dispatched people to gather information about the situation in the capital and secretly contacted King of Yan’s former subordinates, taking cautious measures.

However, before Zhang Yu could settle down, news arrived that Dao Yan had been summoned and was on his way to the capital. Startled, Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng hurried to Qingshou Temple, only to be informed that Dao Yan had been taken away by envoys from the capital and the Central Buddhist Registry.

In a state of helplessness, Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng, along with their men, frantically pursued and caught up to Dao Yan twenty miles away from the city.

They offered a hefty sum of money, hoping that the Central Buddhist Registry and the envoys from the capital would release Dao Yan. However, they were well aware of the severity of Zhu Yunwen’s orders. If they failed to bring Dao Yan to the capital, their heads were likely at stake.

When it came to matters of money and life, the majority leaned toward life.

Since they couldn’t take Dao Yan away, Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng had to pave the way with money, buying some time for Dao Yan to stay temporarily.

Although the command “not to delay” from Zhu Yunwen is non-negotiable, the individuals responsible for carrying out the command can be negotiated.

It doesn’t make sense to have money and not earn it.

When it comes to this kind of job, if you don’t accept some bribes or seek some benefits, how can you return to the capital and make your way to the Qinhuai River?

Dao Yan doesn’t know what changes have occurred in the capital, nor does he understand why Zhu Yunwen specifically summoned him to the palace. However, Dao Yan is well aware that his dream is likely to be shattered.

Standing on the roadside, Dao Yan wears a desolate expression, gazing at the uncertain path ahead, feeling a profound sense of desolation within. With all his knowledge and skills, he finds himself devoid of purpose.

Under the clear sky and bright sun, a lifetime wasted in vain!

How sorrowful it is!

How lamentable it is!

In the realm of Buddhism, unable to achieve enlightenment.

In the realm of Taoism, unable to reach sagehood.

Even the formidable Dragon Gate collapses with a resounding crash.

The myriad things in this world ultimately turn into illusory emptiness.

With a dejected spirit, Dao Yan arranged some matters for Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng, and wrote a letter, entrusting them to deliver it to the King of Yan, Zhu Di. Afterward, he joined the entourage of the Central Buddhist Registry and the envoys heading to the capital city.

Zhang Yu, Zhu Neng, and everyone in the King of Yan Mansion felt immense pressure.

If Dao Yan’s departure was a thorn in Zhang Yu’s side, then the New Military Policy implemented by Ping An and Sheng Yong on the ninth day of the ninth month was a razor-sharp sword that pierced Zhang Yu’s heart!

A fatal blow!

The specific details of the New Military Policy quickly spread throughout the King of Yan Mansion and the Three Guards of the King of Yan.

The three guards of the King of Yan cheered in unison, filled with joy and exuberance. Each of them regarded the new emperor, Zhu Yunwen, as their benevolent benefactor and pledged their allegiance to him along with the others.

However, when it was noon, they realized that there was no meat in their meals. The Three Guards of the King of Yan were unhappy. They wondered why the promised New Military Policy couldn’t be implemented on the first day.

Zhou Duo, a battalion commander of the Left Guard of King of Yan, who was usually arrogant and swaggering around Beiping Prefecture, today witnessing such a good opportunity but not falling into one’s own hands, without a second thought, beckoned a hundred or so men and headed straight for the regional military office.

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