1970s Gangster Couple

Raw Title: 七零年代大佬夫妇

Total Chapters: 96

Author: 老衲不懂爱

Translator: Sakura Time

Update: 2 years ago

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Xiao Xiao is the Chinese Federation’s youngest tech giant from the interstellar era. She is also the pearl in the palm of the Xiao family, which dominates the Interstellar Xiao Group. She did, however, find herself in the 1970s, a time when resources were scarce.
Crossing into the 1970s isn’t the only surprise she got; she’s now married to someone!
On the wedding night, when she first arrived, Xiao Xiao, who was confused and burning from fever, was carried to the health center by her skin-and-bone “husband”.
You can’t eat good food or wear nice clothes, not to mention the bad state of the environment. But worry not, Xiao Xiao will solve it by scientific means.Technology is productivity. She was a boss in Interstellar, and she will still be a boss here!
As a “monster”, Wang Wei deeply felt that marrying his wife was trouble. On the first day of their marriage, he spent five yuan treating his little wife’s illness.
The little wife of his is also very delicate. She has no idea how to do anything and acts spoiled on a regular basis. Wang Wei keeps a record of every time he helps her with something. He expects to receive it back in the future, but he wasn’t expecting that…


1. The entire text is fictitious and should not be brought into reality. The timeline and major events will change.

2. The heroine is really a pearl in the palm (beloved person/daughter) before crossing. Although she has an extremely high IQ and is a technology boss, she isn’t really good with her hands. This won’t really change even after crossing. She will act spoiled towards those she likes or trusts in a matter of seconds.

  1. Jayfa has spoken 2 years ago

    This story is really good. ❤️ 🤩😍. I hope you don’t drop this story🥺.

  2. Kyoko Mogami has spoken 2 years ago

    Esperando ter mais capítulos, sou uma pessoa que não gosta de comer aos poucos

  3. TheTanJar has spoken 2 years ago

    Love this story! Thank you for translating


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