How to follow the script when dressing up as a disabled male protagonist?

Raw Title: 穿成残疾男主怎么走剧本?

Total Chapters: 154 + 51 extras

Author: 鱼危

Translator: Mikasa

Update: 7 hours ago

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After graduating from college, he joined the famous Time Travel Division.



Due to the requirements of the intern’s mission, he needs to be reincarnated into the world of the plot, assume the role of a beautiful and strong male protagonist, and play the role of the other person in the plot of defeating monsters, upgrading, and regaining his organs.




What should I do if the male protagonist is physically disabled, blind and deaf?



It doesn’t matter, the intern has his own plug-in assistance. He believes that with his good results as the first intern, he will not fail at this step, and he deliberately chose the most difficult role.



As a result, the superiors inspected and the Time Travel Division temporarily canceled the newcomer’s plug-in?



The nightmare started instantly…


How was he supposed to find the heroine who would be with him for the rest of his life and complete this confusing script after losing 12 vital organs at birth, without limbs, vision, hearing, smell, or touch?


#Excuse me, how to play this severely disabled character? #

# I accidentally mistook the black mud spirit for the heroine after traveling through time. Can I still be saved? #


[Hundred Ghost CP Dazai, two-way cultivation, killing ghosts. 】


★Sweet article, it is the miracle of their meeting.

★The protagonist is blind and has a bright mind. He is so good-looking that he can see the color of the soul flame.

★Yuwei’s author column has completed 28 articles.

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