Becoming the Little Spare A After Crossing into a Scum A’s Talent Show

Raw Title: 《穿渣A选秀后当了大小姐的小赘A》作者

Total Chapters: 114

Author: 当年遇卿

Translator: ThelittleMjs

Update: 3 months ago

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Xiao Yanjin found herself transported to the ABO world, only to discover that her family had gone bankrupt! To add insult to injury, she was dragged into an arranged marriage by her parents.

Her prospective partner turned out to be none other than Ji Yunuo, the top-tier Omega Miss of the Ji family, renowned for her beauty and elegance.

Ji Yunuo had a stunning appearance with an icy demeanor, the epitome of a cold and aloof young lady from a prestigious family. It was inconceivable that she would ever associate herself with a scumbag Alpha. Faced with Miss Ji’s indifference and the humiliations from the Ji family, Xiao Yanjin merely smirked coldly. Rather than groveling, she’d sooner be labeled a scumbag Alpha than bow down to anyone.

Determined to make ends meet, Xiao Yanjin ventured into the entertainment industry alone. However, she was tricked by the entertainment company’s boss into participating in a girl group talent show called “Chase Your Dreams, Girls!” There, during the audition, she unexpectedly encountered her arranged marriage partner, Ji Yunuo, who greeted her with a chilly remark: “What a coincidence.”

Suddenly, Xiao Yanjin’s stomach churned, and she accidentally vomited on Ji Yunuo.

Ji Yunuo: “…”

Feeling deceived into the talent show, Xiao Yanjin reluctantly decided to act poorly, determined to leave the place as soon as possible. Thus, she chose to form a CP (couple pairing) with Miss Ji, solely to provoke her own fans into voting her out! Strangely enough, Miss Ji agreed.

Hence, Xiao Yanjin spent her days in front of Miss Ji, calling her “sister” and flirting provocatively, to which Miss Ji surprisingly reciprocated. After endless efforts, Xiao Yanjin successfully ignited the popularity of their CP with Ji Yunuo.

Fans of the Ji-Yan CP: “Xiao Yanjin, stay away from my goddess!!”

Xiao Yanjin couldn’t believe she not only avoided being voted out but also gained hundreds of thousands of precious CP fans.

The Ji-Yan CP: “We support you, Ji-Yan CP is real!”

Xiao Yanjin: “Huh, how did things turn out like this??”

Not only did her fanbase grow, but she even gained the favor of a certain O (Omega).

Miss Ji not only gave her first kiss to Xiao Yanjin but also initiated the mating bond, displaying excessive affection.

When the proud Miss Ji saw Xiao Yanjin chatting and laughing with a certain sexy Beta girl, she couldn’t help but get jealous and kissed her forcefully, tearfully saying, “You can only love me!”

After the group was formed, the girl group went to the countryside to record a group variety show. During the recording, Xiao Yanjin took great care of Ji Yunuo. When she was thirsty, she brought her water; when she was hungry, she cooked for her; when she was tired, she fanned her. Seeing this, the director was moved to tears. Finally, Xiao Yanjin stopped acting poorly and began to earnestly operate their CP.

Xiao Yanjin: “What do you know? I’m just afraid my wife will get tired!”

When Mrs. Ji, Ji Yunuo’s mother, heard about this, she was furious and vowed to break them apart during a gathering with the Xiao family. However, Ji Yunuo held Xiao Yanjin’s hand and announced to everyone, “I’m already pregnant with Xiao Yanjin’s child.”

Looking at her belly, Xiao Yanjin pondered how to make money to support their little one.

Mrs. Ji fainted on the spot and had no choice but to say, “Since that’s the case, let Xiao Yanjin marry into our family.”

Suddenly, the paparazzi broke the news: the heir of the Xiao family married Miss Ji of the Ji family, becoming a prestigious family’s son-in-law.

Netizens speculated: “Was Xiao Yanjin forced to become a son-in-law? How could she possibly compromise her principles?”

Xiao Yanjin’s fans: “They must have agreed to the marriage contract; Xiao Yanjin would never compromise herself!”

However, Xiao Yanjin spent her days cooking, doing laundry for Miss Ji, writing songs, and showing off their love publicly on variety shows, without any sign of coercion. After the variety show aired, netizens noticed Miss Ji’s gradually growing belly.

Little did they know, after Xiao Yanjin became the son-in-law of the prestigious Ji family, she embarked on a journey of transformation from a son-in-law to a favored one!

P.S.: The girl group talent show includes alpha, beta, and Omega female genders. The program’s format slightly resembles real variety show processes, but it’s about a girl group and has no real-life prototypes, so please don’t take it seriously! The writing style is somewhat silly in the beginning but becomes more serious later on.

A sweet and sweet story with no angst, HE (happily ever after).

The pig pretending to be a tiger, the talkative Alpha top x the cold and proud Omega top Miss of a prestigious family.

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