Accidentally Entangled with the Rich

Raw Title: 误入豪门

Author: 浩瀚

Translator: JonahAgon

Update: 5 months ago

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Zhou Shiguang realized that everything she owns stemmed from a misunderstanding. That day an incident occurred and changed her fate. Now, she has nothing. Facing continuous harassment from her adoptive parents and Zhou family’s true heiress, Shiguang feels like she’s at a dead end. In her desperation, she clings to Meng Yungui, the third heir of the Meng family. But this heir is definitely not an easy man to please. He may be rich and powerful but he’s got an awful personality. And yet Shiguang decides to persevere. She walks on thin ice with Meng family and every step must be taken with caution. During this time, her career as an aspiring actress also begins to grow rapidly. From extras to lead roles, her experiences slowly extinguish her innocence and kindness, hardening her heart. And seeing this change makes Yungui gradually fall for her…

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