Golden Boy

Raw Title: 金童

Total Chapters: 75

Author: 崔罗什

Translator: Finsock

Update: 3 years ago

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Twelve years ago, Su Pei had a good time in the university drama club. When he first met He Yiming, he was dressed in a costume, dressed as a young lady of the Republic of China, with a wig and heavy make-up, neatly dressed and neatly dressed, Su Pei smiled and shoved the flyer into He Yiming’s hand and said:

“Classmate, you want to join our drama club? Come and see our new rehearsal.”

He Yiming looked at the person in front of him and refused coldly: “No, thank you.”

But then He Yiming quietly slipped into the rehearsal room of the drama club.

Twelve years later, Su Pei rushed to the script and wanted to die. He was urged to die by the director, and pointed by the stars: “Mr. Su, can you write the script?”

He Yiming, who has a net worth of hundreds of millions He came down from the sky and said to the person pointing fingers:

“This teacher Su is my senior.”

At this time, He Yiming was a young and rich man with a gleam of gold. screenwriter support.

Then he turned his head, He Yiming blocked Su Pei in the hotel room, his voice was as cold as when he first met him:

“Su Pei, what rubbish script are you writing in what rubbish crew.” Are they worthy?

Su Pei looked at He Yiming, and the other party was no longer the junior.

He Yiming looked at Su Pei, outsiders never knew, not even Su Pei, what he saw and thought during the day and night was all of him, and his Su Pei was the real golden boy.

Thisis the story of two friends who finally got together after more than ten years of friendship. Gong is a closet (homophobic) attribute, and Su is a straight man. There will be a rather peculiar straight-forward bending process .

Su Pei (Shou) x He Yiming (Gong)

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