Blue Moonlight

Raw Title: 蓝月光

Total Chapters: 46

Author: 余酲

Translator: EuphoriaT

Update: 1 year ago

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Yu Xinqiao lived a smooth-sailing life until the age of 24 when he encountered a car accident. After waking up from a coma, he found himself back to his 18-year-old self. He learned that he had become a famous musician, skipping six years of practicing the piano. But what surprised him even more was that he had married the person he had been yearning for since his youth. Xu Yanhuan, who had been as cold as an iceberg towards him before, now became his husband.

Yu Xinqiao was puzzled. He had chased after Xu Yanhuan relentlessly in his youth, even giving him a Blue Moonstone he had personally polished, only to be coldly rejected. He tried to regain his memory and asked Xu Yanhuan, “Where did we meet again?”

Xu Yanhuan replied, “At the law firm.”

Yu Xinqiao asked, “Is it possible that I came to trouble you?”

Yu Xinqiao asked, “Then, how did we get married?”

Xu Yanhuan said, “You proposed to me.”

Yu Xinqiao wondered, “You agreed to marry me just like that? Did I force you or use some kind of trick?”

Xu Yanhuan didn’t say anything. He didn’t know that Yu Xinqiao, who had lived a wild and carefree life, only had two things he was persistent about – playing the piano and Xu Yanhuan.

Yu Xinqiao also didn’t know that when he left Xu Yanhuan years ago, Xu Yanhuan had come back five minutes later, picked up the Blue Moonstone that had fallen into the mud, brushed off the dirt, and put it in his pocket.

Yu Xinqiao asked another question, “Have we ever…kissed after getting married?”

Xu Yanhuan replied, “En.”

Yu Xinqiao asked, “Occasionally?”

Xu Yanhuan answered, “No, every day.”

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