After Getting Pregnant, The Celibate Buddhist Fiercely Dotes on His Beloved Wife

Raw Title: 怀孕后,禁欲佛子抱着娇妻狠狠宠

Total Chapters: Completed 287 + 7 Extra

Author: 九燚

Translator: MJ

Update: 5 days ago

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【Icy Celibate Heir x Tragic Fate Sweet Pregnant Little Pitiful】

【Ten-Year Age Difference + Elite Family + CEO + Capital City Circle Prince + Celibate Heir + Sweet Doting + Pregnancy + Double Purity + Growth】


Fu Xuanyi is the heir of the Fu family in the Capital City, holding significant power, ruthless in his actions, icy and celibate. He is always seen wearing a string of black Buddhist beads on his wrist, known to everyone in the Capital  as the fierce celibate Buddhist.


Wei Yuxian, a pitiful girl unloved by her parents, comes to the Capital  alone for school, only to have her mother take away all her savings. Left with no choice, she must find another way. That night, he claimed to be celibate, and she believed him. When she was found pregnant, she panicked, unsure of the road ahead.

  1. mystery reader has spoken 3 weeks ago

    This series is so good so far! When will the next free chapters be released?

    • MJ has spoken 3 weeks ago

      There will be free chapters Every Sunday!!! Happy Reading 🙂


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