I’m Pregnant with the Regent’s Baby

Raw Title: 朕怀了摄政王的崽

Total Chapters: Completed 84 Chapters + 1 Extra

Author: 小文旦

Translator: Etherna02

Update: 4 months ago

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The puppet emperor who lingered in the pear garden was confronted by the domineering and sinister regent. On the first day of slipping out of the palace, he encountered a very handsome fool. The fool was poisoned, and Chu Zhaoyou, out of compassion, was caught and forced to detoxify him. Later, he discovered that the fool was the regent, and tears fell as he learned the truth.


It is said that the regent would go to great lengths to find someone, and once found, that person would be greatly favored. Chu Zhaoyou: Forget it, he’s still threatening me to abdicate today.


At first, Chu Zhaoyou thought he had to keep it a secret, as the puppet emperor, he had already let down his ancestors and becoming the regent’s lover would be even more tragic. Later, he found out that he could get pregnant.


Chu Zhaoyou: I have to keep it a secret, the regent has ambitious plans, and once the crown prince is born, my life will be over.

Then, his belly grew.

Chu Zhaoyou: I have to keep it a secret…


I can’t hide it anymore.


He searched for him far and wide. The silent favoritism, the aggressive spirit, and the emperor’s suffering went unnoticed.


  1. Vi has spoken 2 days ago

    I’ll come back when this entire story is unlocked. Asking for the monetization of translated novels is ridiculous becasue as readers/buyers we can’t buy them all nor do we have the financial means to pay for each chapter or novel continually. It adds up. Myself, as an adult, right now I don’t have a job because of this economy. Reading is a pleasure not a necessity, which tlers have forgotten that spending money is a necessity for survival. Considering we’re all on the same bandwagon as readers.
    Either way, thank you for translating this novel, Etherna. Jiayou~

  2. Etherna02 has spoken 2 months ago

    Unlocking Schedule: Weekly
    3 Chapters will be unlocked weekly 🙂

    Thank You for your Support:) Happy Reading 🙂

    • Cici has spoken 2 weeks ago

      Hello! I have finished reading until chapter 41, may I ask if there is a schedule of unlocking of chapters? I would love to support the translators and the authors but I still a broke college student as of now huhu.

      Anyways, thank you for your translations!

      • Etherna02 has spoken 2 weeks ago

        Unlocking Schedule: Weekly (Sunday)
        3 Chapters will be unlocked weekly 🙂

        Thank You for your Support:) Happy Reading 🙂

  3. jlomardz has spoken 3 months ago

    I am a broke fella TT so asking when will the remaining chapters be unlocked? need to prolonged my life plsss huhuhu

  4. Irfan has spoken 5 months ago

    I really love this story please finish it

  5. Jaylin F has spoken 5 months ago

    This story is great I hope you finish it.


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