Becoming the Contract Wife of the Wealthy Male Supporting Character

Raw Title: 穿成豪門男配的契約老婆

Total Chapters: 34 Chapter (Completed)

Author: Jin Huai (槿淮)

Translator: Avrora

Update: 1 month ago

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TL’s Note: I will unlock 2 chapter parts every Sunday. Stay tuned for more releases. (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)


Su Qian read an old dog-blooded domineering CEO novel.


The female supporting character seduced the male lead, cuckolded her husband, the male supporting character, and did all kinds of evil things. In the end, she died because she insisted on maintaining her character setting.


Su Qian crazily criticized the female supporting character’s stupidity. If she were given this script, with her triple-gold actress acting skills, she could easily turn the tables for the female supporting character.


Why bother with the domineering CEO and the demon-like male supporting character when she could earn money, act, become a leading actress, and have a few fresh meats?


Who would have thought that she would wake up after fainting and find herself precisely in the body of the female supporting character? Not only that, but she also gained a handsome, wealthy, and noble husband.


“A few months after the contract ends, I hope you can leave cleanly.” Jin Lie said coldly.


Su Qian was very surprised to hear her husband, with whom she had no feelings, say this: “You’re actually letting me go?”


That’s too slow! She wanted to run!


Su Qian made up her mind to stay away from the male lead and be a good “roommate” to the male supporting character.


When the male supporting character’s first love appears, she, as the contract wife, will take her little vault and fly away, devoting all her energy to her career.


Who would have thought that a few days after she left, Jin Lie would come to her door.


Staring at the landlord who came to change the light bulb for her, his face was so gloomy that it could drip water:


“Want to find a lover without getting a divorce, do you think I’m dead?”


Su Qian: “Don’t wrong me! I was clearly planning to dump you first and then find one.”


Jin Lie heard this and was jealous. But he could only speak in a low voice:


“I’ve finished reading the book you like, ‘After the Divorce, He Knelt and Begged Me to Forgive Him’.”


Su Qian: “?”


“Do you want to see one knee or both knees?”


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One-sentence Summary: Just want money and career, keep the domineering CEO away from me


Theme: The world is beautiful~

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