I Am the Nanny of the Villain

Raw Title: 흑막 남주의 시한부 유모입니다

Total Chapters: 190

Author: 이서래

Translator: Eliza

Update: 1 year ago

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She became the nanny of Claude, the blackened male protagonist who would destroy the world. If this continues, she will be killed by the cursed power possessed by the blackened male protagonist. So, she decided to pour out her love for the blackened male protagonist to prevent the blackening.

She also raised the child’s self-esteem, and made the Duke act like a proper father, as fatherly love was essential for the male protagonist’s self-esteem.

She thought the child was gradually recovering his bright face, and the Duke was now learning how to gradually give love to the child.

But she doesn’t know if it’s because she worked too hard….?

“It has always been a problem. You have hundreds of reasons to abandon me, but I don’t have a single one.”

“Nanny will always be by my side, right? That’s why you can’t go. Never, never.”

Two men started obsessing over me.

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  1. Kana has spoken 4 months ago

    i like Reading but hère there are so many ADS.


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