Easy To Deceive

Raw Title: 好骗

Total Chapters: 82 chapters.

Author: Pine nut tea, 松子茶

Translator: Ceekay Kieran

Update: 3 months ago

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Title: “Easy to Deceive” [CP Completed]


When Yu Nian ran away from home at the age of eighteen, he was briefly taken care of by a handsome guy.

The handsome guy was named Qi Wang, only a year older than him, aloof and taciturn, mature and stable, the only flaw being a bit easy to deceive.

Yu Nian said his parents had died early, his family had fallen on hard times, and his siblings were harsh, and Qi Wang believed it all.

At first, he was impatient with Yu Nian, but later, he would spend hours waiting in line with him on winter nights to buy candied chestnuts and accompany him to set off fireworks by the sea in the late night.

Yu Nian unilaterally declared that he had found true love, and when his siblings came to take him home, he stubbornly refused to break up.

“I’ll elope with him tomorrow! Beating me won’t work!”

Yu Nian declared firmly.

But as expected, the unreliable Qi Wang disappeared, leaving Yu Nian determined but alone.

Actions speak louder than words about who is easy to deceive.

In the midnight reverie, Yu Nian often thought of this person with hatred, wishing for nothing but misfortune and poverty to befall him.

But eight years later, this person not only did not fall into ruin, but also became a rising star in the art world, appearing once again before him.

They met at a charity gala.

They politely and distantly extended their hands, as if meeting for the first time, exchanging casual pleasantries.

But the hands held together were burning hot, and their hearts beat restlessly.

Aloof Mature Seme × Formerly Silly Sweet Now Hot-tempered Uke

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  1. Vi has spoken 1 month ago

    starting this one now! its completed by the lovely Ceekay and the summary sounds like the right amount of angst and sweetness.


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