Farming for Survival in the Apocalypse

Raw Title: 我在末世种田求生

Total Chapters: 1122 Chapters + 5 Extras

Author: 抹闲

Translator: Katra1212

Update: 4 weeks ago

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Bi Qiao’an lay motionless in the icy snow, watching helplessly as the falling flakes slowly buried her. As her consciousness faded, her mind drifted back to the three arduous years she had spent struggling to survive in the apocalypse.


She felt her life slipping away, and a sense of relief washed over her. At last, she wouldn’t have to face this harsh world alone any longer. With a heavy heart, she slowly closed her eyes, a single tear rolling down her cheek.


As she teetered on the brink of death, a familiar voice, filled with regret and sorrow, called out her name. At first, she thought it was a mere hallucination, but the sound of someone digging through the snow to reach her seemed all too real.


Mustering the last of her strength, she forced her eyes open, desperate to catch one final glimpse of the face that had never left her heart. However, when her vision finally focused, she found herself in a completely different reality—she had been reborn.



Bi Qiao’an, who survived until the third year of the apocalypse, found herself reborn a year before the catastrophe began. Carrying the memories of her previous life’s weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and desperate struggle for survival, she was now armed with the knowledge of the impending disasters. With this foresight, she made a resolute decision to seek the protection and support of her nation.


Shen Yanming, her long-lost childhood friend whose voice had called out to her in the final moments in her previous life, had also been reborn. Reunited in this new life, he not only gifted her a magical space but also assisted her in securing employment and amassing crucial supplies. He stood steadfastly by her side as they navigated the perils of the impending apocalypse together.


However, as they faced the challenges head-on, they discovered that the apocalypse in this life had taken a different course from the one they had previously experienced. The world was not only plagued by global rains and droughts but also by parasitic diseases, the devastating HZ virus, locust plagues, earthquakes, and solar mutations.


Amidst the chaos, the Alliance and the Guardian Team emerged, better prepared and no longer as helpless as they had been in Bi Qiao’an’s previous life. The couple, witnessing the unity and resilience of the Qinghua Nation, felt a profound sense of hope and belief that by holding fast to their country, they would undoubtedly survive the apocalypse.


Years later, as the apocalypse finally drew to a close, Shen Yanming embraced his beloved wife and whispered, “Shouldn’t we consider having another child?”


With a playful pout, Bi Qiao’an replied, “Aren’t two enough?”



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    Will u unlock free chapter in the future.

  2. wat3rmel0n9866 has spoken 2 weeks ago

    I am asking if you will unlock chapter for free in the future

  3. Katra1212 has spoken 3 months ago

    Hello your translator here,
    This novel takes a unique approach to the apocalypse genre. It prioritizes the “slice-of-life” aspect, focusing on the main character’s meticulous preparations, their heartwarming relationship, and the gradual build-up of disaster.
    Here’s what to expect:
    Slow Burn: The first hundred chapters delve into the protagonist’s daily routines and preparations, showcasing their devoted relationship.
    Gradual Threat: Doomsday elements aren’t front-and-center. The first major disaster appears in Chapter 43, followed by another in Chapter 79. Both unfold subtly, creating a creeping sense of unease.
    Character-Driven Narrative: The story emphasizes complex and mature characters navigating an uncertain future.
    A Gentle Warning:
    If you prefer fast-paced action, high-intensity romance, or stories with larger-than-life characters, this novel might not be the perfect fit.
    But if you enjoy:
    Slow-burning world-building, sweet and realistic relationships, intriguing character development and a unique take on the apocalypse.
    Then dive in and savor the journey!

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      Will you be continuing to release chapters every day, or was chapter 100 the last free chapter?

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        Hello~ I’m back! I wasn’t able to update due to real life circumstances. If this sort of disruption happened again, I will release bulk chapters by the next update. Don’t worry, the release schedule remains the same as stated, unless I changed the update status above. 😊 Thank you for your patience.

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