I Became the Villain’s Pendant

Raw Title: 我成了反派的挂件

Total Chapters: 130

Author: 大茶娓娓

Translator: anshi cia

Update: 2 months ago

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Ji Yan crossed over into a Mary Sue book and became the male lead’s vicious younger sister. She was a weak waste that didn’t even have a spiritual root.

While other people practiced fasting, she had to eat three meals a day. While other people engaged in battles, she was gasping for breath when she climbed up the stairs. While other people leaped onto roofs and vault over walls, just flipping over a wall will cost her life.

The Justice Sect: She colluded with the devil clan and planned to hold us back!

In order to deal with the devil, the Justice Sect offered the waste to the Devil Clan leader, Yin Xuezhuo.

After some time passed, the Justice Sect and the Devil Clan were surprised to find that no matter where the Devil Clan leader went, there was always a small young girl hanging on his body. The Devil Clan leader was carefully feeding her while he carried her. However, he was still disgusted by her.

Ji Yan: “Yin Xuezhuo, I’m hungry.”

Ji Yan: “Yin Xuezhuo, I’m sleepy. I have to sleep for four hours a day.”

Ji Yan: “Yin Xuezhuo, I think I caught a cold because I was blown by the cold wind last night.”

Ji Yan: “Yin Xuezhuo…”

Yin Xuezhuo: “Shut up!”

【Devil Clan Leader】

As the King of the Devil Realm, Yin Xuezhuo was temperamental and crazy. He was fond of killing people. People would be terror-stricken whenever they heard his name.

But he never imagined that he would be controlled by a mysterious force that forced him to always be within ten steps distance of a young mortal girl.

All her pain, injuries, and sickness would be shared with him.

If she died, he would die.

The devil was furious. He was very irritable every day.

Ji Yan felt that this mysterious force might be called “the system”.

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