I only want to farm

Raw Title: 快穿之我只想种田

Total Chapters: 2464 chapters + 7 extras

Author: 沧澜止戈

Translator: Seibā?

Update: 11 months ago

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The future is miserable, the super-cold and unreliable system of the Immortal Buddha is bound, the tasks one more difficult than another, the deception of a luxurious family, otherworldly adventures, the crisis of adventure, and so on-no problem,

Qin Yu: because I have the divine skill of drama on my body.

Jiao Jiao: The problem is that your path of cultivation should not be farming.

Qin Yu: That’s just overkill, and what’s wrong with farming.

Jiao Jiao: Have you ever heard of anyone who became immortal through farming?

Qin Yu: No?

Jiao Jiao: Yes, is Earth God and Earth Goddess

Qin Yu: ……

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  1. Seibā? has spoken 11 months ago

    My first translation, critique and write what you think of it


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