In figure skating, I can’t be that kind of cannon fodder vase!

Raw Title: 花滑之我不可能是那种炮灰花瓶!

Total Chapters: 203 chapters (170 chapters + extras)

Author: 曲临青 (Qu Linqing)

Translator: Styx Legion

Update: 2 weeks ago

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Ling Ran has become cannon fodder in the entertainment industry.


The original owner’s popularity collapsed, so relying on his beautiful face, fighting madly to death, he vainly tried to step on the protagonist to become famous overnight, instead, he became the catalyst for the relationship between the protagonist and his wife and was slapped in the face by them. In the end, he was hit and killed by a car driven by an enthusiastic CP fan and died.


After transmigrating, he found that he was participating in the training of idol trainees.


Former figure skater Ling Ran: …?


He touched his new body with perfect flexibility and 100% fit for figure skating, with a puzzled look on his face – such promising conditions, what kind of vicious vase is this? Wouldn’t it be nice to win an Olympic championship?


If he had this kind of physical condition in his previous life, how could he have been regarded as the second-best in those ten years when he could have held the gold medal with ease?


Ling Ran immediately packed his luggage, quit the variety show, and went straight to the ice rink.


The black fans are happy and satisfied: That useless vase is finally gone!


At the same time, some were proud and scornful: Want to become famous just by selling your face, what a dream!


Everyone thought that Ling Ran would just disappear.


But not long after, at the World Youth Championships, Four Continents, Grand Prix, World Championships, and even the Olympic Games, the same Chinese figure with black hair and black eyes began to appear on the highest podium of men’s singles figure skating.


The white and untamable ice surrenders and trembles under his blade.


He is a graceful elf, a passionate prodigy, and a king who rules the world!


The word “Ling Ran” spread throughout the world and became synonymous with the Great Demon King.


In that world of ice and snow, people of different hair colors, ages, and nationalities bowed their heads willingly and respectfully and called him ‘Fire King’ (Ran Shen).


His contemporaries who once ostracized him were red-eyed with envy, and the audience and fans who once looked down on him were even more swollen in the face, and they were still scrambling to kneel, cry, and crown their new god with screams and fanaticism.




The sound of sharp knives falling on the ice is the love and belief that never ends.


I am willing to spend my whole life chasing it so that the bright red flag will always fly at the highest point of the stadium.


– Ling Ran



You chase the ice and snow, and I am here for you.


– Huo Wenze

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